Plastic Chain Barriers

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Plastic Chain Barriers
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Stand Firm, Stand Out

  • Robust Perimeter Control: A premium Plastic Chain Barrier kit, ideal for streamlining pedestrian and vehicle flow in multiple settings.
  • Corrosion-Proof Construction: Made with durable plastic, these barriers promise longevity, resisting wear and tear in any environment.
  • Visibility Day & Night: Featuring a red and white design, the barriers stand out for safety and can be easily spotted in any light.
  • Secure Linking System: Each post cap includes four chain eyes, ensuring a firm and versatile connection between the robust chains.
  • Stable in Storms: The non-trip, 3kg heavy base anchors each post firmly, providing reliable stability through diverse weather conditions.
  • Durable Elasticity: The UV treated chains feature embedded 'give', maintaining form and function when pressure is applied.
  • Instant Setup: These barriers are designed for quick and straightforward deployment, enabling immediate use upon arrival.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for indoor or temporary outdoor use, these barriers adapt seamlessly to your space management needs.
  • Exact Dimensions: With posts at 900mm high and 50mm in diameter, and bases at 345mm diameter and 84mm high, this kit is poised to protect.
Plastic Chain Barriers

Boundaries Made Better

In the bustling environment of today, managing the flow of people and vehicles has never been more essential. Enter the Plastic Chain Barriers – a synergy of functionality and durability, engineered to address this very need. Crafted with precision from corrosion-proof plastic, this innovative solution promises not just resilience but longevity, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

The design, with its stark red and white contrast, doesn’t just make a statement; it ensures unparalleled visibility. Whether you’re looking to streamline traffic in a hospital, car park, or a warehouse, or even host an outdoor event, this kit is your versatile partner. The ease of setup combined with its weather-resistant features makes it a preferred choice for both indoor and temporary outdoor applications.

Defying Decay

In the world of barriers and crowd management tools, the material's longevity is paramount. The Plastic Chain Barriers are meticulously crafted from corrosion-proof plastic, ensuring they remain unfazed by the ravages of time and environment. This revolutionary material doesn’t just promise durability; it guarantees it, standing tall against rust, wear, and environmental damage.

The significance of a corrosion-resistant feature cannot be understated. Whether placed indoors or exposed to the fickle temperament of the British outdoors, these barriers remain intact and fully functional. The peace of mind that comes from knowing your investment will not succumb to premature wear is unparalleled. With the Plastic Chain Barriers, you're not just purchasing a product; you're securing an enduring solution.

Plastic Chain Barriers
Plastic Chain Barriers

Command Attention

Visibility is not just about being seen; it's about making an undeniable statement. The Plastic Chain Barriers have been designed with a standout red and white contrasting pattern, ensuring they don't simply blend into the background. This dynamic duo of colours commands attention, making certain that the barriers are easily identifiable even from a distance.

In spaces bustling with movement, clarity is of the essence. From the chaos of car parks to the orderly halls of a hospital, it's vital that boundaries are immediately recognised, minimising the chance of mishaps. The red and white design isn't just about aesthetics; it's a calculated choice to enhance safety and guidance. When you opt for the Plastic Chain Barriers, you're choosing a product that prioritises function just as much as form.

Quadruple Versatility

At the heart of effective boundary management lies adaptability. The Plastic Chain Barriers feature not one, not two, but four integrated chain eyes in each post cap. This ingenious design addition serves as a testament to the product's commitment to flexibility, allowing for a myriad of configurations to perfectly tailor your barrier layout to any environment.

This feature elevates the barriers from being just another crowd management tool to an adaptable asset for various settings. Whether it's directing a snaking queue or creating a robust perimeter, these four chain eyes offer unparalleled ease in manipulating the chain's flow and direction. It's not just about setting boundaries; it's about crafting them precisely to your needs.

