Velvet Rope Barrier

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Defining Spaces, Delivering Sophistication

  • Distinctive Elegance Defined: A VIP Rope Barrier that delivers both luxury and control, perfect for managing queues with style in any venue.
  • Design Meets Sophistication: Boasting a timeless design, this rope barrier enhances any area it cordons, offering an air of classic elegance effortlessly.
  • Complete Premium Kit: This set includes 2 stainless steel posts with crown tops and a plush red velvet rope, exuding exclusivity in every detail.
  • Versatile Connections: Each post features a 4-way rope attachment, providing flexible layout options for space definition and crowd management.
  • Luxurious Velvet Touch: The 1.5m soft, twisted red velvet rope not only demarcates areas but does so with a soft, inviting tactility and superior visibility.
  • Secure Elegance: End hooks with a stainless steel spring closure ensure the rope remains attached firmly, reflecting an attention to security and detail.
  • All-Weather Resilience: Corrosion-resistant stainless steel posts are designed to stand the test of time, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor elegance.
  • Foundation of Stability: The weighted 320mm diameter base guarantees steadfast positioning, ensuring that the barrier remains upright and presentable under any conditions.
  • Perfect Proportions: At 50mm in diameter, 980mm in height, and 8.4kg in weight, these posts offer ideal dimensions for robust yet refined space delineation.
Velvet Rope Barrier

Where Luxury Meets Functionality

In the world of crowd control, the Velvet Rope Barrier stands unrivalled, an embodiment of sophistication and elegance. Seamlessly blending timeless design with practical functionality, this barrier redefines the essence of class in every setting.

Crafted meticulously with stainless steel crown top posts and draped in a luxurious twisted red velvet rope, it offers more than just functionality—it promises an ambiance upgrade. Whether setting boundaries at a high-end event or managing queues in bustling venues, the Velvet Rope Barrier ensures you do so with panache and finesse.

Timeless Elegance in Cordoning

In the realm of barriers and crowd control, the Velvet Rope Barrier is a masterstroke of design. More than just a functional implement, its classic elegance serves as a statement piece, bringing a touch of regality to any space it adorns. From art galleries to high-end events, its look whispers of exclusivity and discernment.

Its significance lies not merely in its aesthetic appeal but in its silent communication. This barrier doesn't merely cordon off areas; it does so with a grace that beckons respect. An invitation to witness luxury, it's more than a barrier—it's an experience, creating atmospheres that resonate with sophistication.

Velvet Rope Barrier
Velvet Rope Barrier

All-Inclusive Elegance

When investing in the Velvet Rope Barrier, you're not simply buying a product; you're acquiring a curated ensemble crafted for perfection. Each kit offers two robust stainless steel crown top posts, seamlessly paired with a plush red velvet rope. This trio combines, creating an aura of grandeur that's hard to overlook.

The thoughtful pairing of these components ensures that functionality meets finesse. The two stainless steel posts stand as sentinels, their crowned tops a nod to regal aesthetics, while the red velvet rope bridges them with a touch of plush luxury. This isn't just a barrier—it's a harmonious blend of strength and sophistication, designed to enhance any venue it graces.

Versatile Configurations

Within the sleek design of each stainless steel post lies a hidden gem: the 4-way rope attachment ring. Ingeniously incorporated, this feature unlocks a world of flexibility, allowing for configurations that can be tailored to the unique requirements of each venue or event.

Its brilliance isn't just in its adaptability. By providing four attachment points, venues have the liberty to create intricate patterns or straightforward paths, all while ensuring the utmost stability and security. This design feature ensures that the Velvet Rope Barrier is not only an embodiment of elegance but also a testament to versatile and effective crowd management.

Velvet Rope Barrier
Velvet Rope Barrier

Draped in Luxury

A standout feature of the Velvet Rope Barrier is its mesmerising 1.5m twisted red velvet rope. More than just a connecting line, this rope, with its plush texture and opulent hue, adds a layer of indulgence, bridging the gap between functional necessity and aesthetic luxury.

Beyond its striking appearance, the soft, twisted design ensures durability and resilience, all the while conveying an air of exclusivity. Whether it's gently guiding visitors through an art exhibition or demarcating VIP areas in a nightclub, this red velvet rope speaks of prestige, ensuring every inch of your venue exudes sophistication.

Velvet Rope Barrier

Overall Dimensions


Secure Elegance

At the terminus of the plush red velvet lies a detail as pivotal as it is polished: the stainless steel spring closure end hooks. Precision-engineered, these hooks serve as the crucial link between the rope and the posts, promising both security and style in equal measure.

Their significance transcends mere aesthetics. Designed for effortless yet firm attachment, these end hooks ensure the barrier remains intact, providing a steadfast boundary in bustling venues. The marriage of form and function is evident, as these hooks not only augment the barrier's elegance but also underscore its reliability, offering peace of mind in every setting.

Velvet Rope Barrier
Velvet Rope Barrier

Weatherproofed Grandeur

Durable and defiant, the corrosion-resistant posts of the Velvet Rope Barrier exhibit resilience not often found in products of such elegance. This thoughtful feature ensures that come rain or shine, indoors or out, these posts maintain their pristine, polished appearance, offering both longevity and versatility.

But their value extends beyond mere resistance. It's a commitment to quality and adaptability. Whether marking the entrance of an alfresco dining area or cordoning off a sophisticated indoor event, these posts stand unfazed, guaranteeing that the essence of luxury remains undiminished regardless of the environment. With these posts, venue owners and event planners can embrace flexibility without compromising on aesthetics.

Steadfast Foundations

At the very foundation of the Velvet Rope Barrier lies its meticulously designed 320mm diameter weighted base. Not just a support structure, this base is a testament to stability, ensuring that every post stands unwavering amidst bustling crowds or gentle nudges.

The significance of this weighted marvel cannot be understated. In bustling venues, where movement is constant, the stability of a barrier is paramount. This base ensures that, while the rest of the product exudes elegance, its grip on the ground remains firm and unyielding. It's the perfect blend of form and function—ensuring your venue is not only stylish but also secure.

Velvet Rope Barrier
Velvet Rope Barrier

Pre-Assembled Perfection

The Velvet Rope Barrier, in its commitment to excellence, arrives ready-assembled, ensuring that the experience is as seamless as its design. No more fumbling with parts or tedious setup processes; this barrier is primed for instant installation, letting venues transform with unparalleled ease.

This feature is more than just convenience; it's a reflection of understanding the needs of venue owners and event planners. Time is often of the essence, and this ready-to-deploy design ensures that style and sophistication are never compromised by setup delays. It's about delivering elegance effortlessly, allowing focus to remain on creating memorable experiences for guests.

Item Information

  • Classic design for elegant area cordoning
  • Kit: 2 stainless steel crown top posts, 1 velvet rope
  • 4-way rope attachment ring on each post
  • Soft twisted red velvet rope, 1.5m length
  • Stainless steel spring closure end hooks on rope
  • Corrosion-resistant posts for indoor and outdoor use
  • Weighted base, 320mm diameter, ensures stability
  • Diameter of each post: 50mm
  • Overall post height: 980mm
  • Post weight: 8.4kg each
  • Rope length: 1.5m
  • Base diameter: 320mm
Velvet Rope Barrier

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Velvet Rope Barrier

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Velvet Rope Barrier
Velvet Rope Barrier

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