Replacement PVC Strips
Replacement PVC Strips
Replacement PVC Strips
Replacement PVC Strips
Replacement PVC Strips
Replacement PVC Strips

Replacement PVC Strips

  • Replacement PVC strips for repairs to existing curtains / doors
  • Clear PVC
  • Supplied in rolls
  • Simply cut to required strip length using a sharp stanley knife or similar
  • For colour PVC Strips please call us for a quote
3-5 working days


3-5 working days


1 year parts / labour

Product Variations

Code: WPX39518
PVC Size (mm): 200(W) x 2(D) Roll Length (metres): 50 Price: £246.00 £123.00
Code: WPX39519
PVC Size (mm): 300(W) x 3(D) Roll Length (metres): 50 Price: £546.00 £273.00
Code: WPX39516
PVC Size (mm): 1000(W) x 2(D) Roll Length (metres): 20 Price: £897.00 £448.50
Code: WPX39520
PVC Size (mm): 400(W) x 4(D) Roll Length (metres): 50 Price: £1,000.00 £500.00
Code: WPX39517
PVC Size (mm): 1200(W) x 2(D) Roll Length (metres): 20 Price: £1,041.00 £520.50

Replacement PVC Strips

PVC curtains can prove useful at a variety of commercial and industrial locations. Not only do these units provide an energy-efficient way to regulate temperatures and noise at a worksite, but they do so while giving pedestrians and vehicles an easy way to access the location. Though most of these curtains are designed to withstand years of heavy use, strips can wear out overtime or be pulled off in some instances. The Workplace Depot offers high-quality replacement PVC strips to help keep any curtain in working order.

What is The Purpose of Replacement PVC Strips?

Whether they’re used for external doors, internal doors, freezers, loading zones, or any other location, PVC curtains can prove to be an economical way to boost productivity and professionalism at any worksite. When a strip becomes detached, many think that the entire curtain must be replaced. However, replacement PVC strips are easy to install and can help restore any curtain to a fully-operational state.

Where Can This Product be Used?

Shipping yards, construction companies, food warehouses, laboratories, and numerous other industrial locations utilize PVC curtains to partition off certain areas without slowing access to them. At any of these locations, a strip can become detached from a curtain due to heavy traffic over a long period of time. Replacement strips are a good idea to keep on hand at any location so that a curtain can be quickly repaired as needed.

Who Might Use This Product?

Anyone who works at a facility where PVC curtains are used should have replacement strips on hand. PVC curtains are very durable, but sometimes strips can be accidently pulled down by vehicles or carts. Anyone who owns a company that uses these curtains should keep replacement strips on hand in case this occurs.

Additional Product Information and Specifications

These clear strips are supplied in rolls and they can be cut and installed very simply, and colour versions are also available. We will match any price, so contact us for PVC replacement strips today!

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