City Bike Stand

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Guard Your Gears

  • Urban Cycling Revolutionised: The City Bike Stand is a groundbreaking solution for safe, secure bicycle parking in high-traffic urban areas, enhancing public space utilisation.
  • Theft-Proof Security: This stand offers unmatched protection against bike theft, giving cyclists peace of mind with its robust, tamper-resistant design.
  • Superior Material Strength: Built from thick 60mm diameter tubular mild steel, this stand is a bastion of strength and reliability for everyday use.
  • Corrosion Resistant Finish: Coated with black powder for enhanced durability, it withstands harsh weather conditions, maintaining its sleek appearance and structural integrity.
  • Tamper-Proof Design: Featuring a rugged construction that's impervious to tampering, this bike stand promises long-lasting security and safety for all bikes.
  • Double Bike Accommodation: Each City Bike Stand comfortably supports two bicycles, maximising space efficiency while keeping bikes secure and easily accessible.
  • Triple Lock Protection: Designed to allow secure locking of both wheels and the frame, it offers comprehensive security, safeguarding every part of your bike.
  • Stable and Secure Installation: Its grout-in design ensures the stand remains firmly in place, offering steadfast stability and enduring security in any urban setting.
  • Compact and Convenient: Measuring 1060(H) x 790(W) x 60(D) mm, the City Bike Stand is an ideal fit for a variety of spaces, providing security without sacrificing space.
City Bike Stand

Revolutionise Urban Cycling 

In the bustling streets of the urban jungle, the City Bike Stand emerges as a beacon of safety and convenience for cyclists. This innovative bike stand represents a leap forward in bicycle security, blending cutting-edge design with robust functionality. It's not just a stand; it's a statement that cycling is an integral part of modern urban living, deserving of top-tier security and accessibility.

The City Bike Stand excels in offering peace of mind to cyclists. Constructed from heavy-duty, 60mm diameter tubular mild steel and coated with a corrosion-resistant black powder finish, it's built to withstand both attempted thefts and the rigours of weather. This stand isn’t just about securing bikes; it’s about enhancing public spaces, promoting eco-friendly transportation, and supporting the ever-growing community of urban cyclists. 

Unwavering Security

In an era where bicycle theft is a growing concern, the City Bike Stand stands out as a fortress of protection. This feature is not just an add-on; it's the core of the City Bike Stand's design philosophy. By offering unmatched security against theft, it ensures that your bike remains exactly where you left it. This peace of mind is invaluable for urban cyclists who regularly face the anxiety of potentially losing their primary mode of transportation.

The stand achieves this superior level of protection through its robust construction and thoughtfully engineered locking mechanisms. Designed to accommodate secure locking of both wheels and the bike frame, it leaves no part of your bike vulnerable to thieves. This comprehensive protection is a game-changer in urban bike security, transforming public spaces into safe havens for cyclists. 

City Bike Stand
City Bike Stand

Strength Redefined

At the heart of the City Bike Stand's unmatched durability lies its construction: thick 60mm diameter tubular mild steel. This isn't just any material; it's a testament to strength and resilience. Such robust construction ensures that the stand can withstand not only daily wear and tear but also attempts at forced removal or damage. This feature is crucial in urban environments where bike stands face constant exposure to diverse conditions and potential vandalism.

The choice of mild steel for the City Bike Stand is deliberate. This material offers a perfect balance of toughness and flexibility, providing the stand with the ability to absorb impacts without bending or breaking. This durability is essential for a bike stand that needs to be both reliable and long-lasting. The 60mm diameter further enhances this strength, making it nearly impossible for potential thieves to cut or tamper with. 

City Bike Stand

Overall Dimensions


Enduring Elegance

The City Bike Stand is not only built to be strong but also to endure. Its black powder coat finish is more than just a sleek aesthetic touch; it's a shield against corrosion. This protective layer is crucial for maintaining the stand's integrity and appearance, especially in challenging urban environments where moisture, salt, and pollution are commonplace. The black powder coat ensures that the stand remains as visually appealing as it is functional, year after year.

