Tough Composite Base
Road Cones
Road Cones
Tough Composite Base
Road Cones
Road Cones

Road Cones

  • 750mm high cone
  • Reflective sleeves comply with EN13422
  • Hand grips at top of cone for easy deployment
  • Stackable for storage
  • 465mm square base
  • 310mm high reflective sleeve
  • Ideal for use in heavy traffic areas
  • Cone is manufactured from a flexible compound
  • Base is 100% tough recycled plastic
  • Packs of 3 or 5 or pallets of 150
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Next Working Day


1 year parts / labour

Product Variations

Code: SK7039 Height (mm): 750 Quantity: Pack of 3 Weight (kg): 4 Price: £40.00 £38.00
Code: WPD34734 Height (mm): 750 Quantity: Pack of 5 Weight (kg): 4 Price: £96.00 £48.00
Code: WPX750CONES Height (mm): 750 Quantity: 150 Weight (kg): 4 Price: £1,800.00 £900.00

Road Cones

Everyone has seen them on the road during construction work, or surrounding an opening on a piece of pavement that is not completely dried. Road cones are an important staple of utility, construction, and repair companies. This simple but valuable piece of equipment not only helps individuals to avoid hazards, but it helps to give any company a more professional reputation. Road cones from The Workplace Depot can help give your company a valuable tool to surround areas that are currently being worked on and to avoid costly disputes by alerting anyone nearby to use caution when they are approaching the area.

What is The Purpose of Road Cones?

Road cones are the most common tool used to mark off an area that is being worked on. Whether a road, sidewalk, portion of a parking lot, or even area of a yard, road cones can signal to everyone around that the area is being repaired or modified. This universal sign is much easier to recognize than others, and using these is a great way to ensure that people do not become injured or damage their property at the place your company is working.

Where Can Road Cones be Used?

Road cones can be used in a variety of places. While they are most commonly used on roads and interstate highways when maintenance or repairs are being performed, they can be used on sidewalks, driveways, yards, parking lots, and numerous other areas. Road cones are such a common item that they can be used nearly anywhere and almost everyone will recognize that hazards are nearby. This can help workers make sure they exempt themselves from legal issues should a person’s vehicle or other property be damaged on a work area.

Who Might Use This Product?

This product is useful for a variety of companies. Those who provide painting, construction, paving, utility, and landscaping services can all utilize road cones to help section off their work area. Any operation can get a professional look by utilizing these items which are common among established businesses. Homeowners can also use these as well to give their operations a professional touch.

Product Information and Specifications

These two-piece units utilize a tough composite base and hand grips to provide a stable but user-friendly experience. Ideal for heavy traffic areas, these units come in packs of three. They can be delivered on the next working day and our company will match any price. Improve your operation today with road cones!

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