Maintenance Barriers

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Item Information

  • Extra height safety barriers for maximum safety when cordoning off a work area
  • 800mm high
  • Tough 30mm thick yellow plastic
  • Product weight: 7.5kg
  • Snap-on hinges enable any configuration to be quickly made
  • Road barrier is free standing when angled
  • Fold flat for carrying and storage
  • Hazard signs included
  • Weighted baseplate available for straight runs or if outdoor barriers require weighting


If you are going to be carrying out temporary maintenance work then it is crucial to make staff, guests, and the public aware of the potential hazardous conditions that could arise from the work. A temporary plastic barrier is a cost-effective solution for traffic management and prohibiting access to restricted areas.

The particular barrier is taller than a normal barrier for maximum safety. It is made from a heavy-duty, yet lightweight, plastic which is coloured in bright yellow, one of the most widely recognised hazard colours. The plastic barrier stands freely when the panels are angled towards or away from each other. If you would like the barriers to stand in a straight line then you can buy flat base plates for standing them upright.

What is the purpose of a handy guard barrier?

Local laws require that areas where construction or maintenance work is carried out be cordoned off to prevent accidental injury when someone walks into such areas. These pedestrian barriers need to be of an adequate height and highly visible to serve this purpose. It is recommended that for such use, safety barriers be used to ensure public and employee safety. The bright yellow colour gives them high visibility, while the hazard signs adequately warn people to stay on the safe side of these barriers.

Where can maintenance barriers be used?

These plastic barriers are ideal for cordoning off work areas where there is a risk of accidental injury. It demarcates such areas and warns passers-by that there is a hazard zone nearby, and to stay on the safe side of the barrier. It can also be used to demarcate restricted areas or to manage foot and vehicular traffic. Its yellow colour ensures high visibility, and the hazard sign is a clear indication that people need to be careful when they see such a barrier in place. Such safety barriers are typically used at construction sites, areas where maintenance is being carried out and other locations where high-visibility safety barriers are required to be placed, such as around swimming pools. They can also be used to mark areas where public access is restricted, and this is especially useful in public or private buildings with specific ‘employees only’ areas. Additional uses for this product could be as a road barrier, or more general traffic barrier. A more traffic specific alternative to the maintenance barrier would be Chapter 8 Barriers, or a Complete Barrier System. Our Car Parks and Traffic category features a variety of products to suit a variety of working environments.

Who might use this product?

Anyone who needs to mark off a specific area or path will find this product extremely useful. In many cases, maintenance or safety barriers are required by law to be in place before commencement of work. It can also be used by anyone who needs to guide foot or vehicular traffic down a designated path – such as a corridor or a car park. These barriers are free standing when assembled at an angle; for straight runs or outdoor use there is an option to purchase baseplates separately.

Maintenance Barrier (Handy Guard Barrier): product specifications - warranties, materials, legislation

This product is made from high-quality, thick plastic (30mm) and is bright yellow in colour for maximum visibility. It comes with hazard signs included, and consists of individual components that snap together for quick and convenient assembly. When not in use they can be stored flat to conserve space. Additional flat baseplates can be purchased for when there is a need to run the barrier in a straight line, or outdoors, when there is a risk of them tipping over. The Workplace Depot offers a standard one-year warranty on all parts and labour. Our maintenance barriers fully comply with all local council and government regulative manufacturing requirements to ensure the safety of your customers and staff.

What is the purpose of a baseplate?

When construction or maintenance barriers are used outdoors or require to be installed in a straight line, they invariably require some form of support mechanism that will prevent them from falling over. The baseplate accessory is designed for such a purpose, and is used in combination with maintenance barriers that are made up of linked flat panels made from plastics.

Where can a baseplate be used?

This product is ideal for using in tandem with flat maintenance barriers when they need to be run in a straight line. Wherever such a barrier is put up for the safety of passers-by, it will require additional stability – especially if it is being used outdoors and susceptible to being blown over in windy weather. This baseplate is perfect for such use, and provides superior stability to individual barrier panels when they are used under such conditions. Who might use this product? Construction and maintenance crews need to have this product on hand when there is a requirement to run a barrier in a straight line or when using it outdoors. The flat panels of such barriers are usually easy targets even for a light breeze, so this product will prove invaluable.

Baseplate: product specifications

The baseplate is weighted, and accommodates standard 30mm maintenance barrier panels. For optimal stability, and depending on the length of the stretch and number of panels used, multiple baseplates are recommended at periodic intervals. However, a single baseplate is adequate for a two or three-panel barrier. The Workplace Depot offers a standard one-year warranty on all parts and labor. Our baseplates fully comply with all local council and government regulative manufacturing requirements to ensure the safety of your customers and staff.

Interesting facts about barriers

The earliest form of barrier is thought to be stone walls, which were essentially made up of flat or irregular-shaped stones piled on top of each other in a line. Primitive walls – or remnants thereof – have been found across various archaeological sites around the world. This type of wall-building is still used today in farming communities and many other rural places.

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  Warranty: 1 year parts / labour

Made in BritainMade in: Britain

Colour Yellow
Depth (mm) 30
Height (mm) 800
Material Plastic
Weight (kg) 7
Width (mm) 1000
Delivery Time 5 working days
Warranty 1 year parts / labour


1 year parts / labour

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