Pull Out Barrier

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Command Crowds, Create Space

  • Crowd Control Redefined: Introducing the Pull Out Barrier, your versatile solution for managing crowds in any environment, from bustling airports to outdoor events.
  • Visibly Superior: The Pull Out Barrier features sleek stainless steel design, coated in vibrant yellow for maximum visibility and robustness in high-traffic areas.
  • Lightweight Yet Mighty: Weighing just 5.7kg, this barrier combines ease of movement with strong construction, ensuring quick, hassle-free setup and relocation.
  • Flexibly Extensive: Equipped with a retractable yellow/black chevron webbed belt, extending up to 3000mm, it's perfectly adaptable for varying crowd sizes and spaces.
  • Solid Stability: The barrier's concrete-filled base guarantees unwavering stability, significantly reducing the risk of accidents and enhancing overall safety.
  • Customizable Layouts: Offering 4-way connectivity, this barrier allows for tailored configurations, fitting effortlessly into diverse space requirements and layouts.
  • Environmentally Adaptable: Engineered for both indoor and outdoor use, the Pull Out Barrier excels in multiple settings, from shopping malls to open-air events.
  • Effortless Deployment: Designed for rapid and easy setup, this barrier minimises downtime, ensuring swift crowd control without sacrificing effectiveness.
  • Key Specifications: Standing at 900mm high with a 63mm diameter, the base measures 320mm in diameter and 45mm in height, perfectly proportioned for stability and visibility.
Pull Out Barrier

Mastering Crowd Control

In the dynamic landscape of public spaces and events, the Pull Out Barrier emerges as a groundbreaking solution in crowd management. Seamlessly combining functionality with innovation, this barrier redefines the standards of safety and efficiency. Its sleek design and vibrant visibility ensure it stands out, offering an unobtrusive yet unmistakable presence in any setting.

At the heart of the Pull Out Barrier's excellence is its user-centric design. Lightweight yet robust, it is a paragon of portability and ease of setup, making it an ideal choice for diverse environments ranging from busy airports to open-air festivals. This barrier is not just a tool; it's a reliable partner in maintaining order and ensuring safety in bustling spaces.

Elegance Meets Durability

At the forefront of its design, the Pull Out Barrier boasts a sleek stainless steel construction, marrying elegance with endurance. The vibrant yellow powder-coat finish not only enhances its visual appeal but also maximises visibility, ensuring it stands out in any environment. This robust build is specifically engineered to withstand the rigours of high-traffic areas, offering an unyielding presence that commands attention while blending seamlessly into its surroundings.

The significance of this feature extends beyond mere aesthetics; it is a testament to the barrier's long-lasting durability and reliability. The stainless steel framework ensures resistance to corrosion and wear, maintaining its pristine appearance over time, even in challenging weather conditions. This resilient construction, coupled with its striking visibility, makes the Pull Out Barrier an indispensable asset for effective crowd control, ensuring safety and organisation in any event, indoor or outdoor.

Pull Out Barrier
Pull Out Barrier

Agility in Action

The Pull Out Barrier revolutionises crowd control with its impressively lightweight design, weighing a mere 5.7kg. This feature is a game-changer for rapid deployment and effortless manoeuvrability. The ease of moving and setting up this barrier ensures that adapting to changing crowd dynamics is no longer a cumbersome task, but a swift and efficient process. Its lightweight nature makes it ideal for quick responses in dynamic environments, from emergency situations to changing layouts in event spaces.

Beyond its practicality, the lightweight design of the Pull Out Barrier significantly reduces the physical strain on staff and organisers. This not only streamlines the process of managing spaces but also enhances the overall safety and effectiveness of crowd control operations. It’s a blend of convenience and functionality that makes the Pull Out Barrier an essential tool for efficient and effective crowd management, providing a solution that is as easy to implement as it is effective in maintaining order and safety.

Pull Out Barrier

Overall Dimensions


Expandable Excellence

The Pull Out Barrier sets a new standard in crowd control with its innovative retractable yellow/black chevron webbed belt. This key feature allows the belt to extend up to a remarkable 3000mm, providing unparalleled adaptability to various crowd sizes and spaces. The striking chevron pattern enhances visibility, ensuring clear demarcation lines in bustling environments. This extendable design is not just a functional enhancement; it's a strategic tool in managing crowd flow efficiently and effectively.

