10 Pranks to Pull on Your Colleagues

Posted on September 05, 2013

office-prankIf you fancy a laugh and giggle (which may be alien to some employees), here are some pranks to pull on your work colleagues. Of course, not everyone has time to pull off the ultimate prank but if you want a simple and quick prank to pull on someone, you've come to the right place.

Keyboard key change

This is an old one, but still very funny. For those keen typers that love to keep on typing, this is a great one. Switch around the ones you think customer-servicewould work best and let the victim do the work!

Eternal hold

If you feel like being annoying then putting a co worker on hold is the prank for you. This prank will work better in a big workplace where your victim cannot see you. Simply call a colleague and talk to them about something important. Then tell them to hold for a minute, press the hold button and see how long they hold the phone for. For best results, keep repeating this in the space on a few minutes.

The tape and mouse

This is simple, quick and an easy prank to carry out. Just simple tape the lens of the mouse (or tape some paper to the bottom) and wait for your victim to use the mouse. Unknown to them, the mouse will not work and make them incredibly confused.

shock-faceRe-parking the car

It doesn't matter whether your car park is big or small, this prank will work. Do this when they are in a meeting or out for lunch, locate the car keys and secretly move their car to a different space. This prank will work if it away from the area it was originally parked. The shock on their face will be the reward.

Anchors away

This is another quick and easy one – if you have the correct equipment. You will need some rope and a roll of duct tape. Wait for the victim to leave the room for a meeting etc. attached the rope to the chair they are sat on then tie the other end to the anchor point of the desk. Tape up the two wheels of the chair that are under the desk with duct tape. This will mean they would have go right under the desk just undo all your work!

Voice activating copier machine

You will need someone who can hold a straight face for a long time. If you get a new employee or a new photocopier, make a sign that looks professional stating that the machine is now voice activated. Tell them a few commands, like 'start' or 'copy' and sit back and watch them talking to a photocopier.

Fake meeting

Send round an email to the most gullible colleagues who will believe that the boss isn't happy with them. Make them walk over to the meeting room or the bosses office (preferably on the other side of the building) and watch their faces drop when they realise its all a big joke.

This time it was the chair

This has to be one of my favourites. If you really want to shock and scare someone, if not the whole team, then attach an air horn to their chair. You will need: 1x air horn, a few zip ties, electrical tape and a plumbing plug. The image below is a step-by-step guide on how to install your prank.

Courtesy of Wonder how to

Random word

Saying a random word at a random time is pretty random, but when someone isn't clued into what is happening, it can become incredibly funny. Play a game with two other colleagues and see how long it takes for other people to notice.

yes-sirYes Sir.... Ma'am

When your boss hires a new employee, tell the newbie that the boss only answers to Sir/Ma'am. Not only will you prank the newest recruit, but also your boss as they will be instantly puzzled at why they are getting called Sir/Ma'am.

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