9 Products Your Workplace Can’t Possibly be Without
9 Products Your Workplace Can’t Possibly be Without

Posted on April 09, 2018

What do hand dryers, posters and fire extinguishers all have in common? Read on to find out... Every workplace has to meet certain welfare requirements. Whether you’re moving products in a warehouse, standing by a poolside as a lifeguard, or sitting at a desk in an office there are certain essentials that an employer must provide to maintain welfare standards. So what must an employer provide in a workplace...

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A Day in the Life of … An Operations Manager

Posted on December 10, 2015

This week we are offering you an insight into what the life of an Operations Manager might be like, in an industry where effective operations are paramount. We've asked Michelle, our Operations Manager to outline what her day to day tasks might include. Michelle has been with us for not less than 16 years this December! A Day in the Life of ... an Operations Manger Morning @8.45am .... Arrive, unless on the early shift in which case I would have already been here for an hour. First thing I do is log into to all the platforms I need for the day ahead so our order processing system, our website, and various emails Once these are logged in and ready all emails are checked and replied to @9.30am...Have a look at my contact management system to see who I need to speak to and why, this could be a call to check a customers order has been delivered ok, to chase a supplier, to discuss a quotation or just a general call to see how they are doing @11.00am...Deal...

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Stock Take Procedure - How to by WPD

Posted on November 19, 2015

Here we go... Christmas Holidays are fast approaching, so what better time to organize our stock take for the upcoming busy period if not now... said our keen Warehouse Manager! So we (the web team and the Finance Manager) had to give him a hand on a cold November afternoon and get things done counted in the warehouse.  We've put the high vises on, or at least intended to and cracked on. After carefully assigning us to teams, Ben gave everybody warehouse maps and to do lists.    Some of us were lucky enough to work inside the warehouse office...    Some had to g...

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Using Team Building to Develop a Successful Team

Posted on October 08, 2015

Building a great team starts with great leadership. A great leader has many positive attributes such as correcting the course when necessary, making tough decisions, and setting performance standards. Team building and leadership requires ego management, recognition, and continuous development among other things to work well over the short and long term. Businesses that invest in team building are often more successful and have enhanced rapport among team members. It also makes team members feel like contributors to the overall success of their team or company. Leadership’s understanding of team building and team building activities is essential to effectively fostering team synergy. Team building activities are a great way to develop and foster the health o...

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The Importance of Work-Life Balance

Posted on October 06, 2015

With today’s cutting edge technology, the work-life balance lines are starting to blur. When something big happens, it is available on social media almost immediately. If you are in any business where breaking news or important announcements come after standard work hours, you know the importance of being able to make the announcement as soon as it happens. In a world like this, distancing yourself from work can be quite the challenge. But maintaining a good work-life balance is important. Not only does it give you a chance to recharge, but taking a true break from work often makes you more focused when you return and you are more likely to work harder to accomplish set goals. Why Such an Emphasis on Work-Life Balance? Maintaining a good work-life balance goes beyond just the need to constantly be present in your work life with new technology. It can be the difference between h...

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Big Companies that Started in a Garage

Posted on September 10, 2015

The modern society encourages us to push our own boundaries and write our success story from scratch, even when we don’t actually feel (financially) prepared to face this challenge. The idealized version of the American Dream gives us hope and fuels our greatest expectations and some big companies that started in a garage do too! Therefore, we boost our own motivation and perseverance through the power of the positive examples that are virtually everywhere.  Google, Disney, HP, Apple and Amazon are only a few of the most well-known, gigantic companies that started small, in even smaller, obscure garages. These prosperous multibillion dollar corporations owe their popularity and prosperity to their visionary founders who relied on their skills, talent and unique approach to doing business in their industry to take their garage business to a whole new level. #1 - Founded in 1994 by...

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Business Fire Protection Day

Posted on August 28, 2015

As business fire protection day approaches (31st August), it is important to remember that the safety of your staff and customers should always be at the forefront of your mind. There are certain regulations that govern the items every business must have, and it is best to familiarize yourself with what is required of you. This equipment is designed to keep people safe and prevent accidents in the work place. Stock up on everything you need in order to ensure a safe environment for employees and customers. Extinguishers And Hoses This business fire protection day, take a moment to look over the fire extinguishers and hoses in your business. In case of an emergency, these devices need to be in good working condition. In accordance with the law, they must be inspected once a month, and serviced by a professional every...

