Plastic Chain Posts

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Plastic Chain Posts
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Command Attention, Ensure Direction

  • Versatile Safety Solution: Introducing the Plastic Chain Posts, ideal for directing traffic and pedestrians in various settings, from car parks to festivals.
  • Durable by Design: Crafted from corrosion-proof plastic for long-lasting use, these posts defy rust and decay in any environment.
  • Striking Visibility: Boasting a red and white contrast, these posts stand out for effective space demarcation and safety awareness.
  • Integrated Convenience: Each post features four chain eyes, allowing for multiple chain attachments and versatile barrier configurations.
  • Stability Assured: With a non-trip, 3kg heavy base, our posts remain steadfast, offering reliable stability against wind and busy crowds.
  • Resilient Flexibility: Chains are UV treated and designed to stretch, maintaining integrity and visibility without brittleness over time.
  • Deployment Made Easy: Effortless to set up and dismantle, these posts are ready for immediate use, making them perfect for quick-response situations.
  • Indoors or Out: These chain posts are just as effective inside as they are outdoors, providing temporary or semi-permanent boundary solutions.
  • Clear-cut Dimensions: Posts measure at an accessible 900mm height with a sturdy 345mm diameter base, complemented by 2m chain lengths for extensive reach
Plastic Chain Posts

Elevate Safety and Control

Navigating the intricate dance of managing pedestrians and vehicles, especially in bustling environments, demands a solution that's both robust and visually striking. Enter the Plastic Chain Posts Barrier Kit, an epitome of durability and efficiency. Crafted from superior corrosion-proof plastic, its vivid red and white design ensures unparalleled visibility, making crowd and traffic control a seamless endeavour.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the true value of our barrier kit lies in its exceptional utility. Whether you're setting up in an indoor warehouse or braving the unpredictable British weather outdoors, these posts stand firm with their heavy, non-trip base. Coupled with UV-treated chains designed to withstand the tests of time and environment, our Plastic Chain Posts promise not just guidance, but also longevity.

Unyielding Strength

In the ever-evolving realm of barrier solutions, the material of construction plays a pivotal role. Our Plastic Chain Posts are meticulously crafted from corrosion-proof plastic, a material that speaks volumes about resilience. This ensures not just longevity but also consistent performance, even when exposed to elements that traditionally wear down barriers.

The significance of corrosion-resistance cannot be overstated, especially in the UK's unpredictable climate. Whether it's the salty air of coastal regions, the dampness of our frequent rains, or the challenging conditions of industrial settings, our barriers remain unfazed.

Plastic Chain Posts
Plastic Chain Posts

Commanding Attention

In the realm of safety and guidance, visibility isn't just a feature – it's a necessity. The striking red and white contrasting design of our Plastic Chain Posts doesn't merely aim to be aesthetically pleasing; it's engineered to capture attention instantaneously. This bold colour combination ensures that the posts are not just seen but are unmissable, even from a distance or in low-light conditions.

But why is such high visibility so crucial? In bustling environments, from hectic event venues to busy car parks, the swift movement of people and vehicles demands clear demarcations and guidance. Our vivid red and white barriers serve as an immediate and unmistakable signal, reducing confusion and enhancing safety.

Precision Integration

Functionality often lies in the details. With the Plastic Chain Posts, the inclusion of four integrated chain eyes in the post cap elevates its versatility and application. These strategically positioned eyes enable users to configure chains in multiple directions, granting the flexibility to create custom pathways or barriers tailored to the specific needs of any environment.

The importance of such a feature is manifold. By offering multiple attachment points, the post ensures optimal tension and distribution, preventing sagging and ensuring a taut, uniform appearance. Moreover, the four eyes empower users to craft intersections, bends, or even complex grid patterns with ease. 

Plastic Chain Posts
Plastic Chain Posts

Unwavering Foundations

Stability in a barrier system isn't just a feature; it's a promise of safety. At the heart of our Plastic Chain Posts' design is the non-trip, 3kg heavy base, a carefully calibrated weight that ensures steadfastness in the face of diverse weather conditions. Whether it's the gusty winds of an open car park or the bustling foot traffic of a warehouse, this base stands firm, ensuring the barrier remains upright and functional.

The "non-trip" aspect of the base is equally crucial, ensuring that pedestrians won't inadvertently stumble or trip over, thus prioritising safety. The significance of such a feature becomes apparent in high traffic zones where the risk of accidents is amplified. By merging weight with a thoughtful design, our Plastic Chain Posts not only offer the reliability of a fixed barrier but also the versatility of a temporary one.

Plastic Chain Posts

Overall Dimensions


Sun-Proof and Supple

Sunlight, while essential for life, can be the nemesis of many materials, causing them to degrade, discolour, or become brittle. Enter our Plastic Chain Posts' chains: UV-treated for the utmost protection. This treatment ensures that the chains not only maintain their vibrant red and white contrast but also resist the harmful effects of prolonged sun exposure, ensuring durability and longevity.

But there's more to these chains than just UV resistance. Embedded with a touch of 'give', they possess a subtle stretch, adapting to slight pressures or tugs without breaking or losing form. This combination of strength and flexibility means that our chains can withstand accidental bumps or brushes, making them perfect for environments with high movement and variability.

Plastic Chain Posts
Plastic Chain Posts

Immediate Impact

In our fast-paced world, time is of the essence. Recognising this, our Plastic Chain Posts have been meticulously designed for quick and hassle-free deployment. No longer do you need to grapple with complex assembly or wade through tedious instruction manuals. With our barrier system, set-up is intuitive, efficient, and executed in mere moments.

The ease of deployment isn't just a convenience; it's a game-changer. Whether responding to sudden changes in traffic flow, setting up for an impromptu event, or addressing emergency situations, the ability to swiftly establish clear boundaries can make all the difference. Our Plastic Chain Posts, therefore, don't just provide a physical barrier; they offer the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a reliable solution on hand.

Versatility Unleashed

In the world of barrier solutions, adaptability is paramount. Our Plastic Chain Posts rise to the occasion, offering unmatched versatility suitable for both internal and temporary outdoor environments. This dual capability ensures that regardless of your location – be it the enclosed spaces of a warehouse or the open expanses of a car park – our posts are fit for the task.

The beauty of this feature lies in its convenience and cost-effectiveness. Instead of investing in separate solutions for indoor and outdoor needs, our Plastic Chain Posts provide a singular, adaptable solution. This eliminates the hassle of swapping out equipment based on the environment, saving both time and resources.

Plastic Chain Posts

Item Information

  • Corrosion-proof plastic ensures durability and longevity
  • Bold red and white design for high visibility
  • Four chain eyes in the post cap for varied configurations
  • Non-trip, 3kg heavy base guarantees all-weather stability
  • UV-treated chain prevents colour bleaching and brittleness
  • Quick and hassle-free deployment for immediate use
  • Suitable for both internal and temporary outdoor settings
  • Kit contains 10 red and white plastic posts
  • Includes 10 rubber bases and 18m of plastic chain
  • Posts: 50mm diameter, 900mm height
  • Bases: 345mm diameter, 84mm height
  • Chain: 2m length, 8mm link size, with stretch 'give'
Plastic Chain Posts

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Plastic Chain Posts

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Plastic Chain Posts
Plastic Chain Posts

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