Flammable Cupboard

30LSump1 Shelf
Flammable Cupboard
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Where Vigilance Meets Versatility

  • Safety Redefined: The Flammable Cupboard ensures a secure and compliant environment in schools, labs, and workshops with its advanced safety features and robust build.
  • Robust Construction: Made from reinforced steel with a standout yellow powder finish, this cabinet promises durability and high visibility for safer workspaces.
  • Spill Control Innovation: Equipped with a 30L leak proof sump, the Flammable Cupboard expertly contains spills, keeping your workspace clean and compliant with safety standards.
  • Reinforced Security: Strengthened doors with steel bracing ensure your chemicals are stored safely, providing peace of mind against break-ins and accidents.
  • Advanced Locking System: Featuring a multi-point locking mechanism and mastered locks, this cabinet offers unrivalled security for sensitive and dangerous materials.
  • Adaptable Storage: Includes a height-adjustable shelf, catering to diverse storage needs. This flexibility makes it perfect for various types of chemical containers.
  • Weathering the Storm: Designed to maintain structural integrity under adverse conditions, this cabinet is a stalwart guardian for your hazardous materials.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Fully compliant with HSE Legislation HSG51 and DSEAR 2002, ensuring your storage practices meet the highest safety and legal standards.
  • Perfect Dimensions: Measuring 710(H) x 918(W) x 470(D) mm, the Flammable Cupboard fits seamlessly into diverse environments, optimising space without sacrificing safety.
Flammable Cupboard

Unlock a New Dimension of Safety

In the realms of safety and functionality, our Flammable Cupboard stands in a league of its own. Meticulously constructed from reinforced steel, it wears a prominent yellow powder finish, instantly drawing attention while seamlessly blending into any environment. The bright yellow hue isn’t just for show; it serves the vital purpose of ensuring visibility from a distance, thereby accentuating safety.

But the cupboard’s merits extend far beyond its aesthetic appeal. Integrated with a leak proof 30L sump and strengthened doors bolstered with steel bracing, it epitomises durability and reliability. This cupboard isn’t just a storage unit; it’s a guardian, protecting your workspace and employees from the potential perils posed by chemical hazards.

Yellow Fortress

Constructed from reinforced steel, our Flammable Cupboard offers unparalleled resilience. This robust material ensures that the cupboard can withstand not only daily wear and tear but also more significant challenges, from impacts to potential chemical interactions. This durable foundation promises longevity, making it a reliable choice for those keen on a lasting investment.

But it's not all about ruggedness. The prominent yellow powder finish adds a touch of vibrancy to this sturdy construction. More than just an aesthetic choice, this bright hue plays a pivotal role in safety. It ensures that the cupboard stands out, making it easily identifiable even in bustling environments like workshops, labs, or educational institutions.

Flammable Cupboard
Flammable Cupboard

Guardian of the Spills

At the heart of our Flammable Cupboard lies an integrated, leak proof 30L sump. This feature ensures that in the unlikely event of a spill or a leak within the cupboard, the contents are safely contained within this reservoir. This pivotal design element eliminates the risk of hazardous chemicals spreading, thereby offering an extra layer of protection for both the environment and the individuals in proximity.

The significance of the sump cannot be overstated. It acts as a silent sentinel, always prepared to catch and contain, giving users peace of mind. Whether you're in a busy laboratory, a bustling workshop, or even an educational setting, the presence of this sump ensures that unexpected spills do not turn into major incidents. It's not just about storage; it's about ensuring safety, cleanliness, and preserving the integrity of your workspace.

Flammable Cupboard

Overall Dimensions

Height Height 710 mm
Width Width 918 mm
Length Depth 470 mm
WEIGHT Weight 36 kg

Doors of Distinction

Our Flammable Cupboard's doors aren't just mere entry points; they're fortresses in their own right. Specifically crafted with steel bracing, these strengthened doors guarantee that whatever lies within remains shielded from external pressures. This meticulous design choice means that these doors resist warping, bending, or any potential damage, ensuring that the integrity of the stored contents remains uncompromised.

