Cycle Stand

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Crafting Security

  • Secure Your Ride: The Cycle Stand offers unparalleled protection, expertly designed for safeguarding bicycles in public and private settings alike.
  • Theft-Proof Peace: Engineered to deter theft, this stand provides a secure anchor, ensuring your bike remains where you left it.
  • Steel Strength: Made from robust 50mm diameter tubular mild steel, it's built for durability and resistance against physical impacts.
  • Corrosion-Resistant Elegance: Flaunting a stainless steel finish, the stand resists corrosion, maintaining its sleek appearance year-round.
  • Tamper-Resistant Design: With its rugged, unyielding construction, the stand ensures bikes are safe from tampering or forced removal.
  • Double Bike Capacity: Each stand comfortably accommodates two bicycles, maximising space and convenience for users.
  • Maximal Locking Security: Designed to allow locks on the front wheel, rear wheel, and frame, it offers comprehensive security for your bike.
  • Versatile Installation: Its bolt-down design with flanged ends ensures easy and secure installation on both concrete and tarmac surfaces.
  • Compact Dimensions: Measuring 755 mm in height, 460mm in width, and 50mm in depth, the stand fits neatly in a variety of spaces.
Cycle Stand

Revolutionise Your Bike Storage

Embark on a journey towards unparalleled bicycle security with the Cycle Stand, the epitome of strength and elegance in bike storage solutions. This innovative stand is not just a means to secure your bike; it's a statement of commitment to protection and style. Engineered for the modern urban landscape, it blends seamlessly into both public and private spaces, offering a reliable sanctuary for your treasured rides.

The Cycle Stand is more than just a secure spot to park your bike. It's a testament to thoughtful design and robust construction, promising peace of mind with every use. With its dual capacity, corrosion-resistant stainless steel finish, and tamper-proof structure, it ensures your bicycle remains safe and sound, come rain or shine. Ideal for cyclists who value security without compromising on aesthetics, the Cycle Stand stands as a beacon of durability, functionality, and sleek design in the world of bike storage.

Fortified Peace of Mind

Experience the ultimate sense of security with the Cycle Stand, a guardian against bicycle theft. This feature is not just an add-on; it's a core attribute engineered to provide peace of mind for every cyclist. In an era where bike theft is a growing concern, the Cycle Stand stands as a steadfast protector, ensuring your bike remains exactly where you left it. Its formidable presence alone acts as a deterrent to potential thieves, offering you the freedom to park your bicycle without worry.

Delving deeper, the Cycle Stand's anti-theft feature is a result of meticulous design and robust materials. The combination of thick, 50mm diameter tubular mild steel and a rugged, tamper-proof construction forms an impenetrable fortress for your bike. Whether it's securing the bike at a bustling city centre or a quiet suburban street, the Cycle Stand provides a reliable anchor.

Cycle Stand
Cycle Stand

Robust Build, Reliable Strength

Discover the unparalleled durability of the Cycle Stand, crafted meticulously from thick 50mm diameter tubular mild steel. This isn't just any bike stand; it's a testament to enduring strength and resilience. The choice of 50mm mild steel is deliberate, designed to withstand both the test of time and physical stress. Its robustness reassures users that their bikes are supported by a stand as steadfast as their cycling passion. This feature is particularly crucial in high-traffic areas, where durability and stability are paramount.

The significance of using mild steel in the Cycle Stand's construction extends beyond mere strength. This material is renowned for its impressive load-bearing capacity, ensuring that the stand remains unyielding under the weight of multiple bikes. Additionally, mild steel's flexibility in design allows the Cycle Stand to feature a sleek, yet sturdy circular hoop style. This not only enhances the stand's physical robustness but also adds an aesthetic appeal to its surroundings.

Cycle Stand

Overall Dimensions


Elegance that Endures

Introducing the Cycle Stand's stainless steel finish, a feature that elegantly fuses style with substance. This isn't just about good looks; it's about providing a corrosion-resistant shield that ensures longevity and maintains the stand's pristine appearance. The stainless steel finish is meticulously applied to combat rust and corrosion, a common challenge in outdoor environments. Whether it faces rain, snow, or sunshine, this finish remains unblemished, preserving both the stand's integrity and aesthetic appeal over time.

