D Section Barrier
D Section Barrier
D Section Barrier
D Section Barrier
D Section Barrier
D Section Barrier

D Section Barrier

  • Protects against cosmetic damage
  • Gives good protection to vehicles from light knocks & scratches
  • Manufactured from recycled rubber
  • Available in three sizes
  • SK99060: Three predrilled, countersunk mounting holes
  • SK99061 / SK99062: Two predrilled, countersunk mounting holes
  • Fix with M12 bolts (not supplied)
  • Attach end-to-end for longer distances

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1 year parts / labour

Product Variations

Code: SKK99060 Dimensions (mm): 100(H) x 900(W) x 100(D) Weight (kg): 8.5 Price: £49.00 £46.55
Code: SKK99061 Dimensions (mm): 150(H) x 900(W) x 150(D) Weight (kg): 20 Price: £89.00 £84.55
Code: SKK99062 Dimensions (mm): 200(H) x 900(W) x 200(D) Weight (kg): 33 Price: £119.00 £113.05

D Section Barrier

What Is The Purpose Of The Wall Protection Barrier?

If you have any type of vehicles passing through your work space, you should protect the walls from cosmetic damage that lowers its value. You might have forklifts, cars, trucks or even trolleys that pass though on a daily basis. This rubber barrier gives you a way to protect your walls form the minor scrapes and scratches which can damage the look of your work area. The rubber is mounted directly on to the walls you need to protect, and while not providing an impact-absorbing barrier, it does take the minor bumps and scrapes that can happen daily. It also prevents the vehicles passing through from incurring their own scrapes and scratches. The wall protection barrier works for you and them.

Where Can The Wall Protection Barrier Be Used?

It can be used on just about any wall surface that presents a threat to possible scrapes and bumps. If you want to protect the look and surfaces of your work space, as well as your work vehicles, it should be used all throughout your warehouse walls. Car shops and auto mechanics can use this to prevent doors from getting scratched and nicked.

Who Might Use The Wall Protection Barrier?

Mechanics who work in tighter areas need a way to prevent damage on their client’s vehicles. Warehouse workers moving through spaces with trolleys or forklifts will benefit from this wall protection barrier to protect them. The worker that needs to maintain their rented work premises should install these rubber barriers to protect their walls.

Wall Protection Barrier Specifications

  • Manufactured from durable recycled rubber

  • Comes in three sizes

  • Protects walls, corners and columns throughout your warehouse

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