Rope Cordon

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The Gold Standard of Graceful Cordoning

  • Premiere Elegance Defined: The Rope Corden offers a premier solution for upscale queue management, infusing luxury into restaurants, galleries, and exclusive event spaces.
  • Design Distinction: A true mark of sophistication for any venue; our Rope Corden boasts a classic design perfect for refined area cordoning and space definition.
  • Brass and Velvet Sophistication: The kit includes 2 brass crown top posts paired with a lush red velvet rope, embodying luxury in crowd control essentials.
  • Attachment with Style: Every brass post features a 4-way rope attachment ring, allowing for a versatile and elegant setup adaptable to any event configuration.
  • Velvet Luxury Extended: With a 1.5m length of soft, twisted red velvet rope, the Rope Corden creates a barrier that guests are compelled to admire.
  • Secure Elegance: End hooks on the rope boast a brass spring closure, ensuring a secure link that maintains the integrity and aesthetic of your exclusive space.
  • Durability Meets Design: Corrosion-resistant and suitable for all conditions, these posts retain their grandeur whether placed indoors or outdoors.
  • Foundation of Stability: The Rope Corden stands firm with a 320mm diameter weighted base, promising unparalleled stability in even the most bustling of environments.
  • Commanding Dimensions: Standing at a stately 980mm with a substantial weight of 8.4kg per post, the Rope Corden's dimensions speak to its premium build and presence.
Rope Cordon

Elevate Your Venue

The Rope Corden is more than just a barrier; it's a statement of elegance and functionality entwined. Every inch is meticulously designed, from its brass crown top posts to its premium twisted red velvet rope, ensuring that wherever it stands, it adds a touch of sophistication and allure.

Beyond its undeniable charm, Rope Corden is crafted with user experience at its core. Its corrosion-resistant make promises durability both indoors and out, while its weighted base ensures stability in the most bustling of settings. Ready assembled for your convenience, the Rope Corden seamlessly marries class with practicality, making it an indispensable addition to any venue.

Timeless Elegance

In the realm of venue management, the aesthetics of barriers play a surprisingly pivotal role. The Rope Corden, with its classic and elegant design, isn’t just about demarcating areas—it’s about doing so with grace and sophistication. Every contour and detail speaks of a time-honoured craftsmanship that elevates spaces, transforming them from mere areas to zones of allure.

The significance of such an elegant design extends beyond mere visual appeal. It communicates to visitors or patrons an attention to detail and a commitment to quality. When an establishment chooses the Rope Corden, it signifies not just an investment in efficient space management, but also in creating an atmosphere imbued with a touch of luxury and refinement.

Rope Cordon
Rope Cordon

Brass & Velvet United

At the heart of Rope Corden lies its meticulously curated kit: two gleaming brass crown top posts paired with a sumptuous red velvet rope. This trio isn’t simply components put together; it’s a harmonious blend of strength and sophistication. The posts, with their radiant brass finish, exude a timeless charm, standing tall and proud in any setting.

The inclusion of the singular red velvet rope is a testament to understated opulence. This plush, tactile element softens the rigidity of the posts, creating a perfect balance. Together, they signify an establishment's dedication to offering the very best to its guests, ensuring not only efficient space management but also a visual treat that resonates with luxury and attention to detail.

Rope Cordon

Overall Dimensions


Quadruple the Versatility

Rope Corden’s design intricacies go beyond mere aesthetics. Each brass post is thoughtfully fitted with a 4-way rope attachment ring, offering a versatility that’s unparalleled. This ingenious feature facilitates myriad configurations, ensuring that the Rope Corden can effortlessly adapt to the unique spatial demands of any venue, be it a chic café corner or a sprawling event hall entrance.

The significance of this 4-way attachment system is manifold. It empowers venue managers with the flexibility to design queue patterns or cordon off areas in the most efficient and visually appealing manner. Moreover, it subtly assures patrons of a seamless movement experience, free from the confusion of ill-defined spaces.