The importance of this stainless steel finish extends beyond mere durability. It reflects a commitment to quality and attention to detail, ensuring that the Cycle Stand not only protects your bike but also enhances its surroundings. This finish adds a touch of sophistication to any setting, be it a bustling city street or a tranquil park. Its reflective surface complements the environment, making the Cycle Stand more than just a functional item; it's a piece of urban art.

Cycle Stand
Cycle Stand

Unyielding Safety

Embrace the unmatched security offered by the Cycle Stand, featuring a rugged design that stands as an unbreakable barrier against tampering. This isn’t just any bike stand; it’s a fortress for your bicycle. The construction is deliberately engineered to resist any attempts at tampering, be it cutting, bending, or breaking. This robust design deters would-be thieves, providing bike owners with the assurance that their bikes are as safe as they can possibly be when left unattended.

The significance of this rugged, tamper-proof design is manifold. Firstly, it ensures that the integrity of the stand is never compromised, maintaining a level of security that is as consistent on day one as it is years down the line. This longevity is crucial in high-use areas where the stand will be subject to continuous use and potential abuse. Secondly, the rugged design of the Cycle Stand contributes to a sense of safety and reliability in the community. 

Dual Capacity, Double Convenience

Experience the efficiency of the Cycle Stand, brilliantly designed to accommodate not one, but two bicycles simultaneously. This feature goes beyond mere space-saving; it's about maximising utility and accessibility. Each stand is crafted with precision, ensuring that two bikes can be parked and locked securely without any compromise on space or safety. This dual-bike capacity is particularly advantageous in busy urban areas or communal spaces where efficient use of space is paramount.

The ability to support two bicycles is a game-changer for both individual users and community planners. For individuals, it means less time spent searching for an available spot and more time enjoying their ride. For community spaces, it equates to double the parking capacity in the same footprint, a critical factor in high-demand areas. This increased efficiency not only benefits cyclists but also contributes to a more organised and clutter-free environment. 

Cycle Stand
Cycle Stand

Triple-Lock Assurance

Introducing the Cycle Stand's innovative design that allows for the locking of the front wheel, rear wheel, and bike frame, providing maximum security for your bicycle. This feature isn't just about locking a bike; it's about creating a fortress of safety around it. The ability to secure each critical component of the bike separately means that every part of your bicycle is protected against theft. It's a comprehensive approach to security, ensuring that whether you're away for minutes or hours, your bike remains just as you left it.

The significance of this triple-lock feature is profound. For cyclists, it means a heightened level of peace of mind. No longer is there a need to worry about the safety of individual bike parts; the Cycle Stand has it all covered. This feature is especially crucial in urban environments where bike theft is common, providing an extra layer of defence in high-risk areas. For city planners and administrators, offering such a high-security bike parking option encourages more people to cycle, knowing their bikes are well-protected. 

Unshakable Stability

Explore the robust foundation of the Cycle Stand, designed with a bolt-down mechanism featuring flanged ends. This unique construction isn't just about anchoring the stand; it's about ensuring unwavering stability on diverse surfaces. Whether it's concrete or tarmac, the bolt-down design guarantees that the stand remains securely in place, providing a steadfast and reliable anchor for bikes. This adaptability makes it an ideal choice for various environments, from bustling city sidewalks to serene park pathways.

The importance of this versatile installation cannot be overstated. For property owners and urban planners, it means the freedom to install high-quality bike storage solutions in a variety of locations without compromising on safety or stability. This flexibility is crucial in adapting to different urban landscapes and catering to the needs of a growing number of cyclists. For users, the assurance that their bikes are supported by a firmly rooted stand adds an extra layer of confidence. 

Cycle Stand

Item Information

  • Robust Material: 50mm diameter tubular mild steel for superior strength.
  • Finish: Stainless steel, offering excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Design: Rugged, tamper-proof construction for enhanced security.
  • Capacity: Accommodates two bikes, maximising space efficiency.
  • Locking System: Secures front and rear wheels and frame.
  • Installation: Bolt-down design, suitable for concrete and tarmac.
  • Dimensions: 755(H) x 460(W) x 50(D) mm.
  • Spacing: Recommended installation 800mm apart, 450mm from walls.
  • Style: Elegant circular hoop design, aesthetically pleasing.
  • Durability: Built for long-term use and weather resilience.
  • Security: Tamper-proof design deters theft and tampering.
  • Ease of Use: Promotes easy access and bicycle identification.
Cycle Stand

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Cycle Stand

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Cycle Stand
Cycle Stand

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