Single Drum Clamp
Double Drum Clamp
Drum Clamps Fork Lift Attachment
Single Drum Clamp
Double Drum Clamp
Drum Clamps Fork Lift Attachment

Drum Clamps Fork Lift Attachment

  •  Single & double clamps for 210 litre steel drums
  •  Drums are lifted with rolling hoops
  • Secured onto forks by “T” bar clamping screws
  • Double clamp can lift one or two drums
  • The jaws of the clamp automatically close & open as the drum is raised and lowered to the fl oor
  • Fork pocket – 170 x 50mm
  • Maximum load – single : 500kg, double : 1000kg
  • Powder coated orange
5 working days


5 working days


1 year parts / labour

Product Variations

Code: MDC1C Description: Single Drum Clamp Dimensions (mm): 580(W) x 840(L) x 110(H) Weight (kg): 27 Price: £335.00 £328.30
Code: MDC2C Description: Double Drum Clamp Dimensions (mm): 1220(W) x 1070(L) x 140(H) Weight (kg): 48 Price: £457.00 £447.86

Drum Clamps Fork Lift Attachment

What Is The Purpose Of The Drum Clamps Forklift Attachment?

Manufactured right here in the UK, this forklift attachment is the perfect way to handle 210 litre steel drums with ease. Barrels can be a handful and can easily tumble off trolleys. They can also be extremely difficult to stack and move. With this ingenious attachment, the drum clamps latch onto the 210 Litre barrel and safely carry it to and fro, with no hassle or extra effort. Simply slide the attachment onto your existing forklift tines and give the T-clamps a spin to clamp down onto the tines. The clamp will automatically open and close upon lowering and lifting the barrel.

Secured directly onto the rolling hoops of the barrel, the clamp will safely deal with the contents of nearly any barrel. You can also attach the double barrel option for two barrel at a time control. Ensure that the pocket of 170 x 50mm can match your existing forklift, and you’ll be transporting the barrels across your warehouse floor quickly and easily. 

Where Can The Drum Clamps Forklift Attachment Be Used?

If your warehouse deals with the delivery of liquid goods in steel barrels, you’ll need an easy way to transport the 210 Litre barrels. Any chemical warehouse, farming equipment store, oil refinery, or large-scale factory floor can make use of the drum clamp forklift attachment. Add the double barrel attachment to double the rate of work you can accomplish.

Who Might Use The Drum Clamps Forklift Attachment?

Drivers will easily be able to add on this attachment as soon as a delivery of steel barrels comes. Delivery drivers will benefit from the rapid shifting and automatic clamp attachment this allows. Any warehouse owner dealing with large quantities of liquid goods will find a great benefit in these drum clamps.

Drum Clamps Forklift Attachment Specifications

  • Powder coated orange.

  • Lifting capacity of 500kg for one barrel, 1000kg for double clamps attachment.

  • Opens and closes upon lifting and lowering of forklift.

  • Works with all standard sized 210 Litre barrels.

  • Fork pocket of 170x50mm.

  • Manufactured in the UK.

  • 1 year warranty on all parts and labour.

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