Warehouse Steps

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Where Stability Meets Mobility

  • Uncompromising Safety and Utility: Discover the Warehouse Steps, your solution for safe, elevated access in warehouses, retail, and workshops.
  • Solid Steel Construction: Crafted from rugged tubular steel and an all-welded framework, designed to endure the toughest environments with ease.
  • Elevated Work Platform: Boasting a 1250mm high platform for an impressive working height of 2750mm, enhancing reach and efficiency in every task.
  • Heavy-Duty Load Capacity: Engineered for strength, these steps are load tested to a remarkable 300kg, ensuring robust support and reliability.
  • Lock in Safety: Features a hand-operated locking mechanism, securing the unit firmly in place for steadfast stability during use.
  • Access with Ease: Fitted with handrails on both sides, providing secure one-hand access to support workers as they ascend and descend.
  • Smart Tread Design: Includes five punched steel treads designed for optimal water drainage, offering superior grip in wet conditions.
  • Mobility Mastered: Two integrated wheels, each 200 x 50mm, enable easy movement, making these steps as mobile as they are sturdy.
  • Precise Dimensions: Measuring up at 2250(H) x 850(W) x 1270(L) mm, the Warehouse Steps offer a substantial size for various industrial applications.
Warehouse Steps

Redefining Heights

When it comes to navigating the vertical terrains of a busy workspace, Warehouse Steps emerges as an epitome of safety and efficiency. Crafted with precision from rugged tubular steel, these steps are an embodiment of British engineering, designed to meet the challenges of the most demanding environments.

Beyond its robust construction, Warehouse Steps brings to its users an unparalleled sense of security and mobility. Whether you're in a bustling warehouse, a factory floor, or even a food processing unit, these steps ensure every upward movement is backed by reliability and a commitment to excellence. Elevate your operational standards and trust in a product that truly stands above the rest.

Engineered Strength

Warehouse Steps isn't just another ladder; it's a masterpiece moulded from rugged tubular steel. This choice of material ensures an unrivalled sturdiness, capable of withstanding the rigours of daily use, and promises a longevity that many alternatives simply can't match. The strength of steel ensures that every step taken is on a foundation that's solid, reliable, and designed for durability.

But it's not just about the steel; it's how it's put together. The all-welded framework of the Warehouse Steps speaks volumes about its meticulous construction. Welding offers a seamless bond, eliminating weak points and ensuring that the ladder maintains its structural integrity even under heavy loads. This blend of top-grade material and craftsmanship makes the ladder not just a tool, but a testament to quality and safety.

Warehouse Steps
Warehouse Steps

Reaching New Heights

The Warehouse Steps are designed with an ambition – to let you ascend with confidence, accessing spots that were once just beyond your reach. With its 1250mm high platform, it effortlessly provides an impressive working height of approximately 2750mm. This carefully crafted elevation ensures that tasks, whether it's accessing top shelves or conducting overhead maintenance, become smoother and more efficient.

Beyond mere numbers, this generous height signifies more than just physical elevation; it symbolises the product's commitment to enhancing your workspace capabilities. A height advantage can drastically cut down time spent fetching items or making repeated climbs. With the Warehouse Steps, you're not just stepping up; you're stepping forward into a realm of heightened productivity and ease. Every rise is a promise of safety, stability, and operational superiority.

Warehouse Steps

Overall Dimensions


A Platform Built for 300kg of Assurance

In a bustling workspace, the weight of tasks can be both metaphorical and literal. Recognising this, the Warehouse Steps have been meticulously load tested to support a whopping 300kg on its platform. This isn't just a number, but a testament to its robust construction and the trust you can place in its steadfastness. Every task, no matter its weight, is undertaken with a promise of unshaken support.

The significance of such a weight-bearing capability extends beyond sheer strength. It assures users that they can confidently carry their tools, products, or even other equipment aloft without a second thought. This reliability reduces the back-and-forth trips one might make with lesser ladders, streamlining processes, and ensuring maximum efficiency. With the Warehouse Steps, rest assured, your tasks are supported, and your trust well-placed.

