Heavy Duty Spring Steel Barrier
Heavy Duty Spring Steel Barrier
Heavy Duty Spring Steel Barrier
Heavy Duty Spring Steel Barrier
Heavy Duty Spring Steel Barrier
Heavy Duty Spring Steel Barrier

Heavy Duty Spring Steel Barrier

  • Spring barrier posts absorb high impact loads, designed for vehicles travelling at 10mph
  • Safeguard your personnel, building, assets and stock
  • Fully galvansied system
  • Buffers to be spaced at 1.6 metre centres maximum
5-7 working days


5-7 working days


1 year parts / labour

Product Variations

Code: HDFT Description: Fishtail end Dimensions (mm): 410(H) x 700(W) x 80(D) Price: £39.00 £38.22
Code: HDPE Description: Pedestrian end Dimensions (mm): 350(H) x 320(W) x 140(D) Price: £68.00 £66.64
Code: HDBNBMB2 Description: Spring buffer upright with baseplate & bolts Dimensions (mm): 610(H) Price: £89.00 £87.22
Code: HDFIC Description: Flexible internal corner Dimensions (mm): 310(H) x 661(W) x 360(D) Price: £98.00 £96.04
Code: HDFEC Description: Flexible external corner Dimensions (mm): 310(H) x 720(W) x 445(D) Price: £100.00 £98.00
Code: HDR32 Description: Heavy duty barrier rail Dimensions (mm): 312(H) x 3200(W) x 80(D) Price: £119.00 £116.62


Code: HDEC Description: Yellow plastic end cap Dimensions (mm): 310(H) x 150(W) x 80(D) Price: £11.00 £10.78

Heavy Duty Spring Steel Barrier

What Is The Purpose Of The Heavy Duty Spring Steel Barrier?

Acting just like its smaller brother, the heavy duty spring steel barrier protect your warehouse space from larger forklifts and more heavy duty equipment. The impact springs that come mounted on the rail are designed to absorb impacts of up to 16km/h. This means you can use this heavy duty spring steel barrier both inside and out. The barrier gives you the option of mounting against the walls, the shelving or even in a free standing position if needed. The spring barrier absorbs the impact and the rails provide a buffer against the smaller bumps and nudges. The fully galvanised system also ensures that the metal won’t deteriorate or rust, even if being used in a loading zone or delivery dock. Could this work in your site?

Where Can The Heavy Duty Spring Steel Barrier Be Used?

The places that best suit this barrier are anywhere that a moderately paced vehicle might move thought. The forklift that reaches faster speeds, the delivery trucks need night reverse too quickly, or a customer car that could careen around corners too fast would all the perfect locations for a heavy duty spring steel barrier.

Who Might Use The Heavy Duty Spring Steel Barrier?

Anybody operating vehicles in and around a warehouse setting can find a benefit from this barrier. It can be dangerous to move at faster speeds, and so do all you can to protect your warehouse and your vehicles from excess harm.

Heavy Duty Spring Steel Barrier Specifications

  • Various modifiers and ends available to suit any location of your warehouse.

  • Steel mounted posts can be base mounted anywhere you need it placed.

  • 10mm thick buffer spring steel can absorb higher impact loads.

  • Absorbs high-impacts and speeds of up to 16km/h.

  • End caps and corners also available,

  • 1 year warranty on all parts and labour included.

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