Warehouse Step Ladders

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Rise Above With Confidence

  • Elevate Safely: Introducing the Warehouse Step Ladder, your robust solution for high-reaching tasks in retail, industry, and beyond, crafted for resilience and safety.
  • Strength in Structure: Rugged tubular steel meets an all-welded framework, ensuring this ladder withstands the rigours of daily industrial use with unyielding stability.
  • Reach New Heights: A lofty 3500mm platform grants a substantial working height of 5000mm, transforming challenging tasks into accessible ventures with ease.
  • Heavy-Duty Performance: Confidently tackle big jobs as this platform is load tested to 300kg, supporting you and your materials reliably at considerable heights.
  • Lock-In Safety: At the flip of a hand-operated mechanism, this unit stands steadfast, guaranteeing your security during intensive tasks at any elevation.
  • Single-Handed Access: Navigate upwards with confidence, thanks to handrails on each side that provide firm support, facilitating safe one-handed climbing.
  • Drainage-Enabled Design: Crafted with fourteen punched steel treads, our ladder ensures optimal water runoff, reducing slip hazards for a safer ascent and descent.
  • Mobile Stability: Two durable 200 x 50mm wheels offer effortless mobility across various surfaces, making repositioning a smooth and secure process.
  • Measured to Fit: Dimensions of 4500(H) x 1230(W) x 2630(L) mm combine a practical footprint with expansive reach, making it an indispensable tool in any workspace.
Warehouse Step Ladders

The Gold Standard in Safety Ladders

When it comes to reaching towering heights, the Warehouse Step Ladders set a remarkable precedent. Meticulously crafted from rugged tubular steel, this British-made masterpiece isn’t just a tool—it's a testament to robust engineering and unwavering safety. The all-welded framework stands strong, ensuring that every ascent is backed by unrivalled stability.

Beyond its undeniable strength, what truly sets it apart is its intricate blend of functionality and safety. With a generous working height and a plethora of features designed to bolster confidence, it paves the way for a secure and efficient work environment. Whether you're in a bustling warehouse, a retail environment, or the meticulous food industry, these ladders prove indispensable, seamlessly merging performance with unparalleled peace of mind.

The Rugged Tubular Steel Advantage

In the world of ladders, the integrity of construction is paramount. The Warehouse Step Ladders rise above the competition with their rugged tubular steel composition. This isn’t merely a choice of material—it's a commitment to durability and resilience. Every inch of this ladder bears witness to its inherent strength, prepared to stand firm against daily wear, heavy loads, and the rigours of an active workspace.

But there's more to this ladder than meets the eye. The all-welded framework acts as the backbone, ensuring that each climb, regardless of height or load, is as stable as the first. This welding process eliminates weak points, guaranteeing an unwavering structure even under pressure. For the user, this translates into unmatched confidence, knowing that beneath them lies a foundation built to last, a testament to craftsmanship and safety.

Warehouse Step Ladders
Warehouse Step Ladders

Elevating Ambitions

There's an unmatched sense of achievement when boundaries are surpassed, and with the Warehouse Step Ladders, that's precisely the experience on offer. Its 3500mm high platform isn't just a measurement—it's a testament to the freedom it grants, allowing users to confidently access locations that were once just out of reach. This elevation ensures that, whether it's a lofty shelf in a warehouse or an overhead fixture, nothing remains inaccessible.

Yet, the true genius lies in the effective working height. While the platform sits at 3500mm, the design facilitates a working height of approximately 5000mm. This thoughtful extension caters to the natural reach of the human arm, ensuring tasks are completed comfortably, efficiently, and safely. It’s not just about reaching higher; it's about ensuring that when you do, every task remains effortless and within grasp.

Warehouse Step Ladders

Overall Dimensions


Built to Bear

In the realm of work, equipment should never be the limiting factor. The Warehouse Step Ladders champion this principle with their astounding 300kg platform load capacity. Such impressive weight support isn't just a feature—it's a declaration of the ladder's robustness and its ability to seamlessly integrate into demanding environments, whether that be bustling warehouses or intensive workshop sessions.

The significance of this load capacity is multifold. Firstly, it eliminates the need for constant trips up and down, as multiple items or heavier tools can be taken aloft in one go. Secondly, it imparts confidence, ensuring that users can trust the ladder to remain stable under considerable weight. Every task, be it stocking, repairing, or installing, becomes a breeze, as this ladder truly embodies the essence of strength, efficiency, and reliability.

