Pallet Trolley

KG2500Nylon Wheel
Pallet Trolley
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Mastering Movements, Maximising Potential

  • Revolutionary Warehouse Partner: The Pallet Trolley, expertly designed for efficient and effortless warehouse and heavy-duty task management.
  • Mighty Load Master: Exceptional Load Capacity, expertly handles up to 2500 kg, revolutionising heavy-duty warehouse operations with unparalleled strength.
  • Effortless Hydraulic Power: Hydraulic Pump Operation, functioning without electricity for seamless, low-maintenance warehouse workflow, enhancing efficiency.
  • Comfort in Control: Ergonomic Grip, meticulously designed for comfort and ease, making pallet handling a breeze and reducing physical strain.
  • Adaptive Fork Excellence: Versatile Fork Design, with dimensions of 1200(L) x 155(W) mm, offering a low height of 80mm and a lift height of up to 190mm.
  • Seamless Handling Precision: Three-Position Trigger, featuring Lift, Lower, and Neutral options, ensures smooth and precise pallet manipulation for every task.
  • Durability Redefined: Corrosion Resistant with a powder coating finish, guaranteeing enhanced longevity and resilience in demanding warehouse environments.
  • Easy Assembly: The handle requires assembly to the body. A helpful video guide ensures quick installation.
  • Perfectly Sized for Performance: Dimensions of 1230(H) x 555(W) x 1540(D) mm, tailored for optimal balance and usability in diverse warehouse settings.
Pallet Trolley

Empower Your Workspace

Discover the game-changer in warehouse and workplace efficiency: the Pallet Trolley. This manual pallet truck trolley is not just a tool but a revolutionary asset designed to streamline operations, enhance safety, and boost productivity in any setting. Tailored for professionals seeking reliability and efficiency, it embodies a solution-oriented approach to modern workplace challenges.

Crafted with precision, the Pallet Trolley stands as a testament to innovation and user-centric design. Its integration into your workflow promises not only to transform the way tasks are approached but also to instil confidence in handling intensive warehouse activities. Experience a new era of operational excellence and workplace safety with this indispensable ally.

Heavy-Duty Capability

The strength of the Pallet Trolley lies in its exceptional load capacity. Capable of handling up to 2500 kg, it is the quintessential partner for heavy-duty warehouse tasks. This remarkable capacity allows for the efficient movement of large volumes, ensuring that even the heaviest loads are transported safely and effortlessly across your workspace.

Incorporating this powerhouse into your operations means tasks are completed more quickly and with less effort. The Pallet Trolley is designed to meet the demands of any busy environment, proving indispensable in scenarios where strength and durability are paramount. Shift your focus from the challenge of moving heavy items to the ease with which they can be managed, thanks to this robust tool.

Pallet Trolley
Pallet Trolley

Effortless Operation

The hydraulic pump operation of the Pallet Trolley sets a new standard for efficiency and ease. Operating without electricity, this feature ensures the trolley is not only eco-friendly but also remarkably low in maintenance. The absence of electrical components means fewer breakdowns and a significant reduction in upkeep costs, making it a cost-effective solution for your business.

This manual approach to pallet handling is not just about saving on expenses; it's about providing reliable and consistent performance. The hydraulic system offers smooth and effortless lifting, reducing the physical strain on operators and enhancing overall productivity. Embrace the simplicity and effectiveness of this design for a streamlined, more manageable workflow.

Pallet Trolley

Overall Dimensions


Comfortable Control

In the demanding environment of a warehouse, the comfort and ease of your equipment are not just luxuries, they are essential. The Pallet Trolley addresses this need head-on with its Ergonomic Grip, a feature thoughtfully designed to enhance user comfort during pallet handling. This grip is more than a handle; it's a carefully crafted touchpoint that reduces strain and fatigue, enabling operators to work more efficiently and comfortably over extended periods.

The significance of an ergonomic grip extends beyond mere comfort. It plays a crucial role in reducing the risk of repetitive strain injuries, a common concern in warehouse operations. By providing a grip that naturally aligns with the user's hand, the Pallet Trolley ensures that each movement is as safe as it is effortless. This focus on ergonomics demonstrates a commitment to not only the efficiency but also the wellbeing of the workforce.

