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Heavy Duty Safety Steps

58 series mobile safety steps

58 series mobile safety steps

Mobile safety steps - 58 series




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£434.34Inc. VAT£361.95Ex. VAT
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Item Information

  • All welded steel construction mobile platform steps
  • Ideal warehouse steps, load tested to 225kg
  • All mobile steps have a safety toe plate on 3 sides of the platform
  • 560mm wide treads
  • Platform 585Lx610Wmm
  • Mobile safety steps locked through handrail mechanism
  • Rubber or punched metal treads
  • Please add 1500mm to the platform height of your chosen unit to obtain the average working height
  • Accessories available
  • All our portable steps are manufactured to order, therefore please check all dimensions thoroughly as we are unable to accept any returns
  • All of our steps can be bespoke made - please call our sales team on 0800 0126777

The Mobile Safety Steps have been load tested in 2018 by a UK specialist lifting equipment testing & design company who are members of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association. They were tested to a max. load of 225 KG evenly distributed on the platform applied using calibrated test weights. As far as we are aware, no other manufacturer tests to these vigorous standards.


Our Heavy Duty Mobile Safety Steps are British made from all-welded steel construction to industrial strength. They are a popular product for warehouses, industrial units, DIY stores etc. They can also be used for cleaning including for aircraft and lorries. They are available in a wide range of sizes and the treads or steps use punched steel to increase grip and to allow water to drain through them.

The popularity of this series of steps is due in part because they come in a version with rubberized treads and also partly due to the fact that they were featured so prominently in the 3 hour series finale of the seventh Doctor Who. That the Heavy Duty Mobile Safety Steps played such a prominent role in defeating those dreaded Daleks was just the icing on the cake.

The Mobile Safety Steps are British made from all-welded steel construction to industrial strength. They are a popular product for warehouses, industrial units, DIY stores etc. They can also be used for cleaning including for aircraft and lorries. They are available in a wide range of sizes and the treads or steps use punched steel to increase grip and to allow water to drain through. The kick plate meets gov’t safety requirements for raised platforms.

559mm wide steps all steel welded constructions. Platform measures 556 x 610. Wheel locking hand lever Rubber or punched metal treads 3-15 step models. Heights 1143-4343. For more details call the support line 0800 0126777 

What is the purpose of the Heavy Duty mobile safety steps?

When elevated access is required for any kind of maintenance, repair or other purpose, it is recommended that safety steps be used as secure alternatives to unsafe and unstable ladders. This product range provides elevation of up to 14 feet, which equates to a working height of about 17 to 18 feet. The platform is mobile and is built with a lever-controlled locking mechanism that provides stability while in use. For any job that requires employees to work at elevated heights above 5 feet, this product provides a way to get the job done in the safest way possible.

Where can the Heavy Duty mobile safety steps be used?

This product is ideal for any location where work is regularly carried out at an elevation above 5 feet or so. Various models are available, ranging from five steps to 15 – each providing the ideal elevation for various types of requirements. Primarily designed to facilitate safe elevation for maintenance work, this versatile product can be used in a number of settings – from warehouses to industrial sites to factories to hotels to libraries to any other location that requires such a product. The mobility of the unit makes it ideal to shift from one place to another, and the locking mechanism ensures that the unit does not move when someone is climbing it or working on it. This element of security presents an excellent working platform for the user. These steps can make an excellent alternative to performing jobs that step ladders may not quite reach, and provide the security similar to outdoor industrial scaffolding. Tasks in large scale environments can be made easy with these platform steps, such as on aircrafts or large boats. Safety Steps can make it easy for anyone to access platforms out of reach or too high for traditional folding ladders.

Who might use this product?

Any safety supervisor working in any domain – be it industrial, commercial or private – will find this to be an essential tool to possess. It is ideal for maintenance staff, stockers, HVAC technicians, electricians and many other professionals. The robust design ensures safety of employees and, therefore, is a product that must be considered by health and safety officers in any organization. This versatile product can be used by anyone who wants a safe way to climb up to an access point for any reason.

Heavy Duty Mobile Safety Steps - warranties, materials, legislation

The welded steel construction makes this a durable and safe product. Step options are available from 5 to 15 depending on the intended use and elevation requirement. The treads are available as punched metal or rubber for maximum traction while climbing. The top platform is barricaded for safety on three sides, and has kick-plates to prevent users from accidentally stepping off the platform. A hand-operated lever locks the mobile steps into position when required. This product has been rigorously tested for load-bearing capacity of up to 150kgs when weight is equally distributed on the treads and platform. It is manufactured in the UK and comes with a one-year parts and labour warranty.

Interesting facts about safety steps

Safety steps are known to be much safer than ladders because the side rails enable one-hand access when climbing. Ladders can be quite unstable, and this is why one person is usually required at the bottom to hold it steady for the user in cases where a locking mechanism is not available to hold the ladder in place. Most people are under the impression that Neil Armstrong’s “small step” was actually a jump from the landing module’s ladder to the moon’s surface. However, the truth is that he stepped off the ladder onto the footpad of the ladder’s leg; only then did he take what was really a “small step” onto the surface of the moon, making history.

  Warranty: 1 year parts / labour

Made in BritainMade in: Britain

Length (mm)1345
Width (mm)787
Height (mm)2093
Platform Height (mm)1143
Platform Length (mm)585
Platform Width (mm)610
Capacity (kg)150
FeaturesAll Welded Steel Construction
Lead Time5 working days
EAN / GTIN0723172215439

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