10 Most Unusual Jobs That Do Exist

Posted on August 30, 2013

pet-foodHave you ever thought if those strange jobs actually do exist? Such as a Lego sculptor or a pet detective – or have you considered a career change to something a bit more exciting than working in an office? Here are 10 jobs you could apply for – and yes they do exist!

Pet Food Tester

Senior Food Technologist may sound an ideal job, especially if you love your food. However, before you click apply, you could be applying for a job as a pet food taster. Most brands we see sat on the shelves, are tested before they go on sale and apparently pets are unreliable because many just eat anything, or they are picky, so this is where humans come in.

Professional Granny

There is a website called grannyandi.co.uk that employees grannies as babysitters, helpers for new mums, housekeepers and maternity nurses. They have decades of experience behind them from looking after their own children and grandchildren (which is an aspect required to become a Granny). Each Granny must also be CRB checked and trained in first aid. These Grannies really are the next best thing to your own set of Grandparents.

Citrus Fruit Dryer

This job is exactly what it says in the job title – no more no less. A citrus fruit dryer simply dries to fruit to preserve it for longer. But like any method of preservation, drying causes some nutrient loss. But yes people do dry fruits to make them look even more tasty and delicious.

dog-yogaDog Yoga Teacher

One of the latest and on going crazes that is hitting the UK streets is Dog Yoga – also known as Doga. There are three ways to take part in the latest craze: 1. Start your own local class and earn some extra cash, you can learn how to be a Doga teacher at dogadog.com, 2. take your own dog to a yoga class, 3. watch some funny clips of Doga in action.


This freakishly attractive job will scare you into next week when you realise that being a zombie earns around £30,000 a year. The London Dungeons hold auditions every year for a role of a zombie which attracts many applicants including a former archaeologist who won the job in 2009.

Bed Bug Host

According to studies, bed bug infestations are on the rise and pest control companies are receiving more calls about bed bugs biting in the night. The only thing is, bed bugs are hard to kill as they only appear when they sense carbon dioxide in the night. This is great news if your chosen career is to be a bed bug host. All you have to do is be prepared to sleep in other people's beds when they are infested with bed bugs.

monkey-helpersMonkey Trainer for the Disabled

Out of the 10 unusual jobs in this article, this job would have to be the most fun and fulfilling. You can join the charity 'Monkey Helpers' and help teach monkeys to carry out every day tasks for people living with injuries that prevent them from using their hands.

Professional Queuer

If you don't mind queuing for hours on end and need the extra cash, you can become a professional queuer. It all started in America with a company called linestanding.com who paid people $36.00 (£23.20) an hour. But why would you do this we hear you ask, well the service is for those busy professionals who want to attend a congressional or judical hearing but cannot afford to spend hours standing in a line waiting for a seat. They will hire a line stander to queue up for them and then meet them somewhere towards the end and swap places with the line stander.

Paper Towel Sniffer

You would never had guessed what a Paper Towel Sniffer does! As strange as it sounds, this is an actual job. The sniffers are paid to sniff the paper towels before, during and after use. The odours that they smell are then reported back to the manufacturer. So if you happen to see a person in the toilets doing this, you know that they are probably employed to sniff paper towels.

ostrich-babysitterOstrich Babysitter

If you a fan of the big birds themselves, they you can be employed to be a babysitter and watch them all day making sure they don't peck each other to death or get stolen. It may sound odd, but this helps the ostrich stay healthy and happy in the environment they in, plus you get to relax and sit in a field doing nothing.

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