Mobile Safety Steps

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Mobile Safety Steps
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Step Into the Future

  • Elevate with Confidence: Discover the Mobile Safety Steps, a versatile tool designed for safe, high-elevation work in retail, industrial, and hygienic environments.
  • Robust and Reliable: Made from 25mm diameter tube steel, this ladder is ideal for heavy-duty use, promising long-term durability and resilience.
  • Manoeuvre with Ease: Equipped with two rubber wheels and handlebars, these steps offer 'barrow' style manoeuvrability for effortless movement across various settings.
  • Safe and Spacious Steps: Featuring three wide, punched-steel steps at 559mm each, designed for efficient water drainage and supporting a maximum load of 175kg.
  • Accessible and Stable: With 950mm high rails on both sides, these steps provide easy, one-handed access while enhancing stability during elevated tasks.
  • Stable on Any Surface: Non-slip, rubber-covered feet ensure enhanced stability on low-friction surfaces, offering peace of mind in various working conditions.
  • Grip That Holds: The anti-slip tread finish increases grip and is resistant to water, oil, and most chemicals, ensuring safe footing in all environments.
  • Compact yet Capable: The Mobile Safety Steps measure 610(W) x 390(L) mm in platform dimensions, with a platform height of 760 mm, blending compactness with functionality.
Mobile Safety Steps

Unmatched Versatility 

In the bustling world of industrial and retail environments, the Mobile Safety Steps emerge as a game-changer in safe and efficient high-elevation work. Combining durability with innovative design, this ladder is more than just a means to reach higher ground; it's a testament to how workplace safety and productivity can seamlessly coexist. 

What sets the Mobile Safety Steps apart is its meticulous attention to detail in both features and construction. Crafted from robust 25mm diameter tube steel, it stands as a beacon of strength in demanding work conditions. The ease of manoeuvrability, enhanced by rubber wheels and handlebars, transforms it into a mobile platform that can be effortlessly positioned wherever it's needed.

Manoeuvre with Ease

In the dynamic world of industrial and retail environments, the ability to move equipment swiftly and safely is paramount. The Mobile Safety Steps rise to this challenge with their innovative 'barrow' style design, featuring two robust rubber wheels and practical handlebars. This feature transforms the ladder into a mobile unit, effortlessly navigable through tight corridors, around obstacles, and across various floor surfaces. 

The significance of these rubber wheels coupled with handlebars extends beyond mere convenience. They embody a commitment to reducing physical strain and enhancing workplace safety. Manoeuvring heavy equipment often poses risks and challenges, but with the Mobile Safety Steps, these concerns are significantly mitigated. The smooth rolling action of the wheels, complemented by the sturdy handlebars, provides users with full control and stability, even in bustling, fast-paced work settings.

Mobile Safety Steps
Mobile Safety Steps

Strength Redefined

When it comes to enduring the rigours of heavy-duty work environments, the construction of the Mobile Safety Steps stands unmatched. Crafted from 25mm diameter tube steel, this ladder is not just a tool, but a fortress of strength and reliability. The robust steel framework ensures that whether you're in a busy warehouse, a bustling retail floor, or a sterile environment like a food preparation area, your safety is never compromised. 

The choice of 25mm diameter tube steel is no coincidence; it's a deliberate design decision aimed at maximising durability and stability. This material is renowned for its resilience and ability to resist bending or warping under weight, making it ideal for supporting substantial loads. Such strength does not come at the cost of manoeuvrability or ease of use. Despite its formidable build, the ladder remains easy to handle and move around, ensuring that your work proceeds uninterrupted and your productivity remains high. 

Mobile Safety Steps

Overall Dimensions


Step Up with Confidence

The Mobile Safety Steps set a new standard for ladder safety and functionality with their three punched-steel steps. Each step, measuring an impressive 559 mm in width, is not just a foothold but a platform of stability and strength. Designed for a maximum load of 175kg, these steps accommodate a wide range of users and tools, ensuring that every ascent and descent is secure. The innovative punched-steel design is a critical feature, offering excellent traction while facilitating efficient water drainage.

Beyond their functional excellence, these steps represent a commitment to enduring quality and user confidence. The spacious width of the steps provides ample room for comfortable footing, reducing fatigue and increasing efficiency during prolonged use. Whether it's for routine tasks or more demanding activities, the robust construction and thoughtful design of these steps ensure that users can concentrate on their work, trusting in the reliability and safety of their equipment. 

Mobile Safety Steps
Mobile Safety Steps

Reach New Heights Safely

The Mobile Safety Steps stand out in the realm of workplace safety with their strategically designed 950mm high rails on both sides. These rails are not just an added feature; they are a cornerstone of the ladder's design, providing essential stability and support. Whether reaching for high shelves or working at elevated heights, users can rely on these rails for steady, one-handed support. 

Moreover, the high rails signify a deeper understanding of the diverse needs of industrial and retail environments. They offer an extra layer of security, especially in busy workspaces where focus and balance are paramount. The convenience of one-handed access allows users to maintain a secure grip while carrying tools or materials, a critical factor in multitasking scenarios.

Steadfast on Any Ground

The Mobile Safety Steps take a firm stand on safety with their non-slip, rubber-covered feet, a feature designed to enhance stability on even the most challenging surfaces. These rubber feet are specifically engineered to grip tightly to low-friction surfaces, ensuring that the ladder remains securely in place during use. Whether you're working on smooth concrete, polished floors, or other slippery environments, these non-slip feet significantly reduce the risk of slips and slides.

This thoughtful design element underscores a deep understanding of the varied and often unpredictable conditions of industrial and retail settings. In environments where spills, slick surfaces, or fine particulates are common, the non-slip feet become an indispensable safety feature. They provide not just physical stability, but also peace of mind, allowing users to concentrate on their tasks without the worry of unstable footing. 

Mobile Safety Steps
Mobile Safety Steps

Secure Every Step

The Mobile Safety Steps set a new benchmark in ladder safety with their exceptional anti-slip tread finish. This feature is meticulously engineered to provide increased grip underfoot, a critical factor in maintaining balance and preventing accidents during elevated work. The unique tread design is highly resistant to common workplace hazards like water, oil, and a wide range of chemicals, ensuring that each step is as safe as it is sturdy. 

Beyond its obvious safety benefits, this anti-slip tread finish speaks to a broader commitment to user security and comfort. Recognizing the diverse environments in which the Mobile Safety Steps might be used, the tread is designed to withstand extreme conditions without losing its effectiveness. This durability ensures that the ladder remains a reliable tool in any setting, reducing the need for frequent replacements or maintenance. 

Item Information

  • Constructed from 25mm diameter tube steel for heavy-duty use.
  • Equipped with two rubber wheels for 'barrow' style easy manoeuvrability.
  • Three wide punched-steel steps, 559mm each, for safe footing.
  • Steps designed for efficient water drainage, supporting 175 kg maximum load.
  • Hand-controlled lever ensures secure, on-the-spot ladder locking.
  • 950mm high side rails for one-handed access and stability.
  • Non-slip, rubber-covered feet enhance stability on low-friction surfaces.
  • Anti-slip tread finish, resistant to water, oil, and chemicals.
  • Lightweight at 34.7 kg, with a maximum capacity of 150 kg.
  • Bright blue colour with durable, rust-resistant powder coating.
  • All welded steel construction for long-lasting durability.
  • Platform dimensions: 610mm width x 390mm length, height 760mm.
Mobile Safety Steps

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Mobile Safety Steps

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Mobile Safety Steps
Mobile Safety Steps

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