Chemical Storage Cabinet
Chemical Storage
Hazardous Substance Storage
Chemical Storage Cabinet
Chemical Storage
Hazardous Substance Storage

Chemstor Storage Cabinets

  • 260, 450 & 1125L sump capacities
  • Ideal for managing and controlling access to production liquids eg paints & solvents
  • Robust steel frames with 2mm steel panels
  • With double hunged, lockable doors or twin sliding doors
  • fully seam welded sumps with removable grid decks
  • Please advise if you are unable to off load
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    20-25 working days


    1 year parts / labour

    Product Variations

    Code: CS5 25 Litre Cans: 20 Dimensions (mm): 1550(H) x 1500(W) x 750(D) Doors: Double Hinged Lockable Shelves: 1 Sump Capacity (L): 250 Price: £1,385.00 £1,357.30
    Code: CS4 25 Litre Cans: 48 Dimensions (mm): 2350(H) x 2500(W) x 800(D) Doors: Twin Sliding Shelves: 2 Sump Capacity (L): 450 Price: £2,371.00 £2,323.58
    Code: CS3 25 Litre Cans: 80 + 5Ltr Shelf Dimensions (mm): 2450(H) x 3000(W) x 1500(D) Doors: Twin Sliding Shelves: 3 Sump Capacity (L): 1125 Price: £4,756.00 £4,660.88

    Chemstor Storage Cabinets

    If you need to securely and easily store chemicals, Chemstor Storage Cabinets are just what you need. With a variety of sizes and capacities, these are the cabinets to store all of your chemical materials.

    These cabinets have a steel construction with an integral sump base. The materials used to make the cabinet ensure a low maintenance cabinet that is able to accommodate your storage needs. Available in green or orange, these cabinets can help to control access to chemical materials, like paints and solvents.

    These cabinets are available with either double hung locking doors (CS5) or with twin sliding doors (CS3, CS4). The integral sump base with removable grid deck helps to contain spills for easy clean up. The CS3 model also includes a 5 liter shelf.

    What is the Purpose of Chemstor Storage Cabinet?

    These cabinets are designed to hold and contain various types of chemical materials. The adjustable shelving allows for different sizes of materials to be stored quickly and easily behind locking or sliding doors. The all steel construction ensures that these cabinets will not require excessive maintenance.

    Where Can This Product be Used?

    This product can, and should, be used in any environment that requires controlled access to chemical materials. These types of work environments can include: janitorial/custodial, auto mechanic, construction, laboratory, and many more.

    Who Might Use This Product?

    This product might be used by anyone who owns, operates, or works at a place that must provide a secure location to store a variety of chemical materials. This might include, but is not limited to: car mechanics, janitorial staff, construction teams, or factories.

    Chemstor Storage Cabinets Specifications

    There are three different varieties of Chemstor Storage Cabinets. The CS5 model is 1550(H)x1500(W)x750(D) and has double hinged locking doors with one shelf. The CS4 model is 2350(H)x2500(W)x800(D) and has twin sliding doors and two shelves. The CS5 model is 2450(H)x3000(W)x1500(D) and has twin sliding doors with three shelves. These products come with a standard 1-year parts/labour warranty.

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