Safety Ladders

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The Apex of Stability Meets the Zenith of Mobility

  • Elevate Your Standards: Discover the Safety Ladders, a robust solution designed for superior access and work safety in a multitude of environments.
  • Steel Strength Assured: Engineered from rugged tubular steel and an all-welded framework, guaranteeing durability and a long service life for rigorous use.
  • Reach New Heights: Featuring a 2750mm high platform, this ladder extends your working height to approximately 4250mm, expanding your range of safe accessibility.
  • Heavy-Duty Performance: With a load capacity tested to 300kg, the platform accommodates heavy equipment and rigorous tasks with uncompromised stability.
  • Locked-in Safety: A hand-operated locking mechanism solidifies the ladder's position, offering security and steadiness during every use.
  • Secure One-Handed Climb: Safety Ladders come with handrails on both sides, allowing for secure, one-handed ascents and descents, enhancing user confidence.
  • Step Safely in All Weathers: Eleven punched steel treads promote water drainage, providing reliable traction in varying conditions, keeping each step secure.
  • Mobility Made Easy: Relocate with ease thanks to two integrated 200 x 50mm wheels, ensuring smooth transit across workspaces without the need for heavy lifting.
  • Perfect Proportions: Dimensionally designed at 3750(H) x 1000(W) x 2070(L) mm, the ladder is an ideal fit for diverse work environments, ensuring it is always part of the solution.
Safety Ladders

The Ultimate in Secure Step Ladders

Introducing the Safety Ladders, a paradigm of British craftsmanship blending durability with unparalleled safety. Born from meticulous design and expert engineering, this ladder isn’t just about reaching heights; it's about reaching them with confidence and assurance.

Beyond its sturdy structure, the Safety Ladders promise mobility, versatility, and hygiene. Whether manoeuvring in a bustling factory, relocating within a retail space, or ensuring cleanliness in food industries, it stands as a testament to what every step ladder should aspire to be. Elevate your expectations and step up with Safety Ladders.

The Backbone of the Safety Ladders

At the heart of the Safety Ladders lies its exceptional construction: rugged tubular steel. This material choice isn't accidental. It's selected for its undeniable strength and resilience, ensuring that every time you step up, you're supported by a framework that's built to last and designed to protect.

But it's not just about the steel; it's how it comes together. The all-welded framework stands as a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and thoughtful engineering. This cohesive, weld-integrated structure ensures fewer weak points, optimising stability, and instilling a sense of trust for users. When you choose the Safety Ladders, you're choosing unparalleled structural integrity in every climb.

Safety Ladders
Safety Ladders

Reaching New Heights

Within the design of the Safety Ladders lies a towering triumph: a 2750mm high platform. This elevated feature is purposefully conceived to cater to tasks that demand that extra reach, ensuring users can comfortably and safely engage with their environment at a working height of approximately 4250mm.

Beyond mere measurements, this platform height translates to tangible advantages on the ground. Whether it's accessing lofty shelves in warehouses, reaching overhead fixtures in retail spaces, or attending to elevated machinery in workshops, the Safety Ladders provide a vantage point that's both secure and efficient. Every climb becomes an ascent to a superior workspace, where tasks are within reach and safety is paramount.

Safety Ladders

Overall Dimensions


A Platform Built for Burden

One of the crowning glories of the Safety Ladders is its formidable load-bearing capacity. Not just a step ladder to ascend, it’s a robust platform engineered to support a staggering weight of up to 300kg. This isn't merely a figure but a testament to the ladder's commitment to users, ensuring that both they and their essentials are firmly supported.

The implications of such a robust weight tolerance are vast. Whether it’s heavy tools, hefty machinery parts, or sizeable stock items, professionals can work with confidence, knowing the ladder has their back. This ensures fewer trips up and down, increased efficiency, and most crucially, the safety of knowing that the platform will not falter under pressure. The Safety Ladders stand as a beacon of strength in a world of tasks that demand nothing less.

Safety Ladders
Safety Ladders

Stability at Your Fingertips

In the realm of elevated tasks, stability isn't just a feature; it's a necessity. The Safety Ladders, understanding this pivotal need, come equipped with a hand-operated mechanism designed explicitly to lock the unit firmly in place. This mechanism isn't just about function—it's about granting peace of mind with each step you take.

This hand-operated lock serves as a guardian against unwanted movements and wobbles. It ensures that once positioned, the ladder stays rooted, providing a steadfast platform for all tasks at hand. Whether you're reaching for items on a high shelf or working on intricate tasks aloft, this locking feature translates to a workspace where focus remains on the task and not on maintaining balance. With Safety Ladders, stability is always within arm's reach.

Rails That Guide and Guard

Elevation, while advantageous, often comes with a need for added assurance. Recognising this, the Safety Ladders go the extra mile by equipping themselves with handrails on both sides. More than just metal extensions, these rails serve as steadfast companions, ensuring that users always have a handhold to rely upon.

The beauty of these handrails isn't just in their presence, but in their function: they allow for one-hand access. This feature proves invaluable in scenarios where the other hand is occupied – be it with tools, materials, or documentation. It ensures that the climber isn't just ascending, but ascending with assurance. In a workspace where every second counts, these handrails redefine efficiency, safety, and ease-of-use. With Safety Ladders, you're not just stepping up; you're held every step of the way.

Safety Ladders
Safety Ladders

Treads That Tackle the Tricky

At the feet of the Safety Ladders, you'll find a thoughtful design addition: eleven punched steel treads. While they may seem just like textured steps at first glance, they're meticulously designed to combat a common foe of many work environments - water accumulation.

Water, especially in environments like factories, warehouses, or outdoors, can pose a significant slip hazard. The punched design of these treads facilitates swift water drainage, ensuring that the ladder's surface remains as slip-free as possible, even in damp conditions. This means reduced downtime after cleaning or after a downpour, and more importantly, an added layer of safety for users. With the Safety Ladders, steps are not just about ascent; they're about assurance in all conditions.

Mobility Mastered

Hidden within the robust framework of the Safety Ladders are two integrated wonders: 200 x 50mm wheels. While the ladder itself stands as a monument of stability, these wheels are a testament to the product’s commitment to dynamic workspaces, bringing a touch of nimbleness to a typically static tool.

These wheels, thoughtfully sized and strategically positioned, facilitate hassle-free movement. Relocating your ladder, be it across vast warehouses or between tight aisles, becomes a seamless task. No more heavy lifting or cumbersome dragging; with these wheels, the Safety Ladders move as swiftly as your tasks demand. Mobility isn't just about movement; with the Safety Ladders, it's about moving forward with efficiency and ease.

Safety Ladders

Item Information

  • Constructed from rugged tubular steel; durable all-welded framework.
  • Platform height: 2750mm; working height approximately 4250mm.
  • Load capacity: 300kg on platform; robust support ensured.
  • Hand-operated mechanism; locks unit firmly in place.
  • Dual handrails; facilitates secure one-hand access.
  • Eleven punched steel treads; designed for efficient water drainage.
  • Mobile design; two integrated 200 x 50mm wheels for easy movement.
  • Dimensions: 3750(H) x 1000(W) x 2070(L) mm; spacious yet compact.
  • Weight capacity: 175kg per step; sturdy and reliable.
  • Step size: 550mm edge to edge; ample space for footing.
  • Non-slip feet; reliable even on low-friction surfaces.
  • Hygienic design; suitable for steam cleaning and pressure washing.
Safety Ladders

Full Specifications

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Safety Ladders

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Safety Ladders
Safety Ladders

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