Chain Barrier

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Chain Barrier
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Stand Firm, Stand Out

  • Safety Defined: The Chain Barrier kit delivers robust crowd control, perfect for car parks, hospitals, and warehouses with its easy-to-deploy design.
  • Enduring Material: Corrosion-proof plastic ensures a long-lasting barrier system that stands up to the elements without rust or decay.
  • Visibility at First Glance: A red and white contrasting design on the Chain Barrier captures attention immediately, enhancing safety and boundary awareness.
  • Enhanced Versatility: Four integrated chain eyes offer multiple configuration options, making the Chain Barrier adaptable to any environment's needs.
  • Stability in Any Weather: A hefty 3kg base prevents tipping, maintaining upright stability for the Chain Barrier even in challenging weather.
  • Resilient by Design: The UV treated chains of the Chain Barrier boast flexibility and resistance to breakage, maintaining integrity over time.
  • Setup in Seconds: The Chain Barrier promises quick, hassle-free assembly, making it the go-to for swift and efficient area demarcation.
  • Indoor or Outdoor: Adaptability is key; the Chain Barrier excels in both indoor settings and temporary outdoor applications, providing versatility in use.
  • Clear-cut Dimensions: Measuring with precision, the Chain Barrier posts stand at 900mm high with a 50mm diameter, and bases at 345mm diameter, 84mm height, and 3kg weight.
Chain Barrier

Mastery in Crowd Control

In the world of barriers, the Chain Barrier stands a cut above the rest. Meticulously crafted from corrosion-proof plastic, it promises not just longevity but an unwavering commitment to excellence. The vivid red and white design not only offers high visibility but also embodies the robustness and adaptability that sets this barrier apart.

Whether it's a bustling car park, a busy hospital corridor, or an expansive warehouse, the Chain Barrier delivers impeccable performance every time. With unparalleled stability, UV protection, and a design perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, it's not just a barrier—it's a statement of reliability and quality.

Defying Decay

The Chain Barrier isn't just built; it's engineered for endurance. At its core is the corrosion-proof plastic material, a revolutionary choice that ensures the barrier remains untouched by time and elements. This commitment to longevity means that the Chain Barrier remains steadfast, even when exposed to challenging environments or extreme weather conditions.

But why does this matter? Because in a world where the usual barriers wear down, rust, and degrade, the Chain Barrier stands undiminished. This corrosion-resistant feature guarantees not only a longer product life but also consistent performance and reduced maintenance costs.

Chain Barrier
Chain Barrier

See and Be Seen

In the realm of safety and control, visibility is paramount. The Chain Barrier boasts a striking red and white contrasting design, ensuring that it doesn’t just blend into the background. This vibrant palette isn’t merely aesthetic; it's strategically chosen to capture attention and effectively guide both pedestrians and vehicles, even in busy and cluttered environments.

Beyond its immediate visual appeal, this design choice speaks to the Chain Barrier's commitment to safety. Whether you're managing traffic in a dimly lit warehouse or a sun-soaked car park, the stark contrast ensures the barrier is always in view, reducing potential mishaps.

Chain Barrier

Overall Dimensions


Precision Integration

At the heart of the Chain Barrier's design lies a detail that's both subtle and significant: the four integrated chain eyes in the post cap. These chain eyes are meticulously incorporated, serving as pivotal anchor points that offer unparalleled flexibility in configuring the barrier. Whether you're looking to create a straight line, a rectangle, or any other shape, these chain eyes make it seamless and secure.

The brilliance of this feature becomes clear in its practical application. No more fumbling with misaligned chains or unstable attachments. The four chain eyes ensure that the chain remains taut and in position, guaranteeing the barrier's effectiveness and durability.

Chain Barrier
Chain Barrier

Steadfast Stability

Navigating the challenges of the great outdoors requires more than just resilience; it demands stability. Enter the Chain Barrier’s non-trip, 3kg heavy base. This feature ensures that regardless of what Mother Nature throws its way - be it gusty winds, heavy foot traffic, or a sudden downpour - the Chain Barrier stands resolute, unwavering in its purpose.

The weight and design of this base eliminate the tripping hazard often associated with other barriers, enhancing safety manifold. Moreover, this meticulous weighting isn't just about keeping the barrier upright. It's about guaranteeing consistency in performance, ensuring that every time you deploy the Chain Barrier, it stays precisely where you want it. In a world of uncertainty, rely on the Chain Barrier for steadfast stability.

Sun-Proof Strength

The sun, while life-giving, can be a silent destroyer, especially when it comes to plastic-based products. But with the Chain Barrier, that concern is a relic of the past. Our chains are specially treated with UV protection, ensuring that they stand undeterred by the harshest sun rays, resisting colour bleaching and retaining their integrity even after prolonged exposure.

Yet, there's more than just UV protection to sing about. The chain also features an embedded stretch or 'give'. This unique aspect ensures the chain can absorb tension and pressure without snapping, adding another layer of durability. In a world of brittle barriers, the Chain Barrier's UV-treated, flexible chain is a testament to innovation, longevity, and unwavering strength.

Chain Barrier
Chain Barrier

Swift Setup

Time is of the essence in today's fast-paced world, and the Chain Barrier understands this better than any. Designed with efficiency at its core, this barrier can be deployed swiftly, ensuring that you're always a step ahead, whether managing unexpected crowd surges or setting up impromptu cordons.

The beauty of its design lies not just in its speed but in its simplicity. No need for complex manuals or lengthy installation processes. The Chain Barrier's intuitive design ensures even first-time users can set it up with ease. In the world of barriers, where time and efficiency are paramount, the Chain Barrier emerges as the undeniable frontrunner, championing quick deployment without compromising on security.

Outdoor Endurance

Versatility is the hallmark of excellence, and the Chain Barrier exemplifies this tenet. Designed to be as elegant as it is rugged, this barrier effortlessly transitions from indoor environments, like sleek office spaces and bustling warehouses, to the unpredictable challenges of the outdoors.

Such adaptability not only underscores its multifaceted utility but also ensures maximised return on investment. Instead of juggling between two different barriers for inside and out, the Chain Barrier fulfils both roles with aplomb. Whether you're delineating spaces in a chic gallery or demarcating areas in a windy car park, the Chain Barrier's suitability for both internal and temporary outdoor use makes it the only barrier you'll ever need.

Chain Barrier

Item Information

  • Made of durable, corrosion-resistant plastic material
  • Vibrant red and white design ensures high visibility
  • Four integrated chain eyes in each post cap
  • Non-trip, sturdy 3kg base ensures weather-resistant stability
  • UV-treated chains offer added longevity and resilience
  • Chain provides embedded stretch for tension absorption
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor temporary use
  • Kit contains 2 red and white plastic posts
  • Two 3kg rubber bases included in the kit
  • Posts measure 50mm in diameter and 900mm in height
  • Bases have a 345mm diameter and 84mm height
  • 2m chain length with robust 8mm link size
Chain Barrier

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Chain Barrier

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Chain Barrier
Chain Barrier

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