Belt Barrier Signholder

Belt Barrier Signholder

  • Sign holder for use with belt barriers
  • Powder coated black finish
  • See-through acrylic front to hold the message
  • A4 portrait size
  • The belt barrier signholder weighs 680g
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1 year parts / labour

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Belt Barrier Signholder

What is the purpose of a Belt Barrier Sign holder?

Belt barrier sign holders are made of aluminium or mild steel. They are designed to be attached to deluxe or standard belt barrier posts. They are typically used to hold messages, signs, or provide other information that might be relevant to the viewer. They incorporate relevant signage into barrier systems used to provide guidance within a set space. They have an acrylic panel where the relevant signage is held. This allows the user to provide the viewer with additional information in a concise manner. Belt barrier sign holders can be used independently to provide visual cues to visitors in an area where crowd control is necessary. They come in one colour, which is matte black. This colour has been chosen because it is a nice formal colour that does not distract the visitor from the more important message carried within.

Where can a belt barrier sign holder be used?

Belt barriers provide a demarcation and barrier system within open spaces where crowd control is necessary. The belt barrier sign holder being similarly versatile can be employed within such spaces to provide information to the viewer on appropriate conduct. They can help the visitors form proper queues where they are employed at the beginning of the demarcated area. Furthermore, they can be used in lieu of traditional methods to discourage the viewer from wandering into a restricted area. They are sometimes employed as an advertising medium informing visitors on product or services offered. Belt barrier sign holders are commonly found within banking halls, customer care service centers, and even recreational facilities.

Who might use this product?

The material is lightweight and the product is easy to assemble making it very versatile in use. They are easy to set up when setting up the belt barrier ropes and posts. They make deploying a message or some information easy as this is just printed and slotted into the acrylic panel made for this function. The belt barrier sign holder is then attached to a belt barrier post and placed in an area where it provides optimal viewing. They can be used by a wide range of people; from security guards to demarcate restricted areas, administration to provide crowd control or advertisement, bank tellers to indicate open and closed lines, office administration to direct foot traffic to the proper area, among other functions.

Belt barrier sign holder product specifications – warranties

The AMH belt barrier sign holder comes with a standard one year warranty on all parts and labor as provided by The Workplace Depot. The warranty guarantees that the materials used in the construction which are mild steel or aluminum are of good quality. It also assures the buyer that the belt barrier sign holders were made in a professional manner.

Interesting facts about Belt Barrier sign holders

The Workplace Depot provides a free delivery service for orders of more than fifty pounds within mainland UK for belt barrier sign holders. This is executed within three working days; however, Northern and Southern Ireland are not considered as part of mainland UK.  

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