Racking Ladders

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Racking Ladders Redefine Elevation

  • Ascend with Assurance: The Racking Ladders Safety Step Ladder delivers unparalleled stability and a generous working height for diverse industrial applications.
  • Rugged Construction: Crafted from durable tubular steel with a solid, all-welded framework, ensuring lasting durability in rigorous work environments.
  • Reach New Heights: Featuring a 3750mm high platform for a working height of approximately 5250mm, making even the highest tasks accessible and safe.
  • Proven Durability: Each ladder is load tested to 300kg, providing a robust platform that supports you and your tools with absolute confidence.
  • Lock-in Safety: Equipped with a hand-operated locking mechanism, this ladder remains steadfast, offering a secure climb and peace of mind.
  • Support at Every Step: Gain secure access with ease, thanks to handrails on either side of the ladder, facilitating safe, one-hand climbing.
  • Intelligent Tread Design: Fifteen punched steel treads prevent water accumulation, ensuring reliable grip and safety in all weather conditions.
  • Seamless Mobility: Two integrated 200 x 50mm wheels enable easy transportation of the ladder across sites, saving time and effort.
  • Spacious and Secure: With dimensions of 4750(H) x 1320(W) x 2795(L) mm, the ladder provides ample space and stability for safe, comfortable working.
Racking Ladders

Elevate Your Standards with Racking Ladders

In the world of safety and efficiency, Racking Ladders stand unparalleled. Meticulously crafted in the UK, each ladder is a testament to robust design and innovative functionality, promising to redefine how professionals approach height-related tasks.

With its superior construction and unmatched features, Racking Ladders not only offer impressive height advantages but also instil confidence in every step taken. Whether you're in a bustling warehouse or a meticulous food industry setting, embrace a ladder experience that promises stability, versatility, and unparalleled safety. Welcome to the pinnacle of ladder innovation.

The Backbone of Racking Ladders

At the heart of the Racking Ladders lies its remarkable construction: rugged tubular steel. This material choice isn't by accident; it's a deliberate nod to enduring strength and resilience. Tubular steel, renowned for its sturdiness, ensures that the ladder remains steadfast under various conditions, offering a level of dependability that professionals can bank on.

Furthermore, the all-welded framework amplifies the ladder's structural integrity. Every joint, every connection, has been meticulously welded to offer a cohesive and unyielding structure. This fusion not only enhances durability but also guarantees long-term performance, ensuring that the Racking Ladders are not just a purchase but a lasting investment in safety and efficiency.

Racking Ladders
Racking Ladders

A Platform Like No Other

In the realm of ladders, height and safety often walk hand in hand. The Racking Ladders proudly showcase a 3750mm high platform, an elevation that's not just about reaching higher places, but doing so with unwavering confidence. This distinct height advantage ensures that users can comfortably access elevated spots, broadening the scope of tasks they can undertake with ease.

What truly sets this ladder apart, however, is its effective working height of approximately 5250mm. This means that when standing on the platform, users can safely and conveniently reach up to this height. Whether it's accessing top-shelf inventory, undertaking maintenance work, or managing overhead tasks, this remarkable height provision ensures that users can perform their duties without the need for constant repositioning, resulting in enhanced efficiency and safety.

Racking Ladders

Overall Dimensions


Unyielding Strength

A ladder's value is often measured by its reliability under weight, and the Racking Ladders set a golden standard. Rigorously load-tested, the platform confidently supports a formidable 300kg. This isn't just a number; it's a testament to the ladder's capability to bear significant weight while ensuring stability. Whether it's heavy equipment, tools, or the combined weight of multiple items, users can trust this ladder to stand firm.

Beyond the mere mechanics, there's an underlying assurance of safety. A platform that can comfortably handle such a substantial load translates to peace of mind for its users. No more second-guessing the ladder's capacity or compromising on necessary equipment for fear of overburdening. With Racking Ladders, professionals can focus solely on the task at hand, knowing they're backed by a ladder that's truly built to bear.

Racking Ladders
Racking Ladders

The Locking Mechanism Mastery

In the dance of daily tasks, movement is inevitable, but when it comes to ladders, stability is paramount. Enter the hand-operated locking mechanism of the Racking Ladders, a feature that merges simplicity with security. At the heart of this design lies the user's ability to lock the ladder swiftly and effortlessly, ensuring it remains anchored and immovable during use.

The significance of such a feature cannot be overstated. In busy work environments, where accidental nudges or shifts are common, this mechanism offers an additional layer of safety. By ensuring the ladder stays firmly in place, it minimises potential mishaps and enhances user confidence. With Racking Ladders, you're not just climbing a ladder; you're ascending with the assurance of a steadfast foundation beneath you.

Handrails for Your Every Step

Navigating heights requires more than just balance; it demands unwavering support. The Racking Ladders, ever attentive to user needs, come equipped with handrails on either side. These aren’t mere additions; they are purposeful design elements that allow users to ascend or descend with the assurance of a steady grip, even with just one hand.

Imagine the scenarios: carrying a tool, holding a box, or needing to stabilise an object with the free hand. In these moments, the one-handed access provided by these handrails proves invaluable. It's not just about physical support, but also the psychological confidence that comes with knowing there's always something solid to hold onto. With Racking Ladders, every step you take is backed by thoughtful design, ensuring safety remains paramount.

Racking Ladders
Racking Ladders

The Power of Punched Steel Treads

Every step on the Racking Ladders is a study in thoughtful design, and the fifteen punched steel treads stand as a prime example. Expertly crafted, these treads aren't merely surfaces to set your feet on; they are engineered pathways that actively allow water drainage, ensuring each step remains as slip-resistant as possible.

Water-related slips on ladders are a pervasive concern, especially in environments exposed to moisture or liquid spills. By incorporating treads that facilitate efficient water drainage, the Racking Ladders address this challenge head-on, significantly reducing the risk of mishaps. This feature not only underscores the ladder's commitment to safety but also ensures that come rain, shine, or spill, your footing remains secure and unyielding.

Mobility Made Effortless

In the bustling world of workshops, warehouses, and stock rooms, a ladder's value extends beyond its height; mobility is paramount. The Racking Ladders recognise this need, thoughtfully integrating two 200 x 50mm wheels, designed not just for movement but for effortless relocation. With these wheels, transitioning the ladder between tasks or spaces becomes a smooth, hassle-free experience.

But it's not just about easy movement; it's about time-saving and increased efficiency. Imagine the convenience of swiftly rolling your ladder to its next destination, rather than laboriously lifting or dragging. By enhancing mobility without compromising on stability, Racking Ladders ensure that you spend less time in transit and more time accomplishing the task at hand, always on the move, always in control.

Racking Ladders

Item Information

  • UK-made, shipped directly from renowned British workshops.
  • Rugged tubular steel construction with all-welded framework.
  • 3750mm high platform; working height of approximately 5250mm.
  • Platform load tested to a substantial 300kg.
  • Hand-operated locking mechanism ensures ladder stability.
  • Dual handrails for secure one-handed access.
  • Fifteen steel treads designed for efficient water drainage.
  • Two 200 x 50mm wheels integrated for seamless mobility.
    Dimensions: 4750(H) x 1320(W) x 2795(L) mm.
  • Maximum weight per step: 175kg.
  • Generous step size: 550mm edge to edge.
  • Suitable for diverse settings, from factories to food industries.
Racking Ladders

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Racking Ladders

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Racking Ladders
Racking Ladders

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