High Capacity Smoking Bin
High Capacity Smoking Bin
High Capacity Smoking Bin
High Capacity Smoking Bin
High Capacity Smoking Bin
High Capacity Smoking Bin

High Capacity Smoking Bin

  • 8,000 Butt Capacity
  • The bin is made from black coloured metal
  • Stainless steel snuffs
  • 360 degrees disposal area
  • High-capacity receptacles for heavy traffic areas
  • With a weighted base for better stability
  • Weather resistant with domed top
  • With the integrated padlocks this product has security against tampering and theft
  • Dimensions are 400mm Diameter x 1010mm Height
2-3 working days


2-3 working days


1 year parts / labour

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High Capacity Smoking Bin

“Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em”, all 8000 of them. This all metal bin will hold up to 8000 butts (which are indicative of poor health decisions until it is time to empty it. In this era of micro-cameras, how long is it before your health care provider will be spying on the cigarette bin do to the massive costs associated with treating smoking related ailments? And if your employees keep filling these bins up then what does it say about your company ?

What is the purpose of a high capacity smoking bin?

Smoking bans around the world are giving rise to ‘designated smoking areas’ that specifically segregate smokers from the rest of the crowd. Therefore, the bulk of cigarette ends disposed of every day tend to be concentrated at these points. This product is an ideal solution for high-traffic smoking areas that have mushroomed everywhere because of smoking bans. With a capacity of 8,000 butts, this useful product provides an aesthetic addition to any smoker’s area that experiences a high volume of usage.

Where can a high capacitybe used?

Most airports and other public transport facilities have specific smoking areas designated for the benefit of smokers. In these locations, a high-capacity smoking bin would be the perfect way to collect the thousands of butts that get disposed of daily. Even business centres can benefit from the versatility and utility that this stunning black metal product can provide. Technology parks, hotel lawns, swank hotels and every other suave and sophisticated place can comfortably house this truly hallmark creation. Outdoor use is encouraged because of the product’s weighted base that gives it superior stability when compared against similar products.

Who might use this product?

Anyone who wants to control the littering of cigarette ends is a perfect candidate for this product. Because of its high capacity, facility managers of high-traffic public and private locations will find it extremely useful and worth its weight in gold. The recessed snuff plates minimise the risk of cigarette embers escaping and causing accidental fires, and so safety officers should take a second or third look at this feature of the product. In fact, anyone who expects a large number of cigarette butts to be disposed of daily can buy one or more of these and deploy them in smoking areas.

Product specs - warranties, materials, legislation

This sophisticated piece of modern equipment resembles, surprisingly, a Doric Roman column with a plain shaft. The 8,000 butt capacity will ensure minimal cleaning trips, and with the integrated padlock tabs, owners need never worry about tampering or theft of the product. Available in a sleek black finish, the high capacity smoking bin is made from high quality steel. The Workplace Depot offers a standard one-year warranty on all parts and labour. Our high capacity smoking bins fully comply with all local council and government regulative manufacturing requirements to ensure the safety of your customers and staff.

Interesting facts about smoking

  • A small percentage of any population is known to be attracted by members of the opposite sex smoking. This is known as ‘smoking fetish’, and can often be traced back to childhood experiences. 
  • The WHO has found that a full 25% of cigarettes bought around the world have been smuggled into those respective countries. 
  • The nicotine found in cigarette smoke is much more potent than that found in the tobacco plant because special ‘active’ ingredients and production methods make it so.

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