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Posted on August 20, 2015

The Ideal Staff CafeteriaA letter from the people in our warehouse

Staff Room - A Little Rest And Relaxation

Like most people, I need a place to go when I take a rest from working hard. That’s why I value having a staff room. There, I can find some respite and then return to work refreshed. Personally, I have a job where I stand on my feet throughout my shift, so it’s really important to me that the staff lounge has comfortable seating. Also, this is where I prefer to eat my lunch. I like having a designated space that’s just for taking lunch or having a cup of coffee. So, I also like when there are tables in the staff room. Many employers in the past haven’t understood the importance of such a place for the staff. Little do my employers know that I took into account what they could provide in terms of a staff room when I decided whether to look for another place of employment.

Designing A Great Staff Room in The Workplace

To me, getting comfortable chairs and adequate tables are the first steps in creating a nice place for employees to take a rest. First of all, if the chairs aren’t comfortable, then no one will want to sit on them, which means no one will take advantage of the staff lounge. It doesn’t really matter what style the chairs are. They can be folding chairs, so long as they are comfortable. Of course, it's even better if the employer outfits the lounge with a sofa or armchairs. I find this particularly satisfying when I am working a long shift during which I have to stand on my feet for extended periods of time. When an employer provides me with comfortable seating, I feel as if they acknowledge how hard I work and that they want me to be able to relax in order to continue to do my best for the company.

Additionally, creating a place where I can eat my lunch or dinner during my shift helps me stay focused. If an employer provides me with adequate seating, I don’t feel as if I have to go elsewhere during my time off the clock. That means I’m usually less likely to be late for my shift when it’s time to return. Having a table in the break space also means I am able to bring my lunch to work. Therefore, I can spend more time resting up for the latter half of my shift instead of going in search of food. Providing comfortable seating and sufficient tables in the break space makes me feel as if my health and happiness are important to my employer.

The Little Things Can Go a Long Way

It may seem strange that I would place so much focus on having a staff room in the workplace, but if you think about it, it makes sense. Not only do I feel that my employer understands how hard I work, but I also think my employer wants me to be able to rest while I am off the clock. That experience can only come, though, when an employer truly provides me with an ideal break space.

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