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Category Archives: Amusing (Page 2 of 2)

Traffic cones and statues: A tale of unrequited love

Posted under Amusing, News on November 13, 2013

_71086421_9142674_b0e8f747fa_zBrowsing through the news today, we came across an article written by the BBC titled “Why do people put traffic cones on statues?” Well, firstly it is a valid question. What is the fascination with defacing statues with cones? Providing the addition of a traffic cone accessory to any statues in city centres or towns has become quite commonplace. It is normally the act of drunken pranksters, on the way home after a night on … Read more

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The Kick Step Workout!

Posted under Amusing on November 7, 2013

Office-WorkoutIf you have a busy working lifestyle it can often be difficult to find time to keep fit and healthy. After a day of working 9 to 5, you may not feel like slogging it out at the gym. The prices of gym memberships are also high and unaffordable for many people. Well, the team here at The Workplace Depot have come up with an easy and cheap way to work out in the workplace … Read more

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Too early for Christmas?

Posted under Amusing, Office on November 1, 2013

christmas-partyLast week in the office, everybody was shocked, and actually a little bit horrified, to find our very first Christmas card of the year waiting for us on the door mat. Our first Christmas card arrived in October – late October, but it was October nonetheless!

Christmas is a time for festivity and good will, but when you are reminded by a Christmas card that the big day is only 53 days away (yes really!), … Read more

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The “key” solution to your problems…

Posted under Amusing, Product Updates, Security, Storage on October 30, 2013

SLIMLINEKEYCAB_1_2How many times have you wandered around in an aimless attempt to search for a lost pair of car keys? You are sure you left them on the kitchen counter… Or were they in your bag? It’s something which is a commonplace situation in households up and down the UK; the mystery of missing keys. One must admit they are an easy item to misplace. One minute they are in your hand when you are … Read more

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Why did the chicken cross the road?

Posted under Amusing, Health and safety on October 23, 2013

Chicken_hi_vis_jacket_carThe world we live in today is one which is becoming more health and safety conscious and we have been described as a hi-viz society, as more and more people are donning hi-visibility clothing to stay safe at work, whilst out at night or with young children who are walking to school.

The latest group of society to join the hi-viz trend is the feathered kind. Yes, that’s right. The chicken coop company Omlet have … Read more

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Cone but not forgotten

Posted under Amusing on October 17, 2013

road-conesThis week saw the start of the annual Frieze Art Fair in London, where artists and art lovers from across the world come to witness and potentially purchase some of the artwork on show.

The Frieze Art Fair takes places every October in Regent’s Park in London and is hosted by the two publishers of the Frieze contemporary art magazine. The fair is an exhibition of all sorts of contemporary art that attracts nearly 70,000 … Read more

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DIY fails

Posted under Amusing on October 4, 2013

20130905_101953A member of our web team this week spotted this crazy contraption whilst out and about in Bingham. It might not be easy to tell what it is at first glance, but we believe it to be a home-made, DIY, make-shift retractable parking post.

Hinged parking posts are very useful in situations where you need to control the passing of traffic or control the availability of specific parking spaces. They allow the owner to block … Read more

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When a mirror isn’t just a mirror

Posted under Amusing, Security on September 24, 2013

bloody-maryAs well as using mirrors for practical and safety reasons, for example in shops as security to help deter shop lifters and on roads to help drivers check their blind spots, there are a variety of fun things you can do with just a humble mirror.

1. You can summon up evil spirits. There is a well-known children’s “game” of summoning the evil spirit of a woman called Mary by staring into the bathroom mirror … Read more

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10 pranks to pull on your colleagues

Posted under Amusing on September 5, 2013

office-prankIf you fancy a laugh and giggle (which may be alien to some employees), here are some pranks to pull on your work colleagues. Of course, not everyone has time to pull off the ultimate prank but if you want a simple and quick prank to pull on someone, you’ve come to the right place.

Keyboard key change

This is an old one, but still very funny. For those keen typers that love to keep … Read more

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10 most unusual jobs that do exist

Posted under Amusing on August 30, 2013

pet-foodHave you ever thought if those strange jobs actually do exist? Such as a Lego sculptor or a pet detective – or have you considered a career change to something a bit more exciting than working in an office? Here are 10 jobs you could apply for – and yes they do exist!

Pet Food Tester

Senior Food Technologist may sound an ideal job, especially if you love your food. However, before you click apply, … Read more

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How to defend or save yourself against sharks using workplace products

Posted under Amusing on July 31, 2013


When reading the news online, I saw three different stories that involved the predatory animal of the sevens seas – sharks! Between 1580 and 2012 there have been 2,569 unprovoked shark attacks, 484 of which have be fatal. (Last updated February 2013).

After discussing with the team (and getting some funny looks) here are some products that you may need to defend yourself if you happen to be swimming in shark infested waters.


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Inside the workplace of… Part Two

Posted under Amusing on July 18, 2013

Inside the workplace of… Part Two

rb-tennisRed Bull

Ping-pong, ping-pong, is not a sound you would normally hear in a meeting room. But in the Red Bull headquarters in London, table tennis is part of the furniture, quite literally.

Jump Studios have designed a dynamic, interactive and adrenaline filled, 3 floor building for the employees of Red Bull. Each floor is filled with activities and features for all the employees to use and experience.

Red … Read more

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Genesis of the Kick Steps

Posted under Amusing on April 16, 2013

When you think of the word ‘Kick step‘ what other words spring to mind? Step stool, kick stool, kick along step, Steppy, Kikkers, kik-step, Daleks? Yes, Daleks the infamous enemy of Doctor Who. Since the Daleks first appeared on the television screens in 1963, they have become the epitome of robotic evil across the globe and has had children diving behind the sofas terrified that the evil Davros will come and get them. … Read more

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