Barrier Posts and Ropes

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Luxurious Lines, Lasting Impressions

  • Sophisticated Crowd Control: Barrier Posts and Ropes elegantly manage spaces, ideal for cafes, nightclubs, and events, ensuring order with a touch of luxury.
  • Elegant Design: The kit's classic aesthetic beautifully cordons off areas, enhancing venues with its sophisticated appearance and practical function.
  • Comprehensive Set: Includes 8 durable stainless steel crown top posts and 7 blue ropes, offering a complete solution for all your barrier needs.
  • Versatile Connections: Each post features a 4-way rope attachment ring, providing flexible layout options for various event spaces and configurations.
  • Quality Ropes: This kit contains 7 x 1.5m soft, twisted blue ropes, adding a premium look while ensuring durability and easy handling.
  • Secure Closure: Equipped with stainless steel spring closure end hooks, each rope guarantees secure, easy-to-use connections, enhancing safety and convenience.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Use: Corrosion-resistant stainless steel posts are suitable for all environments, ensuring longevity and consistent performance wherever used.
  • Stable Foundation: A 320mm diameter weighted base on each post provides excellent stability, maintaining order even in busy settings.
  • Key Dimensions: Each post is 980mm high and 50mm in diameter, with a weight of 8.4kg, ensuring robustness while complementing any venue's aesthetics.
Barrier Posts and Ropes

Elevate Every Entrance

In the world of events and venue management, first impressions are lasting. The Barrier Posts and Ropes set strikes a harmonious balance between classic elegance and undeniable functionality, offering an immediate statement of sophistication upon entry. Crafted with meticulous detail, this premium set is not merely a tool to manage crowds or cordon off areas, but a signature piece that amplifies the ambience of any setting.

The beauty lies not just in its polished stainless steel posts or the luxurious twist of its blue ropes, but also in its practicality. Ready assembled for your convenience and designed with a steadfast stability, these posts and ropes seamlessly integrate style with purpose. Whether it's an intimate café corner or the bustling entrance of a nightclub, these barriers ensure efficiency paired with elegance.

Timeless Elegance in Every Boundary

In the realm of venue management and aesthetics, the subtleties matter. Our Barrier Posts and Ropes boast a classic and elegant design that goes beyond the mere function of cordoning off areas. Instead, it serves as a statement piece, an emblem of taste and sophistication, effortlessly transforming mundane boundaries into graceful perimeters. This design, rooted in timeless principles, ensures that your space, irrespective of its theme or purpose, resonates with an air of refinement.

The beauty of this feature lies in its dual purpose. While it effectively delineates spaces, it does so without being intrusive or stark. The classic design exudes an inviting warmth, turning functional barriers into elements of décor. For venues aiming to create an environment that's both exclusive and welcoming, our Barrier Posts and Ropes offer the perfect blend, ensuring guests perceive exclusivity intertwined with an innate sense of belonging.

Barrier Posts and Ropes
Barrier Posts and Ropes

Complete Majesty

Every venue deserves the grandeur of defined spaces, and with our Barrier Posts and Ropes, that grandeur is effortlessly achieved. The kit, comprising 8 stainless steel crown top posts and 7 luxurious blue ropes, offers a complete setup, ensuring that no area is left unattended. These components, carefully curated, work in symphony to not just define but enhance the spaces they surround.

The strategic number of posts and ropes in the kit ensures both versatility and comprehensiveness in setting boundaries. Whether cordoning off a VIP section, directing foot traffic, or demarcating specific zones, the ensemble ensures that your venue retains both its aesthetic charm and functional integrity.

Quadruple Versatility

At the heart of every Barrier Post lies an ingeniously designed feature: the 4-way rope attachment ring. This isn’t just a technical addition, but a thoughtful embodiment of versatility. With each stainless steel post fitted with this unique ring, the possibilities of how you configure your space multiply, giving you the freedom to design bespoke boundary layouts that cater to the specific nuances of your venue.

Beyond mere flexibility, this 4-way attachment system offers a seamless blend of aesthetics and efficiency. Whether you're aiming for intricate patterns or straightforward lines, the posts rise to the occasion, eliminating any limitations. Events evolve, layouts change, and the dynamic nature of venues demands adaptability. With these 4-way attachment rings, you're equipped to meet such demands, ensuring that your spaces are always fluid, functional, and forever stylish.

