Cambourne Shelters
Cambourne Cycle Shelters
Cambourne Cycle Shelters
Cambourne Shelters
Cambourne Cycle Shelters
Cambourne Cycle Shelters

Cambourne Cycle Shelters

  • Robust galvanised mild steel frame 
  • 76mm round tube uprights; 50mm square tube roof frame 
  • 3m inside length accommodates an 8-cycle Multirack or up to 4 Sheffield cycle racks at 750mm centres 
  • Designed for on site assembley 
  • 4mm clear PET sheet roof 
  • Free standing 
  • 2200-1400H x 2680Dmm
  • Bike Racks not included 
10-15 working days


10-15 working days


1 year parts / labour

Product Variations

Code: 138204251 Description: Cycle shelter 3 metres Weight (kg): 259 Price: £1,193.00 £1,169.14
Code: 138204254 Description: Cycle shelter 4 metres Weight (kg): 306 Price: £1,355.00 £1,327.90
Code: 138204256 Description: Cycle shelter 6 metres (3m + 3m) Weight (kg): 456 Price: £2,154.00 £2,110.92
Code: 138204257 Description: Cycle shelter 7 metres (4m + 3m) Weight (kg): 503 Price: £2,317.00 £2,270.66
Code: 138204258 Description: Cycle shelter 8 metres (4m + 4m) Weight (kg): 550 Price: £2,479.00 £2,429.42
Code: 138204259 Description: Cycle shelter 9 metres (3m + 3m + 3m) Weight (kg): 653 Price: £2,641.00 £2,588.18
Code: 138204260 Description: Cycle shelter 10 metres (3m + 4m + 3m) Weight (kg): 700 Price: £2,803.00 £2,746.94


Code: 138101010 Description: Anchor bolts for fixing 3-4 metres (16 x 16mm expanding) Price: £50.00 £49.00
Code: 138101012 Description: Anchor bolts for fixing 6-8 metres (24 x 16mm expanding) Price: £75.00 £73.50
Code: 138101014 Description: Anchor bolts for fixing 9-10 metres (32 x 16mm expanding) Price: £99.00 £97.02

Cambourne Cycle Shelters

What is the purpose of the Cambourne Cycle Shelter?

The Cambourne Cycle Shelter is a variant of the standard Cambridge style bike shelter designed by VELOPA. It is made of sturdy galvanised mild steel with a 4mm clear PET sheet (Polyethylene terephthalate) roof to keep out the elements.

This free-standing bicycle shelter is designed to be assembled onsite. The bike racks shown are not included, but the Shelter can house either of the following in its 3m width:

  • A Multirack that holds 8 bicycles, or

  • A maximum of 4 Sheffield bicycle racks

Where can this product be used?

This product can be used wherever bicycles are plentiful.

Who might use this product?

The Cambourne Cycle Shelter can be used at schools, playgrounds, office buildings, colleges, parks, retail businesses, restaurants, and any other place where cycles are used for transportation.

Cambourne Cycle Shelter Specifications

  • 2,200mm front, 1,400mm back (Height)

  • 2,680mm (Depth)

  • 3,240mm-10,100mm (Length)

  • 76mm round and 50mm square galvanised steel tube

  • 4mm clear PET sheet

Our standard 1-year parts and labour warranty applies to this product.

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