This finish is about more than just resisting rust; it plays a vital role in the stand's longevity and maintenance. By creating a barrier against the elements, it significantly reduces the need for frequent upkeep, making the City Bike Stand a practical choice for busy urban settings. The choice of black for the finish isn't just for style – it ensures that the stand remains inconspicuously elegant, blending seamlessly into a variety of landscapes while still providing robust protection. 

City Bike Stand
City Bike Stand

Impenetrable Fortitude

The City Bike Stand sets a new standard for security with its rugged design, engineered to resist any tampering attempts. This isn't just a bike stand; it's a steadfast guardian. The meticulous design process focused on creating a structure that could withstand the most determined efforts to compromise it. Whether it's an attempt to dislodge, dismantle, or damage, this stand holds its ground, ensuring that bicycles parked there are as secure as they can be.

Every aspect of this design, from the thickness of the steel to the shape of the stand, is crafted with tamper-resistance in mind. This focus on security is not only a deterrent to would-be thieves but also a statement of reliability and trust. Cyclists can park their bikes with the confidence that they are protected by a stand that’s virtually impervious to tampering.

Double Duty Design

The City Bike Stand cleverly maximises its utility by accommodating two bicycles simultaneously. This feature is a boon in bustling urban spaces where efficient use of space is paramount. The stand’s design allows two cyclists to securely lock their bikes in close proximity, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose among urban cyclists. This capacity to hold multiple bikes not only conserves valuable urban space but also encourages more people to choose cycling as a sustainable mode of transport.

Furthermore, the ability to support two bikes is a testament to the stand's strength and stability. Each slot is engineered to hold a bike securely, providing the same level of protection and ease of use whether one or two bikes are parked. This feature underscores the stand’s commitment to accessibility and convenience, making it an attractive option for cyclists who value both security and efficiency.

City Bike Stand
City Bike Stand

Triple-Lock Assurance

The City Bike Stand isn’t just about locking a bike; it's about enveloping it in a cocoon of security. This stand uniquely allows for the locking of the front wheel, rear wheel, and the bike frame, offering maximum protection. Such comprehensive locking capabilities address a cyclist's biggest worry: partial theft. With this feature, every essential part of the bike is secured, deterring thieves from targeting wheels or frames, which are often left vulnerable in conventional bike stands.

This triple-lock system is more than a feature; it's a commitment to the cyclist's peace of mind. By enabling multiple locking points, it significantly reduces the risk of theft, making it an ideal choice for urban areas where bike security is a constant concern. This design not only deters potential thieves due to its complexity but also gives cyclists the confidence to leave their bikes unattended. The City Bike Stand, with its innovative locking mechanism, is not just a place to park bikes; it's a fortress.

Unshakable Foundation

The City Bike Stand sets itself apart with its grout-in installation, a feature ensuring unparalleled stability and enduring security. This installation method involves embedding the stand directly into the ground, creating a permanent and immovable fixture. Such a solid foundation is crucial in public and high-traffic areas, where bike stands face constant use and potential abuse. With grout-in installation, the City Bike Stand becomes an integral part of the urban landscape, steadfast against attempts to dislodge or vandalise it.

This method of installation is not just about physical robustness; it reflects a commitment to long-term security and reliability. By choosing a stand that is embedded into its environment, users are assured of a consistent and dependable bike parking solution. This feature is especially significant for urban planners and property managers seeking sustainable, tamper-proof bicycle parking options.

City Bike Stand

Item Information

  • Theft-resistant design, ensuring bike safety in urban environments.
  • Constructed from 60mm diameter tubular mild steel for robustness.
  • Black powder coat finish, offering corrosion resistance and durability.
  • Rugged, tamper-proof construction prevents unauthorised access or damage.
  • Capacity to securely accommodate two bikes simultaneously.
  • Enables triple locking: front wheel, rear wheel, and frame.
  • Grout-in installation for permanent, stable placement in public spaces.
  • Dimensions: 1060mm height, 790mm width, 60mm depth.
  • Compatible with multiple lock types for versatile security.
  • Weather-resistant, designed for enduring outdoor conditions.
  • Yellow reflective tape, tapping bar, and badges for visibility.
  • Low-maintenance, cost-effective solution for urban cycle parking.
City Bike Stand

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City Bike Stand

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City Bike Stand
City Bike Stand

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