Warehouse Steps
Warehouse Steps

Lock It in with a Simple Hand Movement

In the midst of a bustling workspace, the last thing anyone needs is uncertainty beneath their feet. With the Warehouse Steps, you're granted not just elevation, but also unwavering stability. At the heart of this promise is the hand-operated locking mechanism, ingeniously designed to anchor the unit firmly in place. With a simple gesture, users can ensure their ladder remains stationary, offering a secure foundation for any task.

This hand-operated feature isn’t just about physical safety; it’s about mental assurance. Knowing that your ladder is steadfastly locked in place allows you to focus solely on the task at hand, eliminating any distractions or anxieties about potential movement. It epitomises the Warehouse Steps' dedication to providing tools that bolster confidence, streamline operations, and above all, prioritise user safety. In a world of movement, find your grounding with the Warehouse Steps.

Guided Ascent

Navigating heights demands more than just a sturdy platform; it requires something to hold onto, a guiding support that reassures every step. With the Warehouse Steps, this comes in the form of strategically positioned handrails on either side. These rails provide users with the flexibility for one-handed access, ensuring that you always have a supportive grip whenever needed, without sacrificing your ability to carry tools or materials.

But these handrails represent more than mere physical support. They embody a commitment to user-centric design, ensuring that safety and convenience walk hand in hand. Whether it's for those moments when you need to lean a bit further for that out-of-reach item or when you're handling objects with your other hand, these rails offer a continuous embrace of security. With the Warehouse Steps, ascend not just with confidence but with the comforting assurance of always being supported.

Warehouse Steps
Warehouse Steps

Effortless Drainage

Every detail of the Warehouse Steps is meticulously thought out, including the seemingly minor yet highly functional punched steel treads. These treads are strategically designed with perforations that enable swift water drainage, ensuring the steps remain dry and slip-resistant, even in damp or wet conditions.

This feature is a testament to the foresight embedded in the design. Workplaces can be unpredictable, with spills or wet conditions posing slip hazards. With the punched steel treads, this risk is significantly mitigated, offering an added layer of safety. Beyond just the physical protection, it provides peace of mind, knowing that even in less-than-ideal conditions, the Warehouse Steps remain steadfastly reliable. Elevate your safety standards with a design that's always one step ahead.

 Mobility Made Effortless with Integrated Wheels

In dynamic work environments, adaptability is key. Recognising this need, the Warehouse Steps are ingeniously equipped with two robust 200 x 50mm wheels. These integrated wheels aren't merely an add-on but are core to the product's design, ensuring seamless mobility. Whether you're repositioning for a new task or simply storing the steps away, the process is smooth and hassle-free.

The significance of such mobility cannot be overstated. It ensures that your workflow remains uninterrupted, saving valuable time and energy. Moreover, these wheels underscore a design principle that values user convenience just as much as safety and durability. With the Warehouse Steps, you're not just getting a ladder but a dynamic partner that effortlessly moves with the ebb and flow of your workspace needs. Mobility and stability, all rolled into one impeccable design.

Warehouse Steps

Item Information

  • Constructed from rugged tubular steel with an all-welded framework.
  • Platform height: 1250mm; working height approximately 2750mm.
  • Load capacity: 300kg on platform, ensuring robust support.
  • Hand-operated lock mechanism guarantees unit stability.
  • Dual handrails offer secure one-hand access.
  • Five punched steel treads for efficient water drainage.
  • Integrated 200 x 50mm wheels ensure effortless mobility.
  • Dimensions: 2250(H) x 850(W) x 1270(L) mm.
  • Maximum weight per step: 175kg for ensured safety.
  • Step size detailed: 550mm edge to edge.
  • British-made, shipped from a UK workshop.
  • Suitable for retail, workshops, warehouses, and food settings.
Warehouse Steps

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Warehouse Steps

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Warehouse Steps
Warehouse Steps

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