Pallet Trolley
Pallet Trolley

Adaptable Fork Design

The Pallet Trolley's fork design is a testament to its versatility and thoughtfulness. Measuring 1200mm in length and 155mm in width, with a range from a lowered height of 80mm to a lift height of up to 190mm, these forks accommodate a wide array of pallet sizes and weights. This adaptability ensures that regardless of the task at hand, the Manual Pallet Truck Trolley stands ready to tackle it with ease and efficiency.

The design's inherent versatility translates to reduced time and effort in pallet handling, streamlining operations and boosting productivity. Whether loading or unloading, the Pallet Trolley adapts to your needs, ensuring a seamless fit into your daily operations. This feature underscores our commitment to creating solutions that meet the diverse demands of modern workplaces.

Precise Control System

The three-position trigger of the Pallet Trolley exemplifies the blend of simplicity and efficiency. Offering Lift, Lower, and Neutral options, this control system ensures smooth operation for all users. The ease of switching between modes allows for precise handling, reducing the likelihood of strain or injury and contributing to a safer work environment.

This level of control not only enhances safety but also improves operational efficiency. Users can seamlessly transition between different tasks, allowing for uninterrupted workflow and increased productivity. The inclusion of this intuitive control mechanism demonstrates our dedication to providing ergonomic and user-friendly solutions in the manual handling sector.

Pallet Trolley
Pallet Trolley

Durability Enhanced

Durability is at the forefront of the Pallet Trolley's design, highlighted by its corrosion-resistant features. The powder coating finish not only adds a layer of protection against wear and tear but also extends the lifespan of the trolley. This resilience ensures that the Manual Pallet Truck Trolley remains a reliable component of your operational arsenal for years to come.

The importance of a long-lasting, maintenance-free tool cannot be overstated in demanding warehouse environments. The corrosion-resistant design means less downtime and reduced replacement costs, directly contributing to a more cost-effective and efficient operation. Investing in this trolley means investing in the future of your business, with the assurance of enduring quality and performance.

Enhanced Manoeuvrability

The wide steering angle of the Pallet Trolley is a feature designed with tight spaces in mind. This capability allows for easy rotation and precise manoeuvring, making it an ideal choice for environments where space is at a premium. The enhanced manoeuvrability reduces the time and effort needed to position and move loads, thereby optimising operational flow and safety.

This wide steering angle not only makes navigation through cramped areas easier but also significantly reduces the risk of accidents and damage to goods. The Manual Pallet Truck Trolley is thus not just a tool but a solution designed to meet the complex challenges of modern warehouse and storage facilities, ensuring that your operations remain smooth, safe, and efficient.

Pallet Trolley

Choose Your Perfect Wheels

The perfect wheels can make all the difference in your workplace efficiency. Whether your operations take place on rugged terrain or sleek warehouse floors, we've got you covered. Let’s break down your options, ensuring you make an informed choice that aligns with your specific needs.

Pallet Trolley


For those navigating tougher terrains, the Nylon Wheels offer an unmatched blend of durability and resilience. Slightly marking but significantly harder wearing, these wheels are designed to withstand the challenges of rough surfaces.

Pallet Trolley


Emphasising lightness and care for your floors, the Polypropylene Wheels are the go-to choice for operations on smoother surfaces. These wheels are celebrated for their non-marking nature, ensuring your floors stay pristine.

Pallet Trolley


The PU (Polyurethane) Wheels are the all-rounders, providing a perfect balance between softness and durability. Mimicking rubber in grip and softness, yet boasting superb durability, these wheels excel on all types of terrain.

Item Information

  • Load capacity up to 2500 kg for heavy-duty warehouse tasks
  • Hydraulic pump operation eliminates the need for electrical power
  • Ergonomic grip design enhances comfort and operational ease
  • Fork dimensions: 1200(L) x 155(W) mm, versatile for various pallets
  • Lowered height of 80mm, lift height up to 190mm for flexibility
  • Features three-position trigger: Lift, Lower, Neutral for smooth operation
  • Powder coating finish ensures corrosion resistance and longevity
  • Wide steering angle for improved manoeuvrability in tight spaces
  • Overall dimensions: 1230(H) x 555(W) x 1540(D) mm
  • Nylon wheel type with 180 mm diameter for smooth movement
  • Total weight of 64.7 kg, balancing durability and portability
  • Simple Assembly: Handle requires assembly to body, instruction video available
Pallet Trolley

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Pallet Trolley

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Pallet Trolley
Pallet Trolley

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