Plastic Posts and Chains

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Plastic Posts and Chains
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Defining Spaces, Defying Elements

  • Define Your Space: Introduce streamlined control with our Plastic Posts and Chains, perfect for guiding pedestrians and vehicles in any setting.
  • Corrosion-Proof Construction: Engineered with corrosion-resistant plastic, our posts withstand environmental challenges, assuring long-term durability.
  • High Visibility Safety: Featuring a striking yellow and black design, our posts ensure standout visibility in crowded or low-light areas.
  • Attachment Ease: Each post cap comes with four chain eyes, making chain attachment a swift and simple process for area demarcation.
  • Sturdy Base Stability: The robust, non-trip 3kg base offers unwavering support, ensuring the posts remain upright in all weather conditions.
  • Durable Stretch Chain: Our UV treated chains are designed to endure, with built-in stretch for flexibility without sacrificing strength.
  • Deployment Simplicity: Quick to assemble and easy to deploy, our barrier kit can be set up by anyone, anywhere, in moments.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for both indoors and temporary outdoor applications, this kit adapts to various environments like car parks and warehouses.
  • Precise Dimensions: Kit includes posts at 900mm height and 50mm diameter, bases at 345mm diameter and 84mm height, and chains at 2m length with 8mm links.
Plastic Posts and Chains

Master the Flow

In a world of relentless movement, ensuring safety and orderly flow becomes paramount. The Plastic Posts and Chains Barrier Kit rises to this occasion, a pinnacle of durability and design. Crafted from corrosion-resistant plastic, it's more than just a barrier—it's a statement of reliability and resilience.

Bright in its high-visibility yellow and black, the kit captures attention while its foundational strength ensures stability in any setting. Whether it's a bustling hospital corridor, a busy car park, or a sprawling warehouse, trust this kit to not just fit in but excel. Experience the union of form and function, tailored for the discerning user.

Endure the Elements

At the heart of our Plastic Posts and Chains lies its robust construction—made exclusively from corrosion-proof plastic material. This feature, often overlooked, is a game-changer in the world of barriers. With it, you are investing not just in a temporary solution but a long-standing, enduring ally against the ravages of weather and wear.

Why is corrosion-resistance so vital? Because with it comes the promise of longevity and undiminished performance. Whether faced with rain, humidity, or the abrasive dust of a warehouse, this corrosion-proof marvel stands resilient, ensuring that your barriers remain both functional and aesthetically pleasing. It's not just a product; it's a pledge of lasting excellence.

Plastic Posts and Chains
Plastic Posts and Chains

Stand Out with Clarity

In the realm of safety and organisation, visibility isn't just a feature—it's a necessity. Our Plastic Posts and Chains embrace this ethos with a striking yellow and black contrasting design. This deliberate choice is more than mere aesthetics; it's a beacon, ensuring that the barrier is instantly recognisable amidst the hustle and bustle of any environment.

But why this specific contrast? The combination of yellow and black is universally associated with caution, alertness, and attention. Whether day or night, indoors or outdoors, this colour scheme cuts through the noise, offering clear demarcation and guiding the flow of pedestrians and vehicles.

Precision Meets Design

Every detail of our Plastic Posts and Chains has been meticulously crafted, and the inclusion of four integrated chain eyes in the post cap exemplifies this precision. This feature isn't merely an afterthought; it's an integral part of the design, ensuring that you have maximum flexibility and ease of setup when deploying your barriers.

The beauty of the four eyes lies in their versatility. They allow for diverse configurations, accommodating different terrains and requirements. Whether you're creating a linear barrier, a square, or a more intricate setup, these integrated chain eyes offer a seamless connection, ensuring stability and uniformity. It's design ingenuity that translates into practical, on-ground efficiency.

Plastic Posts and Chains
Plastic Posts and Chains

Unwavering Foundation

The strength of any barrier lies not just in its posts or chains, but fundamentally in its base. Our Plastic Posts and Chains have been equipped with a non-trip, 3kg heavy base, meticulously designed to be the rock-solid foundation that guarantees stability, come rain or shine. This is not just a feature—it's a commitment to unyielding support.

Weather unpredictability is a constant challenge, and a lightweight, unstable base can render any barrier ineffective. However, with our 3 kg heavy base, you're equipped to face gusty winds, bustling crowds, or sudden impacts without a hint of wobble. The non-trip design ensures safety for pedestrians, preventing any unintended stumbles.

Plastic Posts and Chains

Overall Dimensions


Sun-Proof Strength

At the intersection of innovation and resilience, our UV-treated chain stands as a testament to advanced craftsmanship. Subjected to relentless sunshine or outdoor elements, chains often fall victim to discolouration and brittleness. Our solution? A chain treated to defy the powerful ultraviolet rays, ensuring vibrancy and longevity in equal measure.

But it's not just about resisting the sun. We've embedded a unique 'give' or stretch mechanism into our chains. This means that instead of snapping under sudden pressure or impact, the chain responds with flexibility, stretching to absorb the force and then returning to its original state. This feature is a nod to both durability and safety, promising users a chain that works with them, accommodating the unexpected and standing firm against challenges.

Plastic Posts and Chains
Plastic Posts and Chains

Swift Setup

In a fast-paced world, efficiency isn't just desired—it's demanded. Recognising this, our Plastic Posts and Chains have been ingeniously designed to be both quickly and easily deployable. The promise here isn't just about speed, but also the seamless ease that accompanies the process.

Imagine the convenience of setting up a sturdy barrier in mere moments, without fumbling or fuss. Whether it's an impromptu event, sudden crowd control needs, or routine setup, this feature ensures that your time and energy are respected. It's not just a barrier—it's a hassle-free experience, ensuring that you can focus on what truly matters while the product effortlessly does its job.

Indoors & Out

Boundaries and barriers often come with constraints, tied to a specific setting or environment. Breaking free from this convention, our Plastic Posts and Chains proudly stand as a paragon of versatility. With a design honed to suit both internal spaces and temporary outdoor settings, this is adaptability redefined.

Indoors, it effortlessly blends into spaces like hallways, warehouses, or event venues, ensuring seamless crowd management. When the need shifts outdoors, perhaps for events, pop-up markets, or car parks, the same kit easily transitions, bearing the elements with grace. This dual suitability eliminates the need for separate indoor and outdoor barrier systems, offering both economy and convenience.

Plastic Posts and Chains

Item Information

  • Corrosion-resistant plastic construction ensures prolonged durability
  • Bold yellow and black design enhances visibility and safety
  • Post cap features four integrated chain eyes for versatility
  • Heavy, non-trip 3kg base ensures stability in varied conditions
  • UV-treated chain, resistant to sun bleaching and brittleness
  • Chain embedded with 'give' for flexibility during impacts
  • Kit contents: 6 yellow/black posts, 6 rubber bases, 10m chain
  • Post dimensions: 50mm diameter, 900mm height
  • Base dimensions: 345mm diameter, 84mm height
  • Chain details: 2m length, 8mm link size
  • Rubber base weight: 3kg, ensuring firm ground hold
  • Suitable for diverse environments: indoors and temporary outdoors
Plastic Posts and Chains

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Plastic Posts and Chains

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Plastic Posts and Chains
Plastic Posts and Chains

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