Sheffield Bike Stand

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Dual Design, Singular Security

  • Secure Your Cycle: The Sheffield Bike Stand is your premier choice for keeping bikes safe and sound in any setting, ensuring peace of mind for cyclists.
  • Theft? Foiled: With the Sheffield Stand, bicycles are safeguarded against theft, offering you the tranquillity that comes from top-tier security measures.
  • Mighty Mild Steel: Our Stand is a fortress made of thick 50mm diameter tubular mild steel, providing unparalleled strength and steadfastness against force.
  • Rust Resistant: A gleaming galvanised finish not only adds to its robustness but also shields the stand from corrosion, ensuring a clean look through seasons.
  • Tamper-Proof Toughness: Designed to defy meddling, this rugged stand offers a secure anchor that resolutely resists any attempts at tampering.
  • Double the Defence: Each Sheffield Stand cradles two bicycles, doubling your storage without compromising on the security or accessibility of your prized possessions.
  • Lock with Confidence: Crafted to allow the locking of both wheels and the frame, our stand ensures that your bike remains exactly where you left it.
  • Mounting Mastery: Choose the ease of Flanged mounting or the immovable security of the Grout-In option, both tailored for steadfast stability.
  • Precision Proportions: At 1050(H) x 805(W) x 50(D) mm, the Sheffield Bike Stand fits perfectly into urban landscapes and private properties alike.
Sheffield Bike Stand

Where Tradition Meets Modern Security

In the heart of Sheffield, a city renowned for its cycling heritage, emerges the Sheffield Bike Stand — an epitome of safety combined with sleek design. Crafted meticulously with durability in mind, this stand is a seamless blend of classic aesthetics and cutting-edge security features, showcasing the best of Sheffield's legacy.

With its robust 50mm diameter tubular mild steel construction and a galvanised finish, it promises both longevity and an all-weather resilience. Beyond its structural prowess, the Sheffield Bike Stand effortlessly offers peace of mind, ensuring that your cherished bicycles are not just secured, but also presented in an organised manner, enhancing any environment they grace.

Unyielding Defence

In a world where security is paramount, the Sheffield Bike Stand rises as a beacon of assurance. Its design, firmly rooted in anti-theft principles, ensures that every bicycle parked is shielded from malicious intent, rendering opportunistic theft attempts futile.

But beyond the tangible, there's the intangible offering: peace of mind. Knowing that your bicycle, often a cherished possession, is protected allows you to go about your day without the overbearing weight of worry. With the Sheffield Bike Stand, you're not just investing in metal and design, but in tranquillity and the joy of stress-free bike parking.

Sheffield Bike Stand
Sheffield Bike Stand

A Testament to Durability

The Sheffield Bike Stand is not just another fixture in the landscape; it's a symbol of resilience. Made from 50mm diameter tubular mild steel, its robustness is evident not just in its appearance but in its very essence. This construction isn't a mere choice but a calculated decision to provide maximum security.

Such a material selection ensures two core benefits: longevity and unwavering stability. The thick steel tube defies wear and tear, promising years of unwavering service. Furthermore, its substantial build offers users the confidence that, when they lock their bikes to the Sheffield Stand, they're entrusting them to a structure built to withstand the test of time and elements.

Sheffield Bike Stand

Overall Dimensions


Guarded by Galvanisation

The Sheffield Bike Stand isn't just designed; it's crafted with foresight. A gleaming galvanised finish isn't merely about aesthetics; it's a shield, purposefully applied to resist the relentless assault of moisture, oxygen, and other corroding agents that the elements might unleash.

This strategic choice ensures that the stand not only retains its lustre over time but also consistently offers its best in terms of strength and security. While other materials might succumb to rust and degradation, the Sheffield Bike Stand's galvanised finish stands as an enduring promise of resilience and long-lasting protection, making it an investment that continually rewards its owner.

Sheffield Bike Stand
Sheffield Bike Stand

Defying Tampering Attempts with Ease

The essence of the Sheffield Bike Stand goes beyond mere utility; it's an embodiment of fortitude. Its rugged design is a deliberate answer to the myriad challenges presented by potential thieves and vandals. Every curve, every weld, every component is crafted to deter tampering, ensuring that your bike remains just where you left it.

But the significance of this design choice isn't restricted to thwarting theft alone. It instils confidence in users, providing an unmistakable assurance that their bicycle is cradled in a fortress of strength. The Sheffield Bike Stand's rugged design isn't just a feature; it's a promise of unwavering protection.

Double the Security

The Sheffield Bike Stand, with its grout-in installation, offers an exceptional level of stability, virtually eliminating the chance of loosening over time. This is especially crucial for public bike storage areas that experience heavy use and harsh conditions. The grout-in design provides a firm and stable base for the stand, ensuring that bicycles remain safe and secure, even under heavy winds or severe weather.

Choose the Sheffield Bike Stand for a bicycle storage solution that delivers unwavering stability and security, making it an ideal choice for those who prioritise both dependability and peace of mind.

Sheffield Bike Stand
Sheffield Bike Stand

Triple Lock Assurance

The Sheffield Bike Stand goes beyond traditional security measures, offering a holistic approach to bicycle protection. With the capability to lock the front wheel, rear wheel, and the very frame of the bike, it ensures that every potential vulnerability is safeguarded against theft and tampering.

This triple lock feature is not merely a function; it's a philosophy of all-encompassing security. By catering to all critical points of a bicycle, the stand ensures that owners can step away with the utmost confidence, knowing their precious ride is ensconced in a cocoon of unparalleled protection. With the Sheffield Bike Stand, security isn't just a feature; it's a guarantee.

Customised Stability

The Sheffield Bike Stand recognises that every location, every setting, has its unique requirements. To cater to diverse installation needs, the stand is thoughtfully designed with two distinct mounting options: the Flanged for those seeking a direct mount onto surfaces like concrete and tarmac, and the Grout-In for those desiring a more embedded installation, offering an additional layer of security.

Choosing between Flanged and Grout-In isn't just about aesthetics or installation ease; it's about aligning with the specific demands of your environment. Whether you're setting up in an urban plaza or a more secluded spot, the Sheffield Bike Stand ensures that its roots – be it on the surface or within the ground – are firmly anchored, providing steadfast protection for every bicycle it holds.

Sheffield Bike Stand

Item Information

  • Constructed from robust 50mm diameter tubular mild steel.
  • Galvanised finish ensures superior corrosion resistance.
  • Each stand securely accommodates two bicycles.
  • Triple lock: front wheel, rear wheel, and frame.
  • Available in two mounting options: Flanged or Grout-In.
  • Overall dimensions: 1050(H) x 805(W) x 50(D) mm.
  • Optimal placement: 800mm apart, 450mm from obstacles.
  • Flanged version includes concrete and tarmac fixing bolts.
  • Grout-In design sinks securely into the ground.
  • Rugged design resists tampering and theft attempts.
  • Suitable for all environments with its classic design.
  • Origin: Sheffield, England – iconic for cycle stand designs.
Sheffield Bike Stand

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Sheffield Bike Stand

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Sheffield Bike Stand
Sheffield Bike Stand

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