Cage Trolley

Cage Trolley
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Manoeuvre With Might

  • Robust Workhorse: The Cage Trolley: Tailored for rigorous use across various industries, ensuring efficiency with a robust design and versatile applications.
  • Herculean Strength: Engineered to Endure: Boasting a 500kg load capacity, this trolley stands as the pinnacle of reliability for your most demanding storage and transport needs.
  • Access Simplified: Two-Way Convenience: This innovative two-sided access design ensures that no item is out of reach, streamlining your operations with unparalleled ease.
  • Enduring Elegance: Rust-Proof Excellence: With its zinc plated mesh finish, the trolley resists corrosion, maintaining its aesthetic appeal in harsh conditions over time.
  • Compact & Collapsible: Space-Saving Genius: Optimise your space with this demountable storage solution, perfectly designed to navigate and thrive in restricted areas.
  • Hygiene Hero: Easy-Clean Framework: Promoting cleanliness, the trolley's hygienic frame is ideal for environments requiring regular steam cleaning or pressure washing.
  • Customisable Capacity: Versatile Shelving Options: Adapt the trolley to your unique needs with up to four mesh shelves, ensuring a place for everything and everything in its place.
  • Glide with Ease: Precision Castors: Navigate with confidence; smooth running wheeled castors provide stability and protect floors, allowing for seamless movement through your workspace.
  • Perfect Proportions: Measured to Perfection: Sized at 1710(H) x 710(W) x 800(D) mm, the Cage Trolley offers ample space without compromising on manoeuvrability.
Cage Trolley

Elevate Your Storage Experience

In the realm of efficient storage and transport solutions, the Cage Trolley emerges as a game-changer. Designed to seamlessly integrate strength with sophistication, it represents the zenith of functionality, catering to both demanding tasks and professional aesthetics.

With its unrivalled 500kg load capacity, dual-access design, and rust-resistant finish, it promises unparalleled durability without compromising on style. From critical environments like healthcare facilities to bustling commercial establishments, the Cage Trolley adapts, ensuring effortless operation and an enduring appeal. Experience a storage solution that truly understands and elevates your needs.

Unyielding Strength

The Cage Trolley stands as a testament to what happens when meticulous engineering meets unwavering dedication to quality. With the capability to securely hold and transport a whopping 500kg, it not only outshines many contenders in the market but also assures users of its steadfast reliability. No matter the task, be it storing heavy equipment, shifting hefty inventory, or handling dense goods, this trolley remains unyielding.

Such high durability not only streamlines operations but also instils a sense of confidence in its users. Businesses can trust in the Cage Trolley's consistency, knowing that when it claims to bear weight, it does so with an integrity that's hard to match. It's more than just a trolley—it's a commitment to efficiency, strength, and reliability.

Cage Trolley
Cage Trolley

Dual-Access Brilliance

At the heart of the Cage Trolley's design lies an intuitive feature: the two-sided access. This isn't merely a structural addition—it's a thoughtfully planned attribute that caters to the dynamic needs of businesses. Whether it's the hustle of a bustling warehouse or the meticulous order of a retail environment, having access from both sides streamlines operations and reduces time spent on tasks.

Such a design serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it guarantees quick retrieval of items, ensuring that users don't have to navigate around or reposition the trolley for optimum access. Secondly, it enhances safety, minimising the need for excessive lifting or awkward positioning to reach goods. In essence, the Cage Trolley's two-sided design epitomises efficiency, making every interaction swift, seamless, and secure.

Cage Trolley

Overall Dimensions


Enduring Elegance

The Cage Trolley isn't just built to perform—it's crafted to look the part for years to come. Central to its enduring appeal is its rust-proof zinc-plated mesh finish. This isn’t a mere cosmetic enhancement; it's a shield against the elements, ensuring that your trolley remains free from corrosion, wear, and the unsightly blemishes that often plague less robust alternatives.

Such a finish speaks volumes about the product's commitment to longevity. In environments where moisture and wear are common adversaries, the Cage Trolley stands resilient, retaining its pristine appearance and structural integrity. This ensures not only a long product lifespan but also upholds the professional image of the establishments it graces. In essence, with the Cage Trolley, you invest in a product that remains as dependable in function as it is consistent in form.

Cage Trolley
Cage Trolley

Compact Genius

Space is often a luxury in many commercial environments, and the Cage Trolley recognises this essential need. Crafted innovatively, its dismountable design ensures that it effortlessly fits into tight spaces, making it a beacon of adaptability. Whether you're working within the confines of a compact storeroom or navigating a bustling workspace, this trolley promises to seamlessly blend in without consuming undue space.

But it's not just about being compact—it's about maximising utility without compromise. While it saves on space, its design does not skimp on storage capacity. This ensures that even in the most restricted areas, users get a storage solution that's efficient, effective, and incredibly accommodating. With the Cage Trolley, embrace a product that understands and addresses the spatial challenges of modern businesses.

Pristine Cleanliness

In today's demanding environments, cleanliness isn't just a luxury—it's a necessity. Recognising this pivotal need, the Cage Trolley steps up with a hygienic frame design, meticulously crafted to uphold the highest standards of sanitation. This isn't just about surface-level aesthetics; it's a commitment to providing a product that effortlessly meets the rigorous cleanliness requirements of diverse sectors.

The trolley's frame not only resists the usual culprits of dirt and grime but is also perfectly suited for thorough cleaning methods. Whether you opt for steam cleaning or prefer pressure washing, this trolley accommodates your cleaning regime without a hitch. Such adaptability makes it an invaluable asset, especially in critical environments like healthcare or food preparation, where hygiene cannot be compromised.

Cage Trolley
Cage Trolley

Tailored Storage

In the world of storage solutions, one size rarely fits all. Acknowledging this, the Cage Trolley brings to the fore a design that can be seamlessly tailored to individual requirements. Its ability to accommodate up to 4 mesh shelves means that users can customise their storage experience, ensuring a precise fit for their diverse needs, be it volume or item variety.

These mesh shelves aren't just about quantity; they epitomise quality and thoughtful design. The mesh construction ensures easy visibility, enhancing item retrieval and inventory management. Moreover, it provides ample ventilation, making it ideal for a variety of products, especially those that require consistent airflow.

Glide with Ease

Navigating the busy corridors of workspaces or the tight aisles of storage rooms demands more than just robust storage—it demands mobility that's seamless. The Cage Trolley rises to this challenge with its smooth-running wheeled castors, ensuring every movement is not only efficient but also effortlessly graceful. Whether it's transporting hefty loads or making tight turns, these castors guarantee a fluid experience.

Beyond mere movement, these wheeled castors offer a peace of mind. They've been meticulously designed to reduce the wear and tear on floor surfaces, ensuring that while your goods move with ease, your floors remain pristine. Moreover, the combination of fixed and swivel castors offers a blend of stability and flexibility. With the Cage Trolley, you're not just moving items—you're elevating the entire transport experience.

Cage Trolley

Item Information

  • Load capacity up to 500kg: designed for hefty tasks
  • Rust-proof zinc-plated mesh finish ensures long lifespan
  • Two-sided access: swift and efficient item retrieval
  • Dismountable design: space-saving for restricted areas
  • Hygienic frame: suitable for steam cleaning or pressure washing
  • Up to 4 mesh shelves: customisable storage options
  • Wheeled castors: 2 fixed, 2 swivel for optimal manoeuvrability
  • Dimensions: 1710(H) x 710(W) x 800(D) mm—compact yet spacious
Cage Trolley

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Cage Trolley

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Cage Trolley
Cage Trolley

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