Plastic Chain Barriers
Plastic Chain Barriers

Long and Strong 

The Plastic Chain Barriers set includes fourteen metres of plastic chain, an indispensable part of the system that allows you to shape a barrier precisely fitting your unique requirements. The ample chain length ensures that creating an extensive barrier or dividing large areas is a breeze without needing any extra components.

Additionally, these chains stand out for their durability and resistance to harsh weather, promising to serve you for a considerable period, even in challenging conditions. Notably, the plastic chain is also lightweight and easy to handle, offering a practical solution for the swift setup or disassembly of your barrier system.

Plastic Chain Barriers

Overall Dimensions


Anchored in Assurance

In the challenging dance between crowd management and safety, stability is the lead partner. Enter the Plastic Chain Barriers' non-trip, 3kg heavy base. Crafted meticulously, this robust base ensures that the posts remain unyielding and upright, even when Mother Nature decides to showcase her full repertoire of moods.

While lightweight barriers risk toppling at the slightest nudge or gust of wind, the Plastic Chain Barriers' substantial weight offers an inherent resilience, drastically reducing trip hazards and ensuring the continued flow of pedestrians and vehicles. The beauty of this feature lies not just in its function but in the peace of mind it affords.

Plastic Chain Barriers
Plastic Chain Barriers

Beyond Resilience

Sun exposure can cause the silent deterioration of many outdoor products. But with the Plastic Chain Barriers, this concern is meticulously addressed. Each chain is treated with a UV-resistant layer, ensuring that the scorching sun doesn't compromise its integrity or colour. This treatment prevents the typical brittleness and fading that often plagues plastic products, promising a barrier that looks and performs excellently over time.

Yet, the innovation doesn't stop there. These chains also come with an embedded stretch or 'give', a feature that seamlessly combines strength with adaptability. This slight flexibility ensures that the chains can handle accidental pressure or pulls without snapping, making them both durable and forgiving in busy environments.

Swift Setup

Time is often of the essence, especially when orchestrating crowd movement or delineating areas swiftly. The Plastic Chain Barriers are a testament to efficiency, designed to be quickly and easily deployable. Whether you're setting up for an impromptu event or responding to a sudden need, these barriers rise to the occasion without fuss or unnecessary delay.

The ease of deployment doesn't merely save time; it ensures consistency in performance and minimises potential errors. No need for lengthy instruction manuals or specialist tools. Just straightforward, intuitive assembly that allows you to focus on what truly matters. With the Plastic Chain Barriers, you're investing in a product that respects your time and streamlines the process, ensuring safety and order in mere moments.

Plastic Chain Barriers
Plastic Chain Barriers

Inside and Out

Versatility is not just a buzzword; it's a necessity in today's ever-changing environments. Recognising this, the Plastic Chain Barriers have been engineered to excel in diverse settings. Whether you're looking to streamline traffic within an indoor facility or set up a temporary boundary outdoors, this product seamlessly transitions to fit the bill.

Indoor use often demands precision and adaptability, whilst outdoor scenarios call for resilience against the elements. By catering to both these needs, the Plastic Chain Barriers offer unparalleled value. Instead of investing in separate solutions for inside and outside applications, you have a single, versatile product that rises to every challenge.

Item Information

  • Corrosion-proof plastic ensures durability against wear and environmental factors
  • Bold red and white design ensures high visibility and clear demarcation
  • Features four integrated chain eyes for versatile post cap configurations
  • 3kg heavy, non-trip base ensures stability in various weather conditions
  • Chains are UV treated to resist colour bleaching and brittleness
  • Kit includes 8 red and white plastic posts for effective setup
  • Accompanied by 8 rubber bases to securely anchor each post
  • Total of 14m plastic chain provided for comprehensive boundary setup
  • Posts measure 50mm in diameter and 900mm in height
  • Rubber bases are 345mm in diameter and 84mm in height
  • Chain length is 2m per piece with an 8mm link size
  • Each base weighs 3kg, ensuring stability and reducing tipping risks
Plastic Chain Barriers

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Plastic Chain Barriers

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Plastic Chain Barriers
Plastic Chain Barriers

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