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Create The Ideal Staff Room

Posted on August 20, 2015

A letter from the people in our warehouse Staff Room - A Little Rest And Relaxation Like most people, I need a place to go when I take a rest from working hard. That’s why I value having a staff room. There, I can find some respite and then return to work refreshed. Personally, I have a job where I stand on my feet throughout my shift, so it’s really important to me that the staff lounge has comfortable seating. Also, this is where I prefer to eat my lunch. I like having a designated space that’s just for taking lunch or having a cup of coffee. So, I also like when there are tables in the staff room. Many employers in the past haven’t understood the importance of such a place for the staff. Little do my employers know that I took into account what they could provide in terms of a staff room when I decided whether to look for another place of employment. Designing A Great Staff Room in The Workplace To me, getting comfor...

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Workplace Dress Code and Uniforms: What is the Benefit?

Posted on August 06, 2015

Having an workplace dress code in your workplace will often depend on where it is that you work. For example, working in a business office or law firm will require you to dress professionally. Meanwhile, working at a grocery store, warehouse, restaurant or even in the army will almost always require you to wear a uniform. Now the question is -  are these clothing choices beneficial to the workplace in general? I'll quickly go through the benefits of both a workplace dress code and wearing a uniform. Uniforms in the Workplace  Often, wh...

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5 Tips to Develop Good Workplace Habits

Posted on August 04, 2015

Whether they are positive or negative, you have a list of workplace habits. You may not have ever thought that you have them, but you have inevitably developed some over time. It is human nature to fall into habits, but it is up to you to make sure that you develop good habits in order to create consistency in your life. Good habits improve your productivity at work. They’ll help make you a better employee. We all know that better employees make for better companies. Here are a few ways to start working towards more positive and pr...

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Top 5 Workplace Films

Posted on July 30, 2015

We may love to watch movies because they help us escape real life for a few moments. Yet, the popularity of workplace films takes us right back to our desks and keeps us grounded in reality. How Workplace Films Inspire and Motivate Us to Love Our Work Work is always hard. Even if you have your dream job, there are always ups and downs in every office, in every post, in every country across the world. Perhaps that’s why workplace films that inspire and motivate us have become such box office hits in recent years. Here are our top 5 workplace movies that get us inspired and motivated and why we love them. #5: Office Space Roger Ebert reviews the hit film, Office Space, as a “comic cry” of anger towards the hum drum everyday of office life. In spite of the film being a little negative, the determination of the three heroes in the movie does give us a motivational boost. Sometimes it can also help just to have a laugh at the fact that so many office workers across the country can relate to the same struggles of office life. #4: The Social Network The Social Network is one of those films that makes each one of us feel like we could build an empire from our dorm. That’s perhaps why this workplace film debuted at number 1 when it hit box offices in 2010 (according to Box Office Mojo). The film shows the uncertain journey of Facebook’s famous founders as they undergo ups, downs, and roundabouts in their journey to success. It helps prove a point that all you need is a dream and a dedication to pursue professional greatness. #3: The Devil Wears Prada The Devil Wears Prada tells the classic story of the struggle to work hard and advance from the bottom to the top. Although the story revolves around the very specific peculiarities of pursuing a career within the fashion industry, the struggles that the protagonist feels, such as the pressures of a demanding work environment and competition within organisations are transferable to almost every professional field. For this reason, the movie makes it to number 3 in our top 5 workplace movies. #2: The Internship Technology seems to be taking over the workplace. In today’s world, it’s very difficult to get ahead when you aren’t tech savvy. Such is the central plot of the hilarious workplace comedy, The Internship. Two salesmen, whose lack of experience in technology leads them to redundancy, decide to ...

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Reasons You Should be Drinking Coffee at Work

Posted on July 23, 2015

Very few office workers can go a few hours, let alone days without their regular caffeine fix. A cup of coffee, be it an Americano, a latte, or an espresso, have often been chalked down as saviours during long working hours, night shifts or getting through sleep-deprived days. But that cuppa mocha latte (my personal favourite) is not only waking you up every morning, it’s doing more wonders than you realize. We have some very big fans of coffee  around here at The Workplace Depot and we've put our thoughts together to come up with 8 amazing benefits of coffee (in our opinion of course). So here they are: 1. Coffee Boosts Productivity ...

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