Vehicle Impact Bollards

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Safe and Secure, Always

  • Keep Your Premises Safe: Protect against accidental damage with our Vehicle Impact Bollards.
  • Robust Construction: Made from robust Q 235 steel, rugged enough for industry use.
  • Stable Design: Bollard measures 1000(H) x 165(D) mm with a 300(D) mm base plate for stability.
  • Easy Installation: Flanged end for easy installation, 14mm fixing bolts are provided.
  • Corrosion-Proof: Coated with a yellow powder finish for protection against corrosion.
  • Built to Last: Robust 4mm thick steel unit weighs 16kg for stability in all conditions.
  • Visible Design: Easily visible yellow bollards are perfect for light to heavy-duty applications.
  • Built for Outdoor Usage: Durable construction for outdoor usage and can be bolted down on any surface.
  • Ideal for Loading Areas: Perfect for loading areas where a forklift may be used frequently.
Vehicle Impact Bollards

Robust Bollards for Rugged Environments

Introducing Vehicle Impact Bollards, your sturdy safeguard in critical zones where vehicle contact could spell trouble. Whether you're looking to bolster the security of a bustling loading bay, an industrious warehouse, or any space where vehicles are at play, our impact bollards rise to the task with aplomb.

Engineered from solid Q235 steel, our bollards demonstrate exceptional resilience befitting the most rigorous industrial environments. They stand a metre tall with a 170mm diameter, and rest on a robust 300mm base plate. This robust sentinel, fashioned from 4mm thick steel, holds its ground firmly with a weight of 15.05kg, ensuring unwavering stability come rain or shine.

Industrial Strength Security

In the arena of security solutions, what truly distinguishes our Vehicle Impact Bollards is their construction from the rugged Q235 steel. Known for its exceptional durability and toughness, Q235 steel is specifically tailored for industrial resilience, fortifying our bollards to face even the harshest conditions head-on. This makes them the go-to option for heavy-duty areas such as industrial warehouses, bustling factories, active construction sites, and any high-traffic environments.

Vehicle Impact Bollards
Vehicle Impact Bollards

Rust Proof Resilience

These bollards are treated with hot-dipped galvanisation and sealed with a vibrant yellow powder coating, ensuring maximum visibility and uncompromising resistance to corrosion. This dual-protective process is what makes our bollards a trusted choice for those seeking to safeguard their premises from inadvertent damage.

The hot-dipping method embeds a robust layer of zinc onto the bollard surface, acting as an impenetrable shield against rust and corrosion, thus preserving the integrity of the underlying steel. The yellow powder-coated finish not only heightens visibility but also adds an additional protective layer, increasing resistance to weather-induced damage.

Vehicle Impact Bollards

Overall Dimensions


Prevent Accidental Vehicle Damage 

These bollards are primarily designed to serve as a shield against unexpected vehicle incidents – an integral security tool for numerous applications. Life is unpredictable and accidents can strike at any moment. When vehicles are involved, these incidents can lead to substantial cost implications and, worse, pose serious safety risks.

By strategically positioning our impact bollards, businesses and property owners can significantly curb these potential accidents, fostering a safer and more secure space for both employees and visitors. The high-visibility of our bollards plays a key role in vehicular guidance, steering vehicles clear of structures, equipment, or any other valuable assets.

Vehicle Impact Bollards
Vehicle Impact Bollards

Easy Installation

What distinguishes our Vehicle Impact Bollards from other security options is the ease of installation made possible by the 14mm fixing bolts we provide. This feature is vital as it allows businesses and property owners to swiftly and conveniently fortify their premises, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming professional installation services.

With our bollards, clients are given the comfort of a hassle-free security solution that can be quickly set up and activated. We're not just providing a product, we're delivering a seamless security experience. The inclusion of the 14mm fixing bolts in our package further assures that our bollards can be firmly anchored, minimising accident risks.

Multipurpose Protectors 

Our Vehicle Impact Bollards are a reliable and practical solution across a variety of environments. Be it shielding a busy loading area bustling with the constant movement of forklifts, or safeguarding a warehouse where employees manoeuvre light work vehicles, these bollards are always up to the challenge.

What sets our bollards apart is their adaptability. They are not confined to a single application, but rather, they can be integrated into a myriad of settings. This means customers needn't fret over the suitability of our bollards for their particular requirements. 

Vehicle Impact Bollards

Item Information

  • Designed to prevent accidental vehicle damage
  • Suitable for light to heavy-duty applications 
  • Made of robust Q235 steel for industrial use
  • Hot-dipped galvanised and yellow powder-coated for corrosion resistance
  • Clearly visible with flanged end for easy bolting
  • Easily installed with 14mm fixing bolts provided
  • Bollard measures 1005(H) x 170(D) mm and is fitted with a 300(D) mm base plate
  • Rigid bollards weigh 15.05kg and feature a 4mm thick steel unit for stability
  • Flanged end allows for easy bolting in, and 14mm fixing bolts are provided
Vehicle Impact Bollards

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Vehicle Impact Bollards

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Vehicle Impact Bollards
Vehicle Impact Bollards

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