Rope Cordon
Rope Cordon

Velvet Elegance

At the core of Rope Corden's allure is its resplendent 1.5m red velvet rope. A tactile delight, this rope isn't just a tool for demarcation—it's an emblem of opulence and sophistication. Twisted to perfection, its soft texture and rich hue instantly enhance the aesthetic value of any setting, drawing gazes and evoking admiration.

The significance of the velvet rope extends beyond mere appearance. It's a tactile representation of luxury, inviting patrons to experience a touch of class as they navigate the venue. The 1.5m length ensures ample space to comfortably cordon off areas without appearing restrictive.

Secure in Style

Delving deeper into the minutiae of Rope Corden's design, one finds the genius of the brass spring closure end hooks adorning each velvet rope. These aren't ordinary attachments. They exude a blend of elegance and functionality, ensuring the rope is firmly secured while maintaining the overarching aesthetic of luxury and attention to detail.

The importance of these brass spring closure hooks lies in their dual role. Functionally, they guarantee a reliable and steadfast hold, assuring venue managers of a barrier system that remains intact even amidst bustling crowds. Aesthetically, their gleaming brass finish complements the overall design, subtly underscoring Rope Corden's commitment to delivering products that are not just effective but also impeccably styled.

Rope Cordon
Rope Cordon

Enduring Elegance

One of Rope Corden's crowning features lies in the resilience of its posts. These aren't your run-of-the-mill barriers. Crafted meticulously, each post is corrosion-resistant, ensuring longevity and enduring lustre. This thoughtful design empowers venue managers to elevate both indoor soirees and outdoor galas, with the assurance that these posts stand tall and unaffected by the whims of the weather.

The value of corrosion-resistant posts goes beyond mere durability. For venue managers, it represents a stress-free investment—a promise that their spaces will retain a touch of class season after season. For patrons, these posts, with their unwavering shine, signify consistency and commitment to quality, irrespective of indoor festivities or outdoor celebrations.

Unyielding Foundation

Beneath the shimmering facade and plush velvet of the Rope Corden lies a masterstroke of design: a robust 320mm diameter weighted base. This isn't just a foundation; it's a steadfast commitment to stability. Thoughtfully designed, this base ensures that, come wind or high footfall, the posts remain unwavering, standing tall and dignified in their purpose.

The significance of such a stable base cannot be overstated. For venue managers, it provides peace of mind, knowing that their barrier system remains undeterred, ensuring the smooth flow and safety of patrons. For guests, it's a silent testament to an establishment's dedication to ensuring both elegance and efficiency.

Rope Cordon
Rope Cordon

Immediate Impact

In today's fast-paced world, convenience is paramount—and Rope Corden is acutely attuned to this ethos. Arriving at your doorstep ready-assembled, it promises not just elegance but ease. Forget the time-consuming assembly or the need for intricate tools. With Rope Corden, it's all about instant installation, letting venues transform in moments.

The essence of this feature lies in its recognition of the demands of modern establishments. Time is a premium, and set-up hassles can detract from the main event. Rope Corden's readiness ensures that venues, be it a sophisticated ballroom or a bustling café, can elevate their space swiftly and seamlessly.

Item Information

  • Classic design for elegant cordoning of distinct areas
  • Kit includes 2 brass crown top posts, 1 red velvet rope
  • 4-way rope attachment ring on each brass post
  • Rope measures 1.5m; soft, twisted red velvet construction
  • Brass spring closure end hooks for secure attachment
  • Corrosion-resistant posts; ideal for indoor and outdoor settings
  • Stable 320mm diameter weighted base ensures upright positioning
  • Each post has a diameter of 50mm
  • Overall post height: 980mm
  • Each post weighs 8.4kg
  • Base diameter: 320mm for assured stability
  • Arrives ready-assembled for immediate installation ease
Rope Cordon

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Rope Cordon

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Rope Cordon
Rope Cordon

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