Industrial Safety Steps

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Master the Heights With Assured Safety

  • Step Above the Standard: Industrial Safety Steps ladder elevates workplace efficiency with its unmatched durability and versatility for various industrial applications.
  • Strength in Structure: Engineered from rugged tubular steel and solidified with an all-welded frame to resist the rigorous demands of daily industrial use.
  • Reach New Heights: A lofty 2500mm high platform extends a working height up to 4000 mm, bringing even the distant tasks comfortably within reach.
  • Superior Load Capacity: Robustly load tested to 300kg, this platform supports heavy-duty tasks with unwavering stability and assurance.
  • Lock-in Safety: Features a hand-operated mechanism that securely locks the ladder in place, providing a stable and reliable setup in any working condition.
  • Access Assured: Comes with handrails on each side, allowing for safe, one-handed access - enhancing efficiency without compromising on safety.
  • Designed for Durability: Ten punched steel treads offer exceptional water drainage, reducing slip hazards and increasing the ladder’s lifespan.
  • Mobility Mastered: Navigate with ease using two seamlessly integrated 200 x 50mm wheels, ensuring the ladder's simple relocation across various terrains.
  • Exact Dimensions: Measuring at 3500(H) x 1000(W) x 1905(L) mm, the ladder's size balances substantial working space with ergonomic storage considerations.
Industrial Safety Steps

Elevate Safety with the Industrial Safety Steps

Introducing the Industrial Safety Steps, the embodiment of robust British craftsmanship blended seamlessly with advanced safety features. Constructed from rugged tubular steel, this ladder promises both longevity and an unparalleled assurance of stability in every step.

Venture higher with confidence, knowing you're supported by a ladder load-tested to a formidable 300kg on its platform. From its intelligently designed treads for optimal water drainage to its easy mobility features, the Industrial Safety Steps is not just a tool but an upgrade to a safer, more efficient workspace.

The Rugged Tubular Steel Construction

At the heart of the Industrial Safety Steps lies its exceptional foundation – rugged tubular steel. This material choice is no accident, but a deliberate nod to durability and resilience. Withstanding the test of time and demanding work conditions, this steel ensures that the ladder remains steadfast, providing an unwavering support each time it's used.

But it's not just about the steel. The all-welded framework is a testament to meticulous design and craftsmanship. Welding offers a seamless bond, enhancing the ladder's integral strength and eliminating weak points often found in bolted or riveted joints. This construction means users can trust the reliability of the Industrial Safety Steps, understanding its resilience comes from deep within its core.

Industrial Safety Steps
Industrial Safety Steps

The Elevated 2500mm Platform Experience

At the core of any effective ladder is the promise of elevation, and with the Industrial Safety Steps, that promise is amplified. The 2500mm high platform isn’t just a numerical figure – it's an assurance. An assurance that tasks once out of reach can now be easily accessed, tackled, and accomplished. This elevation, translating to a working height of approximately 4000mm, offers both versatility and an expansive range to its users.

In the world of ladders, height often equates to capability. With a working height nearing 4000mm, opportunities expand. Whether it's accessing high shelves in a warehouse or reaching overhead installations in a workshop, the expansive height ensures that tasks are carried out efficiently and safely. It's not just about reaching higher; it's about working smarter, and with the Industrial Safety Steps, the sky truly is the limit.

Industrial Safety Steps

Overall Dimensions


A Platform Built for 300kg Loads

There's a comforting reassurance when you know the ground beneath you is unyielding, and with the Industrial Safety Steps, that assurance is paramount. Each platform has undergone rigorous testing to comfortably and safely support loads up to 300kg. This isn't just a measure of its strength; it's a declaration of the trust you can place in its robust design every time you ascend.

In professional settings, tools, equipment, and tasks often come with substantial weight. The 300kg load capacity ensures that whether it's heavy tools, bulk materials, or even multiple users, the platform remains unwavering in its support. This feature exemplifies the commitment to safety and functionality, allowing users to operate with confidence, knowing that the ladder is always up to the task, no matter the weight of the job.

