Garden Trolley Cart

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  • Meet the Garden Trolley Cart: A versatile, heavy-duty cart ideal for gardens, warehouses, and uneven terrains, enhancing your transport efficiency and ease.
  • Effortless Control and Safety: Designed with ergonomics in mind, this cart offers a secure grip, greatly reducing the risk of strain and injury during use.
  • 250mm Off-Road Tires: Equipped to conquer any challenge, these large tires ensure stable and reliable performance on even the most rugged and uneven surfaces.
  • 200kg Weight Capacity: Built for strength, our cart confidently handles heavy-duty loads up to 200kg, making it a robust choice for demanding tasks.
  • Anti-Friction Turntable Steering: Engineered for precision, this feature enables smooth and accurate navigation, simplifying your manoeuvres in tight spaces and corners.
  • Solid Metal Frame: The foundation of durability, this strong metal frame promises long-lasting resilience and unwavering support under heavy loads.
  • Ergonomic Handles and T-Handle Pull Bar: Focused on user comfort, these features allow for easy and comfortable manoeuvrability, even when the cart is fully loaded.
  • Professional Powder Coating: More than just an aesthetic touch, this coating offers superior scratch and rust resistance, ensuring your cart withstands the test of time.
  • Spacious and Compact: Measuring 510(H) x 490(W) x 890(D) mm, this trolley is spacious and compact enough for easy storage and navigation.
Garden Trolley Cart

Effortless and Efficient Load Transportation

Embark on a journey of ease and efficiency with the Garden Trolley Cart, a game-changer in the realm of heavy-duty transport. Meticulously designed to handle the toughest of tasks, this cart is an indispensable ally for anyone needing to move heavy loads, be it in a lush garden, a bustling warehouse, or across rugged terrains. It's not just a trolley; it's a robust partner that promises to transform your hauling experience.

What sets the Garden Trolley Cart apart is its fusion of strength, versatility, and user-centric design. Its substantial 200kg weight capacity and off-road ready 250mm tires mean that no terrain is too challenging and no load too daunting. With its ergonomic features and advanced engineering, the Garden Trolley Cart doesn’t just transport your goods – it does so with an unmatched level of ease and safety, ensuring a smooth and effortless experience every time.

Seamless Handling 

Navigate with unparalleled ease and confidence using the Garden Trolley Cart, where effortless control meets top-tier safety. This cart is thoughtfully designed with ergonomics at its core, featuring a grip that ensures a secure and comfortable hold. This design significantly reduces the risk of strain and injury, a common concern in manual load transportation.

The significance of this feature extends beyond mere convenience; it is a testament to the commitment towards user well-being and efficiency. By minimising the physical exertion typically associated with hauling heavy loads, the Garden Trolley Cart empowers users to undertake their tasks with increased safety and reduced fatigue. This focus on ergonomic design not only enhances the user experience but also contributes to the longevity and productivity of the workday. 

Garden Trolley Cart
Garden Trolley Cart

Heavy-Duty Hero

Step up to the challenge of heavy loads with the Garden Trolley Cart, boasting a formidable 200kg weight capacity. This powerhouse of a trolley is engineered to support and transport substantial loads with ease and reliability. Whether it's hefty gardening supplies, bulky warehouse items, or large outdoor equipment, the trolley's robust build ensures that it can handle it all. This feature is a testament to its strength and resilience, making it an essential tool for those who regularly face the challenge of moving heavy items.

The significance of this high weight capacity is twofold: it not only enables the transportation of heavier loads in one go, thus increasing efficiency and saving time, but it also ensures stability and safety during transit. The robust design minimises the risk of tipping or damage, both to the cart and the load it carries. For professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, the Garden Trolley Cart’s 200kg weight capacity means fewer trips.

Garden Trolley Cart

Overall Dimensions

MESH MESH 45 x 36 mm
Garden Trolley Cart

Tough Terrain, No Problem

Conquer any landscape with the Garden Trolley Cart, equipped with robust 250mm off-road tires designed for resilience and adaptability. These large, durable tires are the heart of the cart's capability to effortlessly tackle challenging terrains. Whether you're navigating through rocky garden paths, uneven warehouse floors, or muddy fields, these tires provide the stability and traction needed for smooth and reliable transportation of heavy loads. 