Barrier Posts and Ropes
Barrier Posts and Ropes

A Luxurious Stretch

The magic of the Barrier Posts is magnified with the inclusion of 7 lengths of 1.5m soft, twisted blue ropes. These aren’t mere ropes; they’re the veins of elegance that connect each post, drawing an unbroken line of sophistication across your venue. Each strand, crafted with precision and care, exudes an allure that's both tactile and visual, turning boundaries into pathways of opulence.

The choice of the blue hue, deep and inviting, brings a touch of the serene to bustling venues. Its soft, twisted design promises not just an elegant appearance but a pleasant texture, ensuring that even barriers feel inviting to the touch. At 1.5m each, these ropes provide the ideal length to maintain both the aesthetics and functionality of your designated spaces, allowing for optimal spacing between posts.

Barrier Posts and Ropes

Overall Dimensions


Secure in Style

Attention to detail is the hallmark of premium design, and our Barrier Posts and Ropes embody this in every facet, right down to the stainless steel spring closure end hooks on each rope. These hooks not only accentuate the aesthetic appeal but also ensure that your barriers remain steadfast, even amidst the ebb and flow of bustling crowds. Crafted with precision, the hooks promise a secure connection, eliminating any chance of accidental detachments.

Yet, it's not just about sturdiness. The gleaming stainless steel construction of the hooks offers a seamless aesthetic transition from the luxurious blue ropes to the crown top posts, maintaining a cohesive look throughout. Beyond their functional role, these hooks serve as a testament to the commitment to quality and design intricacy.

Barrier Posts and Ropes
Barrier Posts and Ropes

Enduring Elegance

When curating spaces, whether indoors or under the open sky, the need for barriers that can stand the test of time and elements is paramount. Our Barrier Posts, crafted with precision, come with an assurance of corrosion-resistance. This means that come rain or shine, the lustrous sheen and integrity of the posts remain unblemished, consistently delivering both function and finesse.

The versatility of these posts extends beyond their design and into their adaptability. Suitable for both indoor galas and outdoor festivities, they eliminate the need for multiple barrier systems. By choosing our corrosion-resistant posts, you're not just selecting a product; you're making an investment in a lasting solution that promises to enhance the aesthetics of your venue, no matter where it's located.

Unwavering Foundation

The allure of the Barrier Posts and Ropes isn’t limited to their upper echelons; it extends right down to the base. With a robust 320mm diameter weighted foundation, these posts promise unwavering stability. In the midst of bustling events, where the footfall is relentless, and the movement is constant, these bases act as anchors, ensuring each post stands tall and steadfast, come what may.

Stability isn’t just a functional need; it's a symbol of reliability and assurance for your guests. When barriers wobble or topple, it can disrupt the flow and dampen the event's charm. But with our meticulously designed weighted base, such concerns become obsolete. The added heft not only ensures that the posts remain upright in various conditions but also imparts a sense of durability and quality.

Barrier Posts and Ropes
Barrier Posts and Ropes

No Fuss, Just Function

In today’s fast-paced world, every moment counts, especially when setting up for an event or redefining a space. Recognising this, our Barrier Posts and Ropes come ready assembled, enabling instant installation. This means no fumbling with parts, no need for tools, and no precious time wasted. Just unpack, position, and presto – your venue is transformed with a touch of elegance.

The value of this feature extends beyond mere convenience. It’s a testament to our commitment to delivering a hassle-free experience for our clients. By providing a ready-to-deploy solution, we not only streamline the setup process but also ensure that each component is perfectly assembled to uphold our promise of quality and durability. For venues and event managers, this translates to peace of mind, knowing that the barriers they set up are both impeccable in design and flawless in function, right out of the box.

Item Information

  • Classic design elegantly cordons off areas for upscale venue appeal
  • Kit includes 8 stainless steel crown top posts and 7 blue ropes
  • 4-way rope attachment ring on each post ensures versatile configurations
  • Each set includes 7 x 1.5m lengths of soft, twisted blue rope
  • Stainless steel spring closure hooks on ropes for secure attachments
  • Corrosion-resistant posts ideal for both indoor and outdoor venues
  • Diameter of each post: 50mm for sleek yet noticeable presence
  • Overall post height: 980mm, perfectly sized for visibility and functionality
  • Weight of each post: 8.4kg ensures stability against accidental nudges
  • Rope length: 7 x 1.5m, ideal for spacious and cohesive boundaries
  • Base diameter: 320mm weighted for unwavering stability in high-traffic areas
  • Arrives ready assembled, facilitating instant installation with zero hassle
Barrier Posts and Ropes

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Barrier Posts and Ropes

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Barrier Posts and Ropes
Barrier Posts and Ropes

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