Harbledown Shelters
Harbledown Cycle Shelters
Harbledown Cycle Shelters
Harbledown Shelters
Harbledown Cycle Shelters
Harbledown Cycle Shelters

Harbledown Cycle Shelters

  • Robust galvanised mild steel frame 
  • 76mm round tube uprights; 50mm square tube roof frame 
  • 3m inside length accommodates an 8-cycle Multirack or up to 4 Sheffield cycle racks at 750mm centres 
  • Designed for on site assembley 
  • 4mm clear PET sheet roof 
  • Free standing 
  • 2380H x 2810D mm
  • Bike Racks not included 
10-15 working days


10-15 working days


1 year parts / labour

Product Variations

Code: 138204351 Description: 3 metres Weight (kg): 269 Price: £1,228.00 £1,203.44
Code: 138204354 Description: 4 metres Weight (kg): 316 Price: £1,390.00 £1,362.20
Code: 138204356 Description: 6 metres (3 metres + 3 metres) Weight (kg): 473 Price: £2,224.00 £2,179.52
Code: 138204357 Description: 7 metres (4 metres + 3 metres) Weight (kg): 520 Price: £2,386.00 £2,338.28
Code: 138204358 Description: 8 metres (4 metres + 4 metres) Weight (kg): 566 Price: £2,548.00 £2,497.04
Code: 138204359 Description: 9 metres (3 metres + 3 metres + 3 metres) Weight (kg): Price: £2,711.00 £2,656.78
Code: 138204360 Description: 10 metres (3 metres + 4 metres + 3 metres) Weight (kg): 723 Price: £2,873.00 £2,815.54


Code: 138101010 Description: 16mm expanding anchor bolts for fixing 3-4 metres (Pack of 16) Price: £50.00 £49.00
Code: 138101012 Description: 16mm expanding anchor bolts for fixing 6-8 metres (Pack of 24 Price: £75.00 £73.50
Code: 138101014 Description: 16mm expanding anchor bolts for fixing 9-10 metres (Pack of 32 Price: £99.00 £97.02

Harbledown Cycle Shelters

What is the purpose of the Harbledown Cycle Shelters?

Elegant and contemporary, the Harbledown Cycle Shelter is made of sturdy galvanised mild steel with a 4mm clear PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) sheet roof to protect cyclists as they park and retrieve their cycles.

This stand-alone bicycle shelter is made by Autopa, and is a variant of the VELOPA Canterbury cycle shelter. The cycle stands shown are not included. When installing the Harbledown Cycle Shelter, it is recommended that it be installed in a flat area, preferable on concrete where each leg can be bolted down with anchor bolts.

Onsite assembly of your Harbledown Cycle Shelter will give you a place for several cycles for your patrons or employees.

Where can this product be used?

This product can be used wherever you need to store or house bicycles on a temporary basis.

Who might use this product?

The Harbledown Cycle Shelter can be used at retail locations such as shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. It is also a wonderful addition to schools, playgrounds, office buildings, colleges, parks, and any other place where cycles are used for transportation.

Harbledown Cycle Shelter Specifications

Product specifications include:

  • Height: 2,380mm

  • Depth: 2,810mm

  • Length: 3,240mm-10,100mm

  • 76mm round and 50mm square galvanised steel tube

  • 4mm clear PET sheet.

Our standard 1-year parts and labour warranty applies to this product.

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