VIP Red Rope

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Rope in Luxury, Stand Out in Style

  • Elevate Your Space: The VIP Red Rope is designed for sophisticated crowd control, perfect for any venue seeking a blend of elegance and function.
  • Classic Elegance: This premium rope barrier features a timeless design, ideal for creating distinguished spaces in exclusive settings.
  • Comprehensive Kit: Includes 6 stainless steel crown top posts and 5 red ropes, ensuring a complete solution for immediate space delineation.
  • Versatile Connectivity: Each post is equipped with a 4-way rope attachment ring, offering flexible layout options for various event needs.
  • Luxurious Red Ropes: The kit features 5 x 1.5m lengths of soft, twisted red rope, adding a touch of opulence to your venue’s ambiance.
  • Secure and Stylish: End hooks made of stainless steel spring closure ensure a secure, durable connection, enhancing both function and design.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Elegance: Crafted for versatility, the corrosion-resistant posts are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, adaptable to any setting.
  • Stable Foundation: Each post boasts a 320mm diameter weighted base, providing reliable stability in various environments and conditions.
  • Dimensions Defined: Posts measure 50mm in diameter and 980mm in height, with a substantial base diameter of 320mm, ensuring a commanding presence.
VIP Red Rope

Elevate Your Venue

In the world of sophisticated venues, first impressions matter. The VIP Red Rope isn't just a barrier; it's an emblem of class and distinction. Crafted with precision and designed with elegance, this rope barrier effortlessly transforms any entrance into a grand statement, ensuring your venue stands out from the rest.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the VIP Red Rope is the epitome of functionality. With its corrosion-resistant stainless steel posts and versatile 4-way attachment rings, managing queues and cordoning off areas becomes a seamless affair. Whether you're running a bustling nightclub or a serene cafe, this barrier promises not just utility but an upgrade in luxury and sophistication.

Timeless Elegance

In the realm of venue management, aesthetics play a pivotal role. The VIP Red Rope's classic and elegant design isn't just about separating spaces; it's about doing so with grace and style. Every inch of its construction has been meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of luxury, turning what could be a mundane necessity into a focal point of admiration.

Functionality and aesthetics often walk a fine line, but with the VIP Red Rope, they come together harmoniously. By choosing this barrier, venues aren't just opting for a practical solution but a design statement. Whether marking VIP areas or directing foot traffic, this rope ensures that every corner it graces exudes sophistication, leaving a lasting impression on all who pass by.

VIP Red Rope
VIP Red Rope

Regal Ensemble

Setting the stage for a premium experience requires tools that stand out. Our VIP Red Rope kit, complete with 6 stainless steel crown top posts, offers an unparalleled blend of durability and elegance. These posts, with their regal crown tops, instantly elevate the surroundings, evoking a sense of opulence and attention to detail.

The inclusion of 5 lustrous red ropes further accentuates the premium nature of the kit. Not just any ropes, these are crafted to complement the posts and create an integrated aesthetic experience. With this ensemble in place, venues can confidently showcase a barrier system that's not just about function, but also about setting the tone for what lies beyond.

Versatile Configurations

Flexibility in venue setup is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Our VIP Red Rope understands this, offering a 4-way rope attachment ring on each stainless steel post. This design allows for a multitude of configurations, ensuring that whether you're curating a maze-like VIP entrance or a simple queue, adaptation is seamless and intuitive.

Such versatility doesn’t just provide functional flexibility; it empowers venue managers to get creative. Whether delineating spaces in an art gallery or orchestrating the flow of a bustling event, the 4-way attachment ensures that aesthetics and functionality move in harmony. With the VIP Red Rope, possibilities aren't just expanded—they're multiplied.

VIP Red Rope
VIP Red Rope

Luxury at Length

Every detail, no matter how small, contributes to the overall experience. With the VIP Red Rope, the length and texture of the ropes have been given meticulous attention. Included are 5 individual ropes, each stretching a generous 1.5m, crafted with a soft, twisted design that beckons a touch and ensures a luxury feel.

The significance of these ropes transcends their mere function. While they effectively cordon off areas, their rich red hue and twisted texture become conversation starters, adding depth and character to the space they occupy. With the VIP Red Rope, it's not just about creating boundaries—it's about making those boundaries beautiful.

VIP Red Rope

Overall Dimensions


Precision at the End

At the heart of sophistication lies attention to detail, and with the VIP Red Rope, it’s evident down to the very hooks. Each rope is equipped with a stainless steel spring closure end hook, ensuring not just durability but a seamless connection that marries elegance with function.

These end hooks aren't just functional elements—they are a testament to the craftsmanship that goes into the VIP Red Rope. By ensuring a firm grip and easy release, they provide venue managers peace of mind, knowing that adjustments can be made swiftly. With these hooks, security meets sophistication, underscoring the holistic luxury of the entire ensemble.

VIP Red Rope
VIP Red Rope

Enduring Elegance

A venue’s aesthetic should never be compromised by wear and tear. With the VIP Red Rope's corrosion-resistant posts, we guarantee enduring beauty and functionality, no matter where they stand. Designed meticulously, these posts are crafted to resist the elements, ensuring they remain pristine and elegant, whether placed indoors or out.

The significance of such resilience cannot be overstated. For venue managers, it means a one-time investment that promises to serve across seasons and occasions, with minimal maintenance. By choosing the VIP Red Rope, you're not just opting for immediate beauty, but a lasting elegance that remains unfazed by the test of time and elements.

Grounded in Grace

In the bustling world of events and venues, stability is paramount. The VIP Red Rope isn’t merely a symbol of luxury—it’s a beacon of reliability. With a robust 320mm diameter weighted base, each post stands tall and unwavering, ensuring that your designated areas remain undisturbed and elegant.

The significance of such a sturdy foundation is twofold. Functionally, it guarantees that the posts remain upright, even in high-traffic scenarios, preventing any unforeseen disturbances. Aesthetically, it exudes confidence—a steadfast elegance that communicates the premium nature of your venue. With the VIP Red Rope, you're investing in an unyielding grace that stands firm amidst the ebb and flow of events.

VIP Red Rope
VIP Red Rope

Instant Elegance

In the fast-paced world of event management and venue setup, time is of the essence. Recognising this, the VIP Red Rope arrives at your doorstep fully assembled, primed for instant installation. No fumbling with parts, no hours spent on setup—just pure, undiluted elegance straight out of the box.

The immediate readiness of the VIP Red Rope not only eases the logistical challenges but also stands as a testament to its thoughtful design. Venue owners and managers can swiftly elevate the ambience of their spaces, knowing that every moment saved in setup can be invested in perfecting the guest experience. With the VIP Red Rope, it's not just about aesthetics—it's about efficiency meeting elegance in perfect harmony.

Item Information

  • Classic design for elegant cordoning of areas
  • Kit: 6 stainless steel crown top posts, 5 red ropes
  • 4-way rope attachment ring on each post
  • Ropes: 5 x 1.5m soft, twisted red lengths
  • Stainless steel spring closure end hooks on ropes
  • Posts: corrosion-resistant for indoor and outdoor use
  • Weighted base: 320mm diameter for enhanced stability
  • Each post diameter: 50mm
  • Post height: 980mm
  • Post weight: 8.4kg per post
  • Base dimension: 320mm diameter
  • Ready assembled for immediate installation
VIP Red Rope

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VIP Red Rope

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VIP Red Rope
VIP Red Rope

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