Reasons You Should be Drinking Coffee at Work

Posted on July 23, 2015

Very few office workers can go a few hours, let alone days without their regular caffeine fix. A cup of coffee, be it anTeam having a coffee break Americano, a latte, or an espresso, have often been chalked down as saviours during long working hours, night shifts or getting through sleep-deprived days. But that cuppa mocha latte (my personal favourite) is not only waking you up every morning, it’s doing more wonders than you realize.

We have some very big fans of coffee  around here at The Workplace Depot and we've put our thoughts together to come up with 8 amazing benefits of coffee (in our opinion of course). So here they are:

1. Coffee Boosts Productivity

It’s evident that coffee helps increase productivity at work, whether you’re sleep- deprived or whether you’ve had a peaceful eight-hour slumber. A group of researchers studying night-shift workers found that caffeinated workers made fewer mistakes than decaffeinated ones. A big presentation coming up? I would certainly down a cup right about now.

2. A Cup a Day Keeps You Alert, Focused, and Smarter

That much-needed jolt in the morning actually makes you focused, alert, smarter, and more intelligent. A report by CNN states that your brain actually works more efficiently once you’ve downed some coffee at your workplace.

3. Let’s Face It—Coffee Tastes Amazing

Coffee isn’t just some drink to chug just to get by, it actually tastes pretty amazing. The aromatic beans can be used to make cold coffee or hot coffee. While cold caffeinated drinks are great in the hot summer months, steaming mugs of coffee work wonders during chilly winter mornings.

4. Helps You Bond With Co-Workers in the Office

Coffee has basically become the next watercooler, with several employees taking frequent coffee breaks in order to recharge. No doubt, these precious caffeine breaks help you bond with co-workers, air grievances, catch up on the latest office gossip and make intriguing conversations. But did you know that sipping coffee in your amber leather chair at your workplace not only assists in social bonding but it also enhances performance?

Researchers at MIT found employees that take breaks together were actually more productive. When their breaks were scheduled at the same time, their performance improved. I guess it’s time to take a break now.

5. Coffee is power-packed with antioxidants

A study showed that caffeine is actually great for your skin because it’s packed with healthy antioxidants. The human body absorbs more antioxidants from an espresso than either tea, vegetables, or fruits.

6. Caffeine Makes You Feel Happier in the Workplace

Beat those Monday morning blues at your workplace by having a cup of coffee. Coffee curbs depression because it activates neurotransmitters that control your mood such as dopamine and serotonin.

7. Coffee Eases the Pain In Necks, Shoulders, Forearms, and Wrists

Sitting at the computer all day can give you neck pains. While massages do help, I’d recommend using this as an excuse to gulp down a java. A piping hot cup can ease pain in several areas.

8. Your Liver Loves Caffeine

Coffee consumption has been linked to lower incidences of alcoholic cirrhosis. If you drink alcohol, drinking many cups of coffee a day will prevent you from experiencing liver failure.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, a latte can prevent certain cancers, stave off Type 2 diabetes and do a whole lot of good to your health. The next time you head over to your wooden filing cabinets to grab that important file, make sure to also make a quick dash for a freshly brewed cup of black coffee.

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