Steel Warehouse Barriers
Steel Warehouse Barrier
Spring Steel Warehouse Barriers
Steel Warehouse Barriers
Steel Warehouse Barrier
Spring Steel Warehouse Barriers

Spring Steel Warehouse Barrier

  • Designed for protection from fork truck impact
  • Low, high or dual rail barriers
  • 610H buffer posts adopt both single and double height rails
  • Fully galvanised steel components
  • Rail 160H x 40D x 3mm thick, supplied in 4m lengths
  • Buffer 10mm thick spring steel 610H or 235H, supplied with 200 x 150 baseplate and mounting bolt
  • Post centres 1500mm single height, 1200mm double height
  • Load absorbing buffer saves on replacement costs
  • Steel Warehouse Barriers have optional yellow plastic end caps


5 working days


5 working days


1 year parts / labour

Product Variations

Code: SDB2BPB Description: Low level buffer upright incl. base and bolt Dimensions (mm): 235(H) Price: £44.00 £43.12
Code: SDB6BPB Description: Buffer upright incl. base and bolt Dimensions (mm): 610(H) Price: £53.00 £51.94
Code: SDQB Description: Quarter bend terminal Dimensions (mm): 160(H) x 250(W) x 720(D) Price: £62.00 £60.76
Code: SDBN Description: 90 degree bend Dimensions (mm): 160(H) x 600(W) x 600(D) Price: £84.00 £82.32
Code: SDR4 Description: Standard duty barrier rail, 4m length Dimensions (mm): 160H x 4000(W) Price: £117.00 £114.66


Code: SDEC Description: Yellow end cap Price: £9.00 £8.82
Code: SDJP Description: Galvanised joint piece Price: £12.00 £11.76

Spring Steel Warehouse Barrier

What Is The Purpose Of The Spring Steel Warehouse Barrier?

If you have a forklift that is constantly driving around your warehouse, shifting, loading and unloading pallets, it’s bound to make contact with your pallet shelving or your warehouse walls. To prevent any damage or even catastrophe from occurring, get the spring steel warehouse barrier to protect your entire stock. This barrier is a modifiable rail this mounted against your walls and pallet shelving. It protects your forklift from damage, and absorbs a shock of an impact. You can choose to affix it directly to the shelving units you already have or you could simply mount posts against your warehouse wall and affix the rails to the posts. The thin steel provides a sturdy and secure barrier for all collisions and the galvanised steel components give it strength to last. Coming in 4m lengths, you can also get curved pieces, end caps and a whole range of modifiers to suit your entire floor space.

Where Can The Spring Steel Warehouse Barrier Be Used?

Obviously, it is meant to be used in the warehouse setting. Anywhere that you have a consistent forklift presence would benefit from the rails you can mount just about anywhere. Put in throughout your warehouse and even out in the loading areas and docks. Our posts and poles give you a full range of options when it comes to locations to mount your rails.

Who Might Use The Spring Steel Warehouse Barrier?

Used by forklift drivers and delivery drivers mainly, the spring steel barriers should be installed by any business owner that values the space they work and the stock they have.

Spring Steep Warehouse Barrier Specifications  

  • Comes in low, high or dual rails.

  • 610mm posts can mount the single or dual rails.

  • 160mm x 40mm x 3mm thick galvanised steel rails.

  • 10mm thick buffer spring steel comes with the baseplates and mounting bolts needed to install.

  • Absorbs the impact before your shelves or walls do.

  • Plastic end caps available.

  • 1 year warranty on parts and labour.

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