The retractable belt's adaptability makes this barrier a fitting choice for a multitude of settings, from compact indoor areas to expansive outdoor venues. Its ability to adjust to different spatial requirements ensures seamless integration into any event layout, providing a flexible solution for dynamic crowd management. The ease of extending and retracting the belt facilitates quick adjustments, making it an invaluable asset for event organisers in maintaining order and ensuring public safety in various scenarios.

Pull Out Barrier
Pull Out Barrier

Unshakable Foundation

The Pull Out Barrier distinguishes itself with a robust, concrete-filled base, a feature integral to its design that guarantees unmatched stability. This solid foundation is pivotal in reducing the risk of accidents, ensuring that the barrier remains steadfast, even in high-traffic areas or in the face of unforeseen disturbances. The concrete base anchors the barrier firmly, making it a reliable safeguard against tipping or swaying, which is crucial in maintaining orderly crowd control and public safety.

This concrete-filled base is more than just a functional attribute; it's a commitment to ensuring safety and reliability. By providing a stable and secure base, the Pull Out Barrier instils confidence in its users, from event organisers to safety personnel, knowing that the barrier will hold its ground. This feature is particularly beneficial in environments where stability is paramount, such as outdoor events subject to varying weather conditions or busy indoor venues.

Flexible Configurations

The Pull Out Barrier innovatively integrates 4-way connectivity, a feature that redefines spatial adaptability in crowd control solutions. This functionality allows for the customization of the barrier layout to seamlessly fit a variety of spaces, from narrow corridors to expansive open areas. The ease with which these barriers can be connected in different configurations enables users to create efficient, safe, and custom-tailored pathways and boundaries for crowd management.

This 4-way connectivity is more than just a structural advantage; it represents a new level of flexibility and creativity in managing spaces. Whether it's adapting to the unique layout of an event, directing foot traffic in busy venues, or cordoning off restricted areas, the versatile connectivity offers an unmatched solution. Its ability to adjust to various spatial requirements and crowd sizes makes it an indispensable tool for event organisers and facility managers, ensuring a smooth and safe flow of people in any setting.

Pull Out Barrier
Pull Out Barrier

All-Terrain Versatility

The Pull Out Barrier is designed with a unique feature that sets it apart: its remarkable versatility for both indoor and outdoor environments. This capability makes it a universally adaptable solution for diverse settings, ranging from the bustling corridors of malls to the expansive areas of open-air events. Its design ensures consistent performance and reliability, whether it stands on a smooth mall floor or braces against the elements in outdoor venues.

This indoor and outdoor compatibility not only broadens the scope of its applicability but also offers users exceptional value and convenience. Organisers and facility managers can rely on a single solution for a multitude of events and locations, ensuring a seamless crowd control experience irrespective of the setting. The barriers ability to adapt to different environmental conditions reflects a commitment to comprehensive efficiency, making it an essential tool for any venue seeking to manage crowds effectively.

Rapid Response

In the fast-paced world of event management and crowd control, the Pull Out Barrier stands out with its exceptional ease of deployment. Designed for swift setup with minimal downtime, this barrier is a boon for situations requiring quick response and efficient space management. Whether it's reacting to sudden crowd surges or setting up for a scheduled event, the barrier's user-friendly design ensures a hassle-free and rapid deployment, crucial in maintaining flow and safety.

The quick and straightforward setup process minimises the time and effort required to manage spaces effectively, allowing event staff to focus on other critical aspects of their roles. In environments where time is of the essence, such as emergency scenarios or high-traffic events, the Pull Out Barrier’s easy-to-deploy nature makes it an indispensable tool, ensuring that safety and order are maintained with optimal efficiency.

Pull Out Barrier

Item Information

  • Sleek stainless steel design with vibrant yellow powder-coat for visibility.
  • Lightweight build, weighing only 5.7kg for easy movement and setup.
  • Retractable belt extends up to 3000mm, adaptable for diverse crowd sizes.
  • Concrete-filled base for enhanced stability and reduced accident risk.
  • 4-way connectivity allows flexible barrier layout customization.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, highly versatile.
  • Quick and easy deployment, minimising setup time and effort.
  • Post height 900mm, diameter 63mm; base diameter 320mm, height 45mm.
  • Belt dimensions: Length up to 3000mm, width 48mm.
  • Crafted from 0.5mm thick, corrosion-resistant stainless steel.
  • Base filled with concrete for firm grounding and stability.
  • Ideal for airports, malls, events, and high-traffic areas.
Pull Out Barrier

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Pull Out Barrier

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Pull Out Barrier
Pull Out Barrier

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