The reinforced doors symbolise more than just physical strength. They epitomise the commitment to safety and protection that this cupboard stands for. In environments where chemicals and hazardous materials are stored, the door often serves as the first line of defence against accidents or unauthorised access.

Flammable Cupboard
Flammable Cupboard

Lock in Safety

In the world of protective storage, a lock isn't just a lock—it's the guardian of what's inside. Our Flammable Cupboard is equipped with a sophisticated multi-point locking mechanism, ensuring multiple secure points of engagement. This isn't merely about keeping contents from falling out; it's about providing an unwavering barrier against potential threats, be it accidental breaches or intentional tampering.

But the safety story doesn't end there. Paired with secure locks, users are granted a level of security that’s a cut above the rest. Every lock is crafted with precision, and with the accompanying set of keys, one gains access to a realm of uncompromised safety. Whether safeguarding precious research, or potentially hazardous materials, this combination of multi-point locking and masterful design promises absolute peace of mind.

Dynamic Storage

Every workspace, every laboratory, every school has its unique storage demands. Recognising this diversity, our Flammable Cupboard is thoughtfully fitted with a height-adjustable shelf, bringing adaptability right to your fingertips. Whether storing tall containers, stacked materials, or an assortment of tools, the power to modify and mould your storage space is just a simple adjustment away.

This feature is more than a nod to flexibility; it's an ode to efficiency. An adjustable shelf means you're not bound by a one-size-fits-all approach. It empowers users to optimise their storage, ensuring that every inch of space is used to its fullest potential. In a world where efficiency is paramount, this cupboard steps up, letting you tailor your storage space according to the ever-evolving demands of your environment.

Flammable Cupboard
Flammable Cupboard

Unyielding Under Pressure

The world of storage, especially for potentially hazardous materials, is no place for fragility. Our Flammable Cupboard is a beacon of resilience, meticulously designed to maintain its structural integrity, even when faced with adverse conditions. Be it unexpected impacts, weighty storage, or environmental challenges, this cupboard stands tall, ensuring that its protective shell remains undeterred and unbroken.

The significance of such steadfast design cannot be understated. In environments where safety is paramount, knowing that your storage solution won't buckle under pressure offers invaluable peace of mind. This cupboard isn’t merely a place to store items—it's a sanctuary of protection.

Safety Standards, Exemplified

In the intricate landscape of storage solutions, adhering to safety legislation isn’t just a nod to formality—it's an unwavering commitment to user protection. Our Flammable Cupboard doesn’t merely meet these standards; it stands in full compliance with HSE Legislation HSG51 and DSEAR 2002.

This feature underscores more than just rule adherence; it echoes a deeper responsibility towards our users. When you invest in our cupboard, you're investing in a product that’s been rigorously tested and validated against some of the most stringent safety standards in the industry. This means you're not just buying a storage solution; you're securing a peace of mind, knowing that your choice is backed by recognised safety assurances.

Flammable Cupboard

Item Information

  • Constructed from robust reinforced steel with a yellow powder finish
  • Features integrated leak proof 30L sump for spill containment
  • Doors strengthened using steel bracing for enhanced durability
  • Employs multi-point locking mechanism for optimal security
  • Supplied with secured locks and two accompanying keys
  • Adjustable height shelf caters to diverse storage requirements
  • Maintains structural integrity during adverse conditions
  • Compliant with HSE Legislation HSG51 and DSEAR 2002
  • Dimensions: 710(H) x 918(W) x 470(D) mm
  • Total storage includes an adjustable shelf and 30L sump
  • Presented in a prominent and visible yellow colour
  • Suitable for schools, laboratories, workshops, and more
Flammable Cupboard

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Flammable Cupboard

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Flammable Cupboard
Flammable Cupboard

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