The Importance of Work-Life Balance

Posted on October 06, 2015

Work-Life BalanceWith today’s cutting edge technology, the work-life balance lines are starting to blur. When something big happens, it is available on social media almost immediately. If you are in any business where breaking news or important announcements come after standard work hours, you know the importance of being able to make the announcement as soon as it happens. In a world like this, distancing yourself from work can be quite the challenge.

But maintaining a good work-life balance is important. Not only does it give you a chance to recharge, but taking a true break from work often makes you more focused when you return and you are more likely to work harder to accomplish set goals.

Why Such an Emphasis on Work-Life Balance?

Maintaining a good work-life balance goes beyond just the need to constantly be present in your work life with new technology. It can be the difference between happiness at work and resentment. It is one thing when you willingly practice bad balancing skills. When your boss is the one requiring you to work beyond your scheduled hours, or work around the clock to make sure your company is the first on the scene, then it becomes a problem.

Many employees will look for a new job based on not offering enough of an equalizer between life and their job.  In fact, it is common to be the number one reason for leaving a job. Surprisingly, this is more important to employees than compensation in most cases.

How to Avoid Burnout

Every employee claims to experience burn out at some point in their career. Avoiding it is the key to success at your job and in your personal life.  

Learn to avoid burnout by acknowledging when you have been working too hard. This is sometimes a hard thing to recognize on your own. Signs such as increasing frustrations at work and the feeling of drowning are tell-tale symptoms of burn out. If you think you are heading toward burnout but don’t know how to stop, this is the perfect time to talk to your boss, before it’s too late.

Combat the burnout by unplugging for a weekend or making an agreement with yourself that every so many days you turn off technology as soon as your work-day ends. Preventing burnout leads to increased productivity at work which makes everyone happier and less stressed.

Make Sure You Have Everything You Need

One surefire way to keep a healthy work-life balance is to have all the supplies to get your job done at all times, eliminating the stress with having to get these supplies and cutting into your personal time. For all of the job supplies you need to avoid overwork and frustration, visit The Workplace Depot.

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