9 Products Your Workplace Can’t Possibly be Without

Posted on April 09, 2018

What do hand dryers, posters and fire extinguishers all have in common? Read on to find out...

Every workplace has to meet certain welfare requirements. Whether you’re moving products in a warehouse, standing by a poolside as a lifeguard, or sitting at a desk in an office there are certain essentials that an employer must provide to maintain welfare standards.

So what must an employer provide in a workplace? According to The Health and Safety Executive, welfare facilities, fire safety equipment, and first aid supplies are an absolute must.

Health and Safety

Fire Safety Equipment

UK Fire Safety Legislation states that a workplace must have an appointed responsible person for fire safety, as well as having the appropriate fire safety measures and equipment on site. Now the question on your lips may well be ‘what is classed as appropriate fire safety measures?’

Any workplace must have a Fire Risk Assessment, fire alarms, smoke alarms and emergency evacuation routes. If an employer has five or more employees, they are required to provide adequate fire safety equipment. The type of equipment found may vary on the type of workplace environment. For example, an office may only have fire extinguishers, whereas a restaurant kitchen may have fire extinguishers and fire blankets.

Emergency Exit Signs

Emergency exit routes can be seen everywhere nowadays. In fact, I bet you can look around and see one wherever you’re reading this right now. If you can’t see one, then maybe it’s time to add a splash of colour to your workplace, with a bright green fire exit sign.

Signposting an emergency exit is a key part of workplace health and safety. It is the simplest way to ensure employees are able to evacuate the area if necessary in a safe and effective manor.

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Welfare Facilities

Toilet and Washing Facilities

When you have to go, you have to go. It’s important for an employer to provide toilet facilities with appropriate sanitary features. Toilets should be separated for male and female employee use. The washing facilities must have hot and cold running water, soap, and facilities for employees to dry their hands.

Break time facilities

Your workplace can’t be all work and no play. It’s important to provide a suitable area where employees can comfortably take their breaks. The law also required that drinking water is provided; whether it’s a water dispenser, a tap or the finest quality bottled water- hydration is key! The allocated break area must also feature facilities to heat up food. Appliances such as a kettle and microwave are acceptable.

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First Aid Kits

Now we all know accidents happen, so it’s important to be prepared. A first aid kit is one of the workplace essentials that can stop a situation changing from bad to worse. This particular product ensures any accidents or incidents can be handled quickly and effectively. 

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A Hazard- Free Workplace

Just like the fire safety and welfare facilities, it is a requirement to keep the hazards in your workplace to a minimum.

Your workspace should be as safe as possible. Adding something as simple as a cable cover to your workplace can keep cables and wires tidy, instantly resulting in limiting a trip hazard.

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The Health and Safety Law poster

By law, all employers must display the Health and Safety Executive poster in their workplace. It is essential for all individuals in the workplace to be able to easily access this poster. Alternatively, employers can download individual copies for distribution.

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