Industrial Safety Steps
Industrial Safety Steps

The Hand-Operated Locking Mechanism

Every tool in a professional’s arsenal should inspire confidence. With the Industrial Safety Steps, the hand-operated locking mechanism does just that. This carefully designed feature ensures that once the ladder is in position, it stays there, providing a stable and reliable foundation for all tasks at hand. The mechanism is not just a lock; it's a pledge of unwavering support.

Safety can never be a compromise, especially when elevation is involved. The hand-operated mechanism offers a user-friendly, intuitive solution to lock the unit in place. It empowers users to ensure their own safety by giving them complete control over the ladder's stability. By eliminating the risk of unintentional movement, this feature amplifies the ladder's core promise: to provide a secure and reliable platform for work, every single time.

Dual Hand Rails for Unmatched Stability

Navigating heights necessitates assurance, and the Industrial Safety Steps delivers it in spades with hand rails positioned on both sides. These rails, meticulously designed and positioned, offer users the unique advantage of one-handed access. Whether it's holding tools or paperwork, the convenience of a free hand, paired with the stability of the hand rails, makes every ascent and descent smooth and secure.

In the realm of safety, the subtleties often make a world of difference. The hand rails are not just about stability; they are a reflection of the thoughtfulness invested in user-centric design. By allowing one-hand access, they provide flexibility without compromising on safety. Whether you're a seasoned professional or someone using a ladder intermittently, the presence of these dual hand rails ensures a harmonious balance of functionality and protection.

Industrial Safety Steps
Industrial Safety Steps

Treads Designed for Drainage and Durability

In the nuanced world of ladder design, every detail matters. The Industrial Safety Steps boasts ten punched steel treads, meticulously crafted not only for grip but for optimal water drainage as well. Such design considerations mean that whether it's a spill in the warehouse or an unexpected downpour outdoors, these treads ensure the ladder remains a safe and slip-resistant ascent.

Water can often be the adversary of safe ladder use, leading to potential hazards. These punched treads address this challenge head-on, allowing water to flow away, reducing the risk of slipping. It’s a testament to the foresight of combining utility with safety. Beyond their functional benefits, these treads also exemplify durability, ensuring that the Industrial Safety Steps remains a long-term ally in workplace safety, regardless of the environment.

The Power of Integrated Wheels

The Industrial Safety Steps is not just a static piece of equipment; it’s a dynamic tool designed for movement. Integrated into its structure are two 200 x 50mm wheels, granting the ladder an unparalleled mobility advantage. This integration means that transporting the ladder across varied terrains, be it a workshop floor or a warehouse aisle, becomes a task of effortless ease.

In professional spaces, adaptability and quick response can be essential. The addition of these wheels enhances the ladder's versatility, allowing for swift relocations and adaptions to changing task demands. It's not merely about transportation; it's about minimising downtime and maximising efficiency. These wheels are a testament to the ladder's design philosophy: ensuring that safety and functionality move hand in hand, quite literally.

Industrial Safety Steps

Item Information

  • Rugged tubular steel construction for durability and longevity.
  • All-welded framework ensures seamless strength and stability.
  • Platform at 2500mm offers working height of roughly 4000mm.
  • Load tested: robust 300kg capacity on the platform.
  • Hand-operated mechanism for locking ladder securely in place.
  • Dual hand rails provide stability for one-handed access.
  • Ten punched steel treads designed for optimal water drainage.
  • Mobility enhanced with two 200 x 50mm integrated wheels.
  • Platform rise detailed at up to 2500mm; approx 4000mm working height.
  • Dimensions: 3500(H) x 1000(W) x 1905(L) mm for versatile usage.
  • Maximum weight per step: robust 175kg support.
  • Step size: expansive 550mm from edge to edge.
Industrial Safety Steps

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Industrial Safety Steps

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Industrial Safety Steps
Industrial Safety Steps

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