Crowd Barriers

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Item Information

  • Cordon off areas to people and traffic with our best-selling crowd barriers
  • Each barrier weighs 23kg and measures 2200(W) x 1100(H) mm
  • Galvanised heavy duty steel 16-bar construction helps to ensure a long life
  • Heavy duty barriers are designed to be linked together in one continuous run
  • Supplied with 1 double foot per barrier, if you need more please call our sales team
  • Large 620mm feet help to keep the barrier rock-solid even in adverse weather
  • Feet can rotate and detach to enable easy transport and storage
  • Please note: Minimum order quantity of 25 barriers (price shown is per barrier)


What is the Purpose of Crowd Barriers?

The name is rather self explanatory, but just to make it clear, these metal barriers are helpful in controlling crowds in retail, commercial or office locations. The barriers are commonly used at many public events. These barriers help maintain queues of waiting attendees, which is especially helpful for ingoing and outgoing patrons. Our metal barriers act as a physical and psychological barrier, used to distinguish "no go" areas, and to assign space for lines.

Where Can This Product Be Used?

Crowd barriers are ideal for places where temporary line control is required. These barriers can also be used as racks for car parks in order to maintain queues/slots. The attached legs of the barriers make it easy to place the barriers anywhere on smooth surfaces in no time. They are frequently visible at sports events, marches, parades political rallies, demonstrations and other such outdoor festivals.

Who Might Use Crowd Barriers?

Event organisers, security personnel and venue managers can use our quality barriers as part of their mass management preparation. Barriers are also used by police to control large gatherings and riots. For police and private security companies these barriers prove to be more effective when they are interlocked. With the help of special hooks these barriers can help make impenetrable lines. These lines cannot be broken easily nor do they provide any gap to cross or topple over.

Product Specifications

Our crowd barrier weighs 23 Kg. They can be either used individually or linked together. It's a heavy duty 17-bar construction which is detachable. The rotating feet enables easy storing and transport yet with 620mm spread they remain stable when in use. The Workplace Depot offers a standard one year warranty on all parts and labor. Our barriers fully comply with all local council and government regulative manufacturing requirements to ensure the safety of your customers and staff.

Interesting Facts...

In some parts of the world these mobile barriers are known as Nadar barriers on account of the fact that it was invented by the person named Nadar. The inventor, Nadar was a French photographer who first erected such barriers in order to keep the crowd at a safe distance from his creations. These types of barriers were first used by personally in September 1846 for crowd control. However, with the passage of time this barrier evolved into various sizes and shapes. The steel barriers with the ability of Interlocking were adapted in France in 1951. These were developed in order to meet the need of maintaining safety and to control the law and order situation during the social upheaval of France in 1950s. After a while these type of barriers were adopted for the same purpose i.e. crowd control in other European countries, and ultimately, by the whole world.

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  Warranty: 1 year parts / labour

Made in BritainMade in: Britain

Print Datasheet CB19G
Height (mm) 1100
Width (mm) 2200
Weight (kg) 10
Material Steel
Delivery Time 10-15 days
Warranty 1 year parts / labour


1 year parts / labour

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