Flammable Goods Cupboard

45LSump3 Shelf
Flammable Goods Cupboard
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Built Robust, Designed Resilient

  • Safety Storage Solution: Designed for workshops, labs, and schools, this cupboard safely houses hazardous materials, ensuring workspace and employee protection.
  • Robust Build Quality: Made from reinforced steel with a striking yellow finish, our cupboard offers durability and high visibility in demanding environments.
  • Leak Proof Design: Equipped with a 45L integrated sump, this cupboard expertly contains spills, keeping your workplace clean and hazard-free.
  • Secure and Strong: Reinforced with steel bracing, the cupboard's doors withstand harsh use while safeguarding contents against unauthorised access.
  • Advanced Locking System: Enhanced with a multi-point locking mechanism and mastered locks, it provides top-notch security for stored hazardous materials.
  • Flexible Storage Options: Featuring three height-adjustable shelves, this cupboard caters to various storage needs, accommodating different sized containers with ease.
  • Resilient Under Pressure: Engineered to maintain structural integrity in adverse conditions, this cupboard is a dependable safeguard for your workspace.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Fully adheres to HSE Legislation HSG51 and DSEAR 2002, ensuring your workplace meets legal safety standards.
  • Ideal Dimensions: Measuring 1830(H) x 1223(W) x 470(D) mm, the cupboard fits comfortably in various settings, maximising storage space while maintaining a compact footprint.
Flammable Goods Cupboard

Safety, Functionality, and Assurance Combined

In the world of safe storage solutions, the Flammable Goods Cupboard stands unrivalled. Crafted meticulously from reinforced steel, this cupboard embodies a commitment to safety while ensuring an ever-present visual assurance through its vibrant yellow finish.

Beyond its robust construction, what truly sets this cupboard apart is its user-centric design. From the integrated leakproof sump, ensuring swift containment of unexpected spills, to its adjustable shelves catering to varied storage needs, it promises both flexibility and peace of mind. Whether for schools, labs, or workshops, this is the gold standard in protective storage.

Strength Meets Visibility

At the heart of the Flammable Goods Cupboard lies its formidable construction: reinforced steel. This ensures not just sturdiness, but also a resilience that stands up to daily wear and tear, safeguarding contents with unwavering reliability. It's not merely a storage solution; it's a fortress for your valuables.

Equally significant is the cupboard's vibrant yellow powder finish. More than just an aesthetic choice, this prominent hue serves a dual purpose. It acts as a visual alert in busy environments, ensuring the cabinet’s presence is always noted, while also offering added protection to the steel, guarding against corrosion and environmental factors. In essence, beauty blends seamlessly with function.

Flammable Goods Cupboard
Flammable Goods Cupboard

Guard Against the Unexpected

Unforeseen spills and leaks can spell disaster, especially when flammable goods are involved. That's where the Flammable Goods Cupboard's integrated leakproof 45L sump comes into play. Serving as the cupboard's first line of defence, it ensures any unintended spills are swiftly and efficiently contained, preventing potential hazards and safeguarding the surrounding environment.

The significance of such a feature cannot be overstated. It's not merely about containment; it's about peace of mind. With the 45L sump in place, users can be confident in the knowledge that, should an accident occur, the cupboard is primed to handle it. This innovation underscores a commitment to safety, assuring users that their workspace remains protected, even in the face of unexpected challenges.

Flammable Goods Cupboard

Overall Dimensions

Height Height 1830 mm
Width Width 1223 mm
Length Depth 470 mm
WEIGHT Weight 82 kg

Doors Reinforced with Steel Bracing

Every point of entry in a storage solution speaks volumes about its commitment to safeguarding its contents. The Flammable Goods Cupboard takes this commitment to an unparalleled level with its strengthened doors, further reinforced with resilient steel bracing. This meticulous design ensures that the doors can endure rigorous use without compromising on the cabinet's integrity or the safety of its contents.