Warehouse Step Ladders
Warehouse Step Ladders

The Assurance of a Hand-Operated Mechanism

In the ballet of bustling workplaces, one's footing needs to be as secure as a dancer's poise. The Warehouse Step Ladders rise to this challenge with their hand-operated locking mechanism. At the core of this feature is a simple yet profound commitment: every climb should be a safe one. With just a manual gesture, the ladder firmly anchors itself, eliminating any chances of unwanted movement and enhancing overall stability.

Beyond the tangible locking function, lies a deeper layer of reassurance. Users, be they experienced professionals or novices, can engage with their tasks with undivided focus, free from the niggling concern of the ladder shifting beneath them. This isn’t just about physical security; it’s a nod to mental tranquillity as well. With the Warehouse Step Ladders, every ascent is rooted in trust, as safety isn’t an afterthought—it’s a promise.

Dual Handrails for Singular Confidence

Navigating elevated spaces often requires more than just a reliable step; it calls for an assuring handhold. The Warehouse Step Ladders, with handrails on either side, stand as a beacon of support, embodying the perfect blend of accessibility and security. This isn’t merely a design addition—it's a user-centric innovation, ensuring that one's ascent and descent are as intuitive as they are safe.

These dual handrails bring forth an exceptional advantage: the luxury of one-handed access. Whether you're reaching for a tool, adjusting a fixture, or simply steadying yourself, the ability to maintain a firm grip with one hand while freely using the other is transformative. It streamlines tasks, enhances efficiency, and most crucially, amplifies user confidence. With the Warehouse Step Ladders, the emphasis is clear: Your safety is in your hands, and we’re here to support it every step of the way.

Warehouse Step Ladders
Warehouse Step Ladders

Step Beyond the Wet

The beauty of a well-designed tool lies in its attention to even the minutest details, and the Warehouse Step Ladders exemplify this with their fourteen punched steel treads. More than just a tactile enhancement, these treads bring forth a functional brilliance—effectively allowing water drainage. In environments where spills and wet conditions are commonplace, this feature stands as a proactive shield against potential slips.

While the treads' primary objective is to channel away water, they bring a secondary, equally vital benefit: the preservation of the ladder's lifespan. By ensuring rapid water drainage, they stave off prolonged exposure to moisture, reducing wear and potential rusting. It's a feature that whispers foresight, guaranteeing not just immediate safety but also long-term reliability. In the Warehouse Step Ladders, every step is not only secure but also brilliantly thought-out, keeping you and your work environment safe and efficient.

Mobility Mastered with Integrated Wheels

In dynamic workspaces, adaptability is key. Recognising this, the Warehouse Step Ladders come equipped with two integrated 200 x 50mm wheels, ensuring that mobility isn't just an afterthought—it's ingrained in the design. While the ladder offers robust stability, these wheels stand testament to the product’s innate understanding that in many environments, the ladder's location needs to change as swiftly as the tasks at hand.

The significance of these wheels transcends mere movement. It's about seamless transitions, minimising disruption, and maximising efficiency. Imagine the convenience of easily rolling your ladder from one spot to another without the hassle of lifting or cumbersome repositioning. For businesses, it means tasks are completed quicker, and for users, it means less physical strain and more focus on the job. With the Warehouse Step Ladders, every feature is a nod to user-centric design, making movement as effortless as climbing.

Warehouse Step Ladders

Item Information

  • Rugged tubular steel construction ensures durability and long-lasting performance.
  • All-welded framework guarantees a stable and secure climbing experience.
  • Platform height of 3500mm; effective working height approximately 5000mm.
  • Robust load capacity: platform supports a weight of up to 300kg.
  • Hand-operated locking mechanism ensures ladder remains firmly in place.
  • Dual handrails on either side facilitate secure one-handed access.
  • Fourteen punched steel treads enable effective water drainage.
  • Mobility assured with two integrated 200 x 50mm wheels.
  • Dimensions: 4500(H) x 1230(W) x 2630(L) mm for space-conscious storage.
  • Maximum weight per step: a solid 175kg for safe climbing.
  • Step size measures 550mm edge to edge, ensuring ample foot space.
  • British-made, ensuring quality craftsmanship and direct UK workshop shipping.
Warehouse Step Ladders

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Warehouse Step Ladders

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Warehouse Step Ladders
Warehouse Step Ladders

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