The importance of these off-road tires extends beyond their rugged appearance; they are a crucial component in ensuring the longevity and versatility of the cart. With these tires, the Garden Trolley Cart transcends the limitations of standard trolleys, offering users the freedom to move across diverse environments without the worry of getting stuck or damaging their cargo. This adaptability makes the cart an invaluable tool for a wide range of applications, from gardening and landscaping to construction and industrial tasks. 

Navigate with Precision

Master the art of manoeuvrability with the Garden Trolley Cart, equipped with an innovative anti-friction turntable steering system. This cutting-edge feature is the key to the trolley's exceptionally smooth movement and precise navigation, even when fully loaded. Whether you're weaving through narrow garden paths, making tight turns in a crowded warehouse, or steering across uneven outdoor terrains, the turntable steering ensures your movements are controlled and effortless. 

The importance of the anti-friction turntable steering extends beyond its immediate ease of use. It plays a crucial role in reducing the physical effort required to operate the cart, thereby minimising fatigue and strain for the user. This enhances not only the efficiency of task completion but also ensures a safer handling experience. The precision steering significantly decreases the likelihood of mishaps or accidents caused by unwieldy movements.

Garden Trolley Cart
Garden Trolley Cart

Built to Last

Experience the enduring reliability of the Garden Trolley Cart, fortified with a solid metal frame designed for ultimate durability and strength. This robust construction is the backbone of the cart, ensuring it stands up to the rigours of heavy-duty use day in and day out. Whether you're transporting heavy garden waste, large tools, or bulky goods, the sturdy frame provides the essential support and stability needed. 

The significance of a solid metal frame extends beyond its immediate robustness. It’s a promise of longevity, reducing the need for frequent replacements or repairs. This durability is especially crucial in challenging environments where lesser materials might succumb to wear and tear. The solid frame also contributes to the overall safety of the cart, ensuring it remains steady and secure under heavy loads, thereby minimising the risk of accidents or damage. 

Ease in Every Move

Transform your hauling experience with the Garden Trolley Cart, featuring ergonomically designed handles and a T-Handle pull bar that redefine comfort in manoeuvrability. These user-friendly components are tailored to fit the natural contours of your hands, ensuring a comfortable grip even during extended use. The thoughtful placement of the handles and pull bar allows for a variety of handling positions, accommodating different heights and preferences.

The importance of ergonomic design in the handles and pull bar goes beyond mere comfort. It’s about creating a harmonious interaction between the user and the cart, fostering efficient and effortless movement. This feature is especially beneficial in reducing the physical stress associated with transporting heavy loads, thus minimising the risk of fatigue and injury. 

Garden Trolley Cart
Garden Trolley Cart

Enduring Elegance

Embrace the resilience of the Garden Trolley Cart, enhanced with a professional powder coating that brings a new standard to durability. This specialised coating is meticulously applied to shield the cart from scratches and rust, ensuring that it retains its pristine appearance and functionality over time. Whether it's facing the daily wear and tear of garden work, enduring the harsh conditions of a construction site, or simply weathering the elements outdoors..

The significance of this feature is profound, not just in maintaining the cart's aesthetic appeal but also in safeguarding its structural integrity. By preventing rust and corrosion, the powder coating extends the lifespan of the cart, making it a reliable, long-term investment for your work or home projects. This added layer of durability means less maintenance and fewer concerns about damage, letting you focus on the task at hand with confidence. 

Item Information

  • Ergonomic design for secure grip, reducing strain and injury risk.
  • 250mm off-road tires for stable performance on uneven terrain.
  • High 200kg weight capacity, ideal for heavy-duty applications.
  • Anti-friction turntable steering for smooth, precise navigation.
  • Comfortable ergonomic handles and T-Handle pull bar for easy manoeuvrability.
  • Professional powder coating for scratch and rust resistance.
  • Dimensions: 510(H) x 490(W) x 890(D) mm, compact yet spacious.
  • Ideal for various terrains: gardens, warehouses, outdoor environments.
  • Low maintenance required, built to withstand environmental elements.
  • Advanced design for efficient navigation in tight spaces.
Garden Trolley Cart

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Garden Trolley Cart

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Garden Trolley Cart
Garden Trolley Cart

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