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Six Top Tips to Personalise Your Desk

Posted under Expert Commentary, Office on July 22, 2013

Image by: Phillie Casablanca. you consider the fact that approximately twenty-five per cent of the working population are employed in what is generally categorised as office work, you’ll understand how important it is for staff to make their workstations an amenable combination of private, pleasant and personal.

If you’re going to spend the best part of eight hours a days, five days a week on the same spot of carpet within the same few square feet sat at … Read more

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Cleaning up workplace cable mess

Posted under Office, Product Updates on May 23, 2013

How cable protectors and covers can reduce office messCable management is not going to be the highest priority for most people, but there are a few business benefits to keeping cables neat and tidy in the workplace. The most obvious advantage is aesthetic – no one can say that a rats nest of cables hanging off the back of every employees computer plus wires trailing everywhere is an attractive look. An office with tidy desks and a minimalist feel will generally be seen Read more

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Kitting Out an Office

Posted under News, Office on April 22, 2013

Not many offices have the luxury of open spaces, especially if a large number of staff are working in a small space.

One of the problems with not having a large office is the storage space, whether it would be for personal or department use. You are given a desk to work at and no personal storage or space. Although it is important to consider the available space in the office, you need to ensure … Read more

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Why Choose Safety Steps?

Posted under Health and safety, News, Office, Warehouse on April 8, 2013

Here at The Workplace Depot we have a range of mobile safety steps to suit any height and any type of access you need. Whether you work in an office, a warehouse or a supermarket storage facility, these steps will prevent any accidents and injuries to workers if they want to reach a high shelf.

But why would you use safety steps rather than a ladder?

One of the most common cause of injury when … Read more

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10 Workplace Security Tips

Posted under News, Office, Security on March 4, 2013

10 Workplace Security Tips

Every company needs to have a security policy in place to keep employees, equipment and goods secure and safe. Having the right security measures can help prevent and deter burglars or people who intend to enter the property without permission. Security is something to always be concerned about, so take the time to carry out some security checks.

1. Check that all windows and doors are securely locked before leaving and … Read more

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Energy Saving Tips for the Workplace

Posted under Office, Think Green on March 1, 2013

Energy Saving Tips for the Workplace

Improving your business’s energy efficiency makes great business sense. In uncertain times for the UK’s economy, more and more businesses are having to make cuts, just to keep afloat. Saving energy in the workplace, can change your business dramatically and save you more money than you think. Following on from our case on ‘Becoming a ‘Greener’ Company, here are some energy saving tips:


-Turn both the PC and … Read more

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Case Study – becoming a ‘greener’ company

Posted under Office, Recycling, Think Green on November 6, 2012

Green business ideas from the Workplace DepotIn 2012 the Workplace Depot decided to become a more environmentally aware organisation and set a good example for staff and customers. Having implemented a number of ideas we applied for and won a Green Apple Award in recognition or our environmental efforts. A number of companies have asked us what things we did to win our green business credentials, so here is an outline of most of what we did.

Reduction in paper use

Read more

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Four essentials to ensure the Perfect Business Meeting

Posted under Expert Commentary, Office on November 5, 2012

Business and workplace meetingsBusiness in General

If attending or conducting a business meeting there are many things to consider. What is the aim of the meeting? Who will be there? What input is expected from participants? Everyone has attended a meeting where you leave and feel nothing has been achieved or thoroughly discussed. So what key points should be considered to make the perfect business meeting?


For a successful meeting, communication is important from all participants. Not … Read more

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Equipping a First Aid Room

Posted under Health and safety, Office on October 11, 2012

First aid, treatment or sick roomEmployers should consider having a first aid room if their workplace has significant hazards or where access to medical facilities is difficult. If you set-up a First Aid Room you will need to think about the following factors regarding the room:

  • Requirements for privacy

  • Entrance needs to be able to accommodate a stretcher or wheelchair

  • Ideally has a wash basin and nearby toilet facilities

  • If possible a ground floor location

  • Adequate ventilation/heating/lighting

  • Someone needs to
Read more

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Getting to grips with manual handling

Posted under Health and safety, News, Office, Warehouse on October 3, 2012

Hand truck for offices and warehousesOver a third of injuries that keep people off work for more than three days at a time are caused by manual handling – falls and trips account for much of the rest. As a consequence there are many regulations governing activities such as pulling, pushing, carrying, lifting and loading. The following provides some suggestions on how to improve manual handling techniques and reduce accidents.

The first thing to consider is whether the object needs … Read more

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Don’t be the fall guy in your office!

Posted under Health and safety, Office on August 21, 2012

Avoid trip hazards by using floor covers and cable protectorsOur range of office and external cable protectors are now on sale

Thousands of people in the UK each year have accidents at work simply from tripping over. Some of these accidents are difficult to prevent if the individual isn’t paying much attention to what they are doing! However, tripping over loose and trailing cables can be avoided by using cheap and easy to install cable protectors.

Careful cable management can play an important part … Read more

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