Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Posted on October 23, 2013

The world we live in today is one which is becoming more health and safety conscious and we have been described as a hi-viz society, as more and more people are donning hi-visibility clothing to stay safe at work, whilst out at night or with young children who are walking to school. The latest group of society to join the hi-viz trend is the feathered kind. Yes, that’s right. The chicken coop company Omlet have started selling a Health and Safety Gilet for chickens. This revelation in chicken technology comes from the increasing number of chickens i...

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Cone but not Forgotten

Posted on October 17, 2013

This week saw the start of the annual Frieze Art Fair in London, where artists and art lovers from across the world come to witness and potentially purchase some of the artwork on show. The Frieze Art Fair takes places every October in Regent’s Park in London and is hosted by the two publishers of the Frieze contemporary art magazine. The fair is an exhibition of all sorts of contemporary art that attracts nearly 70,000 visitors each year. The main purpose of the event is to sell work to the people who come along, but it is becoming increasingly popular as an art exhibition with more and more people coming to simply spectate and view the works on display. One of the artists whose work was on show this year was Robert Pruitt. Pruitt is a visual artist from New York. His work a...

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DIY Fails

Posted on October 04, 2013

A member of our web team this week spotted this crazy contraption whilst out and about in Bingham. It might not be easy to tell what it is at first glance, but we believe it to be a home-made, DIY, make-shift retractable parking post. Hinged parking posts are very useful in situations where you need to control the passing of traffic or control the availability of specific parking spaces. They allow the owner to block or allow cars as necessary. If you wish to prohibit the access of unwanted vehicles, then you can do so by installing a parking post which will block the way. Similarly, pedestrians walking near the closed roadway have extra protection from motor vehicles when a parking post is in place. Being fitted with a hinge, the retractable parking post can be folded down...

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When a Mirror isn't Just a Mirror

Posted on September 24, 2013

As well as using mirrors for practical and safety reasons, for example in shops as security to help deter shop lifters and on roads to help drivers check their blind spots, there are a variety of fun things you can do with just a humble mirror. 1. You can summon up evil spirits. There is a well-known children’s "game" of summoning the evil spirit of a woman called Mary by staring into the bathroom mirror and chanting “Bloody Mary” three times over. The folklore behind this game is supposed to come from Mary I, Queen of England who was given the nickname of Bloody...

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10 Pranks to Pull on Your Colleagues

Posted on September 05, 2013

If you fancy a laugh and giggle (which may be alien to some employees), here are some pranks to pull on your work colleagues. Of course, not everyone has time to pull off the ultimate prank but if you want a simple and quick prank to pull on someone, you've come to the right place. Keyboard key change This is an old one, but still very funny. For those keen typers that love to keep on typing, this is a great one. Switch around the ones you think would work best and let the victim do the work! Eternal hold If...

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10 Most Unusual Jobs That Do Exist

Posted on August 30, 2013

Have you ever thought if those strange jobs actually do exist? Such as a Lego sculptor or a pet detective – or have you considered a career change to something a bit more exciting than working in an office? Here are 10 jobs you could apply for – and yes they do exist! Pet Food Tester Senior Food Technologist may sound an ideal job, especially if you love your food. However, before you click apply, you could be applying for a job as a pet food taster. Most brands we see sat on the shelves, are tested before they go on sale and apparently pets are unreliable because many just eat anything, or they are picky, so this is where humans come in. Professional Granny There is a website called ...

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How to Defend or Save Yourself Against Sharks Using Workplace Products

Posted on July 31, 2013

When reading the news online, I saw three different stories that involved the predatory animal of the sevens seas – sharks! Between 1580 and 2012 there have been 2,569 unprovoked shark attacks, 484 of which have be fatal. (Last updated February 2013). After discussing with the team (and getting some funny looks) here are some products that you may need to defend yourself if you happen to be swimming in shark infested waters. PLEASE NOTE: We only want you to defend yourself against the great white sharks as these are the main attackers on humans (as most sharks are actually harmless). Defensive mode First of all, it would be quite silly of the lifeguards or authorities not to display ...

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Inside the Workplace Of... Part Two

Posted on July 18, 2013

Inside the workplace of... Part Two Red Bull Ping-pong, ping-pong, is not a sound you would normally hear in a meeting room. But in the Red Bull headquarters in London, table tennis is part of the furniture, quite literally. Jump Studios have designed a dynamic, interactive and adrenaline filled, 3 floor building for the employees of Red Bull. Each floor is filled with activities and features for all the employees to use and experience. Red Bull as a brand pride themselves on being actively involved in adrenaline sports, and this is where the design had evolved from – the idea to create an environment to stimulate the minds and bodies of employees and visitors. ...

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Genesis of the Kick Steps

Posted on April 16, 2013

When you think of the word 'Kick step' what other words spring to mind? Step stool, kick stool, kick along step, Steppy, Kikkers, kik-step, Daleks? Yes, Daleks the infamous enemy of Doctor Who. Since the Daleks first appeared on the television screens in 1963, they have become the epitome of robotic evil across the globe and has had children diving behind the sofas terrified that the evil Davros will come and get them. This was incredibly scary for the 60's and 70's children. Well, I thought in brilliant Blue Peter style of creating the iconic villain the Dalek using a kick step and other materials. But you will have to figure out how to make one yourself, however I should warn anyone planning to make a Dalek, that...

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