Mobile Stairs

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Reach New Heights, Hold Firm Ground

  • Ascend with Assurance: The Mobile Stairs safety ladder delivers unmatched stability and versatility for industrial environments, ensuring elevated work is a breeze.
  • Steel-Clad Strength: Crafted from rugged tubular steel and an all-welded framework, this ladder withstands the toughest of tasks and the test of time.
  • Sky-High Access: Reach new heights with a 3000mm high platform; ideal for tasks at approximately 4500mm, enabling safe and secure elevated work.
  • Herculean Capacity: Engineered for strength, our ladder is load tested to 300kg, offering a robust platform for heavy-duty operations.
  • Lock & Secure: A hand-operated mechanism locks the unit firmly in place, providing you with peace of mind while you work aloft.
  • Single-Handed Safety: Navigate upwards with confidence, thanks to handrails on either side for secure, one-hand access to elevated workspaces.
  • Weather-Wise Treads: The twelve punched steel treads allow for swift water drainage, ensuring reliable grip and safety in all weather conditions.
  • Smooth Mobility: Equipped with two robust 200 x 50mm wheels, the Mobile Stairs ladder transitions effortlessly to where you need it.
  • Measured to Fit: Sized at 4000(H) x 1000(W) x 2230(L) mm, our ladder is designed to provide substantial height without compromising on space efficiency.
Mobile Stairs

The Pinnacle of Safety and Mobility

In the ever-evolving landscape of workspace solutions, the Mobile Stairs Safety Step Ladder emerges as a testament to British craftsmanship. Constructed with meticulous precision, this ladder is not just a tool but a revolution in ensuring safety, efficiency, and unrivalled mobility.

Designed for the discerning professional, the Mobile Stairs seamlessly blends robustness with adaptability. Whether you're in a bustling warehouse or a meticulous food industry setting, enjoy unparalleled height, stability, and the confidence of a ladder crafted to elevate every task. Experience the future of elevated work solutions today.

Unyielding Strength

In the realm of durable materials, rugged tubular steel stands out as an embodiment of resilience. The Mobile Stairs Safety Step Ladder is meticulously constructed from this powerhouse material, ensuring it withstands the test of time and the rigours of daily use. The solid foundation it offers isn't just for the ladder, but a promise of longevity and reliability for every task at hand.

Beyond the steel's inherent strength lies the all-welded framework – a design choice that amplifies the ladder's sturdiness manifold. This welding technique eliminates weak points, ensuring a uniform strength throughout. Such attention to detail guarantees not just a ladder, but an investment in consistent stability and unwavering trust.

Mobile Stairs
Mobile Stairs

Elevated Ambitions

In any workspace, the ability to access greater heights with confidence can revolutionise productivity and performance. The Mobile Stairs Safety Step Ladder's 3000mm high platform is a game-changer, meticulously designed to offer an impressive working height of approximately 4500mm. This elevated advantage means tasks previously out of reach or requiring cumbersome equipment are now effortlessly accessible.

This intentional elevation isn't merely about physical height – it's about empowering users with the freedom to operate at optimal levels, safely and efficiently. The enhanced working height ensures both comfort and versatility, reducing the strain on users and enhancing the scope of tasks achievable. With the Mobile Stairs, the sky is not the limit; it's just the beginning.

Mobile Stairs

Overall Dimensions


Enduring Excellence

In a world where precision and performance matter, the ability to bear substantial weight is paramount. The Mobile Stairs Safety Step Ladder confidently steps up to this challenge with its platform load tested to a formidable 300kg. This isn't just a testament to its strength but a guarantee that when you're on this ladder, you're supported by engineering brilliance designed for heavy-duty tasks.

The significance of such a robust load capacity is twofold: it not only ensures that users can safely carry out their tasks but also offers peace of mind that the ladder will remain steadfast under pressure. This means more tools, more materials, and more confidence in every ascent.

Mobile Stairs
Mobile Stairs

Steadfast Security

Mobility is essential, but when you've found the perfect spot, stability becomes paramount. The Mobile Stairs Safety Step Ladder understands this balance, incorporating a hand-operated mechanism specifically designed to lock the unit firmly in place. This feature ensures that once you're set, nothing can shake your foundation, allowing for a steady and safe working experience.

The beauty of this mechanism is its simplicity. No complicated procedures or tools required – just a straightforward, hand-operated method that ensures your ladder remains immovable during use. This not only boosts user confidence but is a testament to the ladder's design philosophy: to merge effortless usability with the highest standards of safety. With the Mobile Stairs, your stability is always in your hands.

Grasp Confidence

Safety and convenience often travel hand in hand, and the Mobile Stairs Safety Step Ladder exemplifies this synergy perfectly. Equipped with handrails on both sides, it ensures users can effortlessly access the ladder even with just one hand. This thoughtful design champions ease without compromising on security, offering users an added layer of stability and support as they ascend or descend.

In dynamic environments, the need to multitask is a given. Whether you're holding a tool, a clipboard, or a vital component, the ladder's one-hand access capability ensures you're never left juggling tasks precariously. These handrails aren't mere appendages but a testament to the ladder's commitment to making every user's experience as safe and seamless as possible. With the Mobile Stairs, confidence is always within arm's reach.

Mobile Stairs
Mobile Stairs

Step with Assurance

Every detail of the Mobile Stairs Safety Step Ladder speaks of innovation, and its twelve punched steel treads are no exception. Purposefully crafted, these treads aren't just for foot placement; they play a pivotal role in water drainage. By ensuring water doesn't pool, they provide a consistently dry and safe stepping surface, significantly reducing the risk of slips and mishaps.

In environments where spillages or wet conditions are commonplace, this drainage feature becomes invaluable. Not only does it increase the longevity of the ladder by preventing water-induced wear, but it also offers workers the peace of mind that comes with a reliably dry step. In the grand scheme of safety and efficiency, the Mobile Stairs demonstrates that sometimes, it's the finer details that make all the difference.

Glide with Ease

When it comes to workspace tools, mobility can be the difference between a task done swiftly and a day's worth of inconvenience. Recognising this, the Mobile Stairs Safety Step Ladder introduces two seamlessly integrated 200 x 50mm wheels, designed to offer unrivalled movement across varied terrains. With these wheels, relocating your ladder becomes as easy as a gentle push or pull.

But it's not just about easy movement. It's about ensuring that transportation doesn't become a strenuous task in itself. Whether navigating through bustling warehouses or shifting between workshop zones, these wheels guarantee that mobility is not an afterthought but an intrinsic feature.

Mobile Stairs

Item Information

  • Constructed from rugged tubular steel; all-welded framework for durability.
  • Platform height: 3000mm, providing an approx. 4500mm working height.
  • Load capacity: Tested for a substantial 300kg on the platform.
  • Hand-operated lock mechanism ensures ladder stability during use.
  • Dual hand rails equipped for convenient one-hand access.
  • Twelve punched steel treads designed for optimal water drainage.
  • Mobility enhanced with two integrated 200 x 50mm wheels.
  • Dimensions: 4000(H) x 1000(W) x 2230(L) mm for spacious access.
  • Maximum weight per tread: Reliable 175 kg capacity.
  • Step size detailed: 550mm from edge to edge for secure footing.
  • Proudly British-made, shipped straight from UK workshop.
  • Suitable for varied environments: Retail, warehouses, food industries, and more.
Mobile Stairs

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Mobile Stairs

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Mobile Stairs
Mobile Stairs

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