City Bike Stand

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The Ultimate Guardian for Your Two-wheeled Treasure

  • Unmatched Security: Keep your bike safe with our theft-resistant City Bike Stand design.
  • Public Space Friendly: Boost on-street cycle parking accessibility in high-traffic areas.
  • Space-Saving Solution: Hold two bikes per stand, maximising efficiency without sacrificing quality.
  • Durable Construction: 60mm diameter tubular mild steel ensures a long-lasting, cut-resistant stand.
  • Eye-Catching Design: Yellow reflective tape, tapping bar, and cycle parking badges for easy identification.
  • Triple Lock Protection: Secure the front wheel, rear wheel, and frame for ultimate theft prevention.
  • Effortless Installation: Grout-in design offers a secure, permanent, and outdoor-ready solution.
  • Perfect Dimensions: Measuring 1060(H) x 790(W) x 60(D) mm, the City Bike Stand fits seamlessly into any outdoor space.
City Bike Stand

Ride With Confidence, Store With Security

Welcome the Cycle Stand - your ultimate choice for bike safety. It's the perfect match for councils and business parks looking to expand their public bike parking facilities. Each Cycle Stand can accommodate two bikes - one on each side. This not only makes it an economical choice but also a great space-saver.

Highlighted with yellow reflective tape, a tapping bar and cycle parking badges, the Cycle Stand is easy to spot. You can secure both wheels and the bike frame, offering an optimum level of security. Designed for outdoor usage, just surround the base with grout and let it set. The installation is so sturdy that it's almost impossible to tamper with.

Say No to Bike Burglary

Giving you the assurance of bike safety is what we do best. The thought of leaving your bike in bustling places, such as business districts or city centres, can indeed cause a bit of anxiety. However, with our Cycle Stand, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your bike is securely guarded against theft.

Additionally, it significantly enhances the number of publicly available on-street bike parking spots, proving to be an excellent solution for councils and businesses wanting to offer secure bike storage facilities to their communities.

City Bike Stand
City Bike Stand

Pedal-Parking Made Easy

The scarcity of safe, readily available bike storage is a recurrent problem in many city environments, and the Cycle Stand steps up as a solution. It's a top choice for councils and business complexes looking to enrich their provisions for the cyclist community.

This is especially advantageous for urban residents who depend on their bikes for commuting and for those keen on endorsing greener modes of transport. The increase in public on-street cycle parking spots not only promotes more people to take up cycling but also positively influences traffic flow, air quality, and public health.

City Bike Stand

Overall Dimensions


Cost Effective Bike Storage Solution

The Cycle Stand's significant cost and space efficiency are among its defining features. Each stand comfortably accommodates two bikes, one on either side, effectively doubling the storage capacity in the same given space.

This comes as a considerable advantage for businesses, councils, and office parks working with restricted areas for bike storage. It promotes a more efficient utilisation of space - a boon in urban settings where space comes at a premium.

City Bike Stand
City Bike Stand

Elegant and Enduring

The Cycle Stand is safeguarded with a robust black powder coat finish, ensuring an added layer of corrosion resistance. This feature is particularly advantageous for outdoor bike storage as it shields the stand from the elements, extending its longevity.

The powder coat finish also imparts a sleek and polished look to the stand, making it an attractive choice for businesses, local authorities, and office complexes aiming to provide secure and visually appealing bike storage.

Unyielding Defense for Bikes

The Cycle Stand, meticulously crafted from 60mm diameter tubular mild steel, offers a resilient and enduring solution for bike storage. The employment of tubular mild steel guarantees a stand that's built to weather the demands of outdoor usage.

The stand's construction from this material renders it near-impossible to cut through, adding an additional layer of security for your bike. This feature is of particular value to owners of high-end bikes or for those who primarily rely on their bike for transportation.

City Bike Stand
City Bike Stand

Made for the Great Outdoors

The Cycle Stand is designed for outdoor usage and its installation is straightforward - simply surround the base with grout and let it harden. This feature is especially beneficial for businesses, local authorities, and office complexes that aim to provide secure bike storage in outdoor spaces.

The grout-in design renders it near-impossible for the stand to be loosened post-installation, ensuring its stability and security. The stand is also built to resist harsh weather, making it an excellent choice for outdoor bike storage.

Highly Visible

The Cycle Stand is easily recognisable with its yellow reflective tape, tapping bar, and cycle parking badges. This feature is especially beneficial for enabling quick and easy location and usage of the stand, even in conditions with poor lighting.

The reflective tape and badges make the stand distinct, making it effortless for cyclists to spot and utilise the stand, thereby enhancing its use and user satisfaction. The tapping bar provides convenience for users to secure their bikes to the stand and acts as a physical deterrent to potential thieves.

City Bike Stand

Item Information

  • Each stand can hold two bikes, one on each side
  • Made from 60mm diameter tubular mild steel
  • Built to last and virtually impossible to cut
  • Protected with a durable, black powder coat finish for corrosion resistance
  • Designed for outdoor use, grout-in installation method and weather resistance
  • Features yellow reflective tape, tapping bar and cycle parking badges
  • Allows you to lock the front wheel, the rear wheel and the frame of the bike
  • Provides peace of mind by protecting bikes from theft
City Bike Stand

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City Bike Stand

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City Bike Stand
City Bike Stand

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