In a setting where the protection of stored goods is paramount, the significance of such robust doors is evident. They act as steadfast guardians against external pressures and potential intrusions. Whether you're storing vital equipment, sensitive materials, or hazardous goods, these doors, fortified with steel bracing, ensure that your contents remain secure, undisturbed, and impeccably protected.

Flammable Goods Cupboard
Flammable Goods Cupboard

Secure Beyond Expectation

In the realm of safety storage, the effectiveness of a locking system is paramount. The Flammable Goods Cupboard champions this with a state-of-the-art multi-point locking mechanism. This advanced system ensures multiple secure points of engagement, guaranteeing that the cupboard's contents are shielded with an unparalleled level of protection. Every access point is meticulously secured, offering no room for vulnerabilities.

But security doesn't stop there. Equipped with mastered locks, this cupboard offers a heightened layer of protection against tampering and unauthorised access. Such locks are renowned for their precision and reliability, making them a choice for those who prioritize absolute security. For users, this translates into peace of mind, knowing that their valuables are safeguarded by a locking system that's a testament to modern engineering and design excellence.

Flexibility at Your Fingertips

Storage needs can be as varied as the items we store, and the Flammable Goods Cupboard is acutely aware of this dynamic. To cater to this ever-changing landscape, the cupboard introduces three height-adjustable shelves. This means users can effortlessly tailor the storage space to perfectly fit their unique requirements, be it large containers, tools, or an array of smaller items.

The power of adaptability that these shelves offer cannot be understated. It's not just about space; it's about creating a storage environment that evolves with you. Whether for a school, a laboratory, or a workshop, these adjustable shelves ensure that every item finds its optimal place, reducing clutter, optimising organisation, and elevating the cupboard's utility to a whole new level.

Flammable Goods Cupboard
Flammable Goods Cupboard

Unyielding by Design

In the demanding environments of schools, laboratories, and workshops, storage solutions are often tested by unforeseen challenges. Recognising this, the Flammable Goods Cupboard is masterfully designed to maintain its structural integrity, even when faced with adverse conditions. Whether it's an unexpected impact, prolonged use, or environmental stressors, this cupboard stands unwavering, ensuring its contents remain safeguarded.

The true merit of this design philosophy shines through in its long-term reliability. A storage solution isn't just about containing items; it's about offering consistent protection day in, day out. With its commitment to enduring structural integrity, the Flammable Goods Cupboard promises users not only a lasting investment but also the assurance that, come what may, their stored goods are enveloped in a shield of resilience and steadfastness.

Assurance by Standards

In the domain of safety storage, compliance with established standards isn't just a tick in the box; it's a testament to a product's commitment to ensuring the highest levels of safety. The Flammable Goods Cupboard proudly adheres to the HSE Legislation HSG51 and DSEAR 2002, ensuring that it aligns with, and even surpasses, the stringent safety benchmarks set out in these legislations.

But what does this mean for the user? It translates into confidence. When you invest in the Flammable Goods Cupboard, you're not just acquiring a storage solution; you're choosing a product recognised for its safety excellence. This compliance assures users that every design choice, material used, and safety feature integrated into this cupboard is in line with the best practices and standards in the industry. A pledge of safety, sealed with compliance.

Flammable Goods Cupboard

Item Information

  • Constructed from robust reinforced steel for unparalleled durability.
  • Prominent yellow powder finish ensures high visibility.
  • Integrated leakproof 45L sump for efficient spill containment.
  • Strengthened doors enhanced with steel bracing for added security.
  • Multi-point locking mechanism ensures superior protection.
  • Mastered locks provided with two keys for user convenience.
  • Includes three height-adjustable shelves for versatile storage options.
  • Maintains structural integrity even in challenging conditions.
  • Fully compliant with HSE Legislation HSG51 and DSEAR 2002.
  • Dimensions: 1830(H) x 1223(W) x 470(D) mm for spacious storage.
  • Features integrated 36L sump without compromising storage space.
  • Bright yellow colour ensures easy identification in busy settings.
Flammable Goods Cupboard

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Flammable Goods Cupboard

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Flammable Goods Cupboard
Flammable Goods Cupboard

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