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Boardroom Etiquette

Posted under Office, Workplace Commentary on September 5, 2014

BoardroomThere are those of us who enjoy our monthly, weekly or maybe even daily meetings at work, and then there are those of us who do not.

Unfortunately there’s not a lot that can be done about meetings, we have to have them to increase communication and understand what is expected of us.

Tips for the Table

With this in mind, for the things we can’t avoid in life, we can simply make the best … Read more

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Listening to the Radio at Work – Increasing Productivity

Posted under Office on September 2, 2014

RadioLike most people, I like to have music on whilst working; one of the few facts I like to throw around is that listening to music, particularly in the workplace, increases productivity. But one of the first, troubling choices we have to make of the day includes which radio station to listen to. Admittedly, if you work in an office for 8 hours a day, it’s hard to avoid hearing songs getting repeated (which is … Read more

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National Friendship Month 2014

Posted under In the Community, Office on September 1, 2014

National Friendship Month 2014As its Monday, we thought we would start the week off with a bit of a cheery one. You may have noticed that we like raising knowledge of National Awareness days and today is no different. In fact we are stretching to a whole month of awareness and it’s one that can be applied to everybody.

September marks National Friendship Month and it is believed that recognising having a supportive circle of friends not only … Read more

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Boardroom Essentials

Posted under News, Office on August 26, 2014

BoardroomIt doesn’t matter if you are a new business or an existing one; you need to make sure you have a nice boardroom to make sure everybody is comfortable and obviously to impress all of your clients – first impressions and all that!  So before organising any meetings, make sure your boardroom is well equipped with the essentials.

If you are a company like Google and have plenty of money and thousands of staff; you … Read more

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The Promotion of Smoking in the 1950’s – Times Have Changed

Posted under Health and safety, News, Office on August 10, 2014

Smoking BinBack in the 1950’s, smoking and cigarettes were actually promoted as being good for you and, to a certain extent, healthy – by doctors!

Many posters back in this decade show advertisements for cigarette brands such as L & M, Pall Mall, Camel, Chesterfield, Viceroys and Lucky Strike with a positive message, with references to certain brands being ‘just what the doctor ordered’ and how ‘more doctors smoke camels than any other cigarette!’ Following on … Read more

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Are You Sitting Comfortably? – The Importance of Office Chairs

Posted under Health and safety, Office on July 10, 2014

Office Chair The importance of office chairs may sometimes go unnoticed, however not only can a comfortable chair increase concentration, it is also good for your health…

There are not many worse things I can think of than going to work, sitting down on the most uncomfortable chair and knowing you will be there for the next 8 hours!

Although it may seem trivial, sitting comfortably at work would surely put you in a better mood and … Read more

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Workplace First Aid Kit – What Should It Contain?

Posted under Health and safety, Office on May 29, 2014

bs-first-aid-kitAs an employer it is your responsibility to maintain the safety of all employees within the workplace. Ensuing you provide a first aid box which meets British Standards is essential, however the decision on what your first aid box contains depends entirely on what you assess your needs to be.

As a guide where the working environment is ranked as low risk (e.g. an office), HSE recommend a minimum stock should be:

– a general … Read more

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The Need for Cable Protectors at Events

Posted under Health and safety, In the Community, Office on May 27, 2014

No matter what the event; indoors or outdoors, big or small, village fete or music festival, regardless of the nature and purpose of the event all loose leads and cables pose their own risk to property and life.  Carrying out advanced planning and risk assessing, ensuring cable protection is thoroughly thought threw is vital.

If you are thinking about setting up your own event, you need to make sure that you understand that you as … Read more

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Plastic Posts and Chains for Workplaces – Little Things, Great Value!

Posted under Health and safety, News, Office on May 23, 2014

plastic-chain-s-hookPlastic chains and posts are one of those inconspicuous products that none of us feel a glaring need for, unless dealing with crowd management. Workplaces like banks, theatres, cinemas, airports and public offices know the utility of these practical products can restore order to a bustling workplace without much effort. Just mark the line that you don’t want the people to cross, and watch them obey the rules. Posts and chains deliver a stern warning … Read more

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Office First Aid – What First-Aiders and Employers Ought to Know

Posted under Health and safety, Office on May 22, 2014

Office First Aid KitLisa Driver, the 47-year-old mother of two has no recollections of the fall that made her an epileptic. Her friend Elaine Bristow remembers they were not drunk, although Mrs. Driver had consumed five Vodka and Cokes. When they were waiting for a taxi, Lisa went into the private car park of the Roman Painted House in Dover, looking for “somewhere to wee”. She tripped and fell over a 2-feet high wall and fractured her skull. … Read more

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Hosepipe Protectors and Ramps – Your Problems Solved

Posted under Health and safety, News, Office on May 21, 2014

External Cable Protector

I passed by a construction site the other day and they had a hosepipe running across the road. In an effort to make the hose secure, somebody (probably by the orders of the site manager or safety officer) had passed it through a steel pipe. The improvisation would have been inspiring, but the pipe was creating a rude bump for the vehicles driving on the road, apart from being a tripping hazard for pedestrians, especially … Read more

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Medical Scissors for First Aid Kits

Posted under Expert Commentary, Health and safety, Office on January 27, 2014

Premier Workplace 1st aid kit including shears or scissorsIf you look through the list of contents for the first aid kits on this site, you will notice that some of them contain scissors and some contain ‘shears’. Most people think of sheers as something you cut hedges with, so we did a bit of research into the history of scissors to try and find out more about the different types.

Scissors were invented in ancient Egypt in around 1500 BC. The oldest known … Read more

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Common Uses for the Kick Step Stool

Posted under Office, Product Updates on January 20, 2014

Kick stepsBUY KICK STEP STOOLS direct here

The kick step stool has been around for many years… it is used in so many different ways for such a high number of applications that you may not even have noticed the kick step the last time you visited a store or other public place.

History of the Kick Step Stool

Although there is not a single number for every type of kick step stool, one brand name … Read more

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Awesome Office Organisation Ideas

Posted under Expert Commentary, Office on January 15, 2014

Office re-organisationThe environment where you work has a huge impact on your work productivity. Spending all day every day in the office can make you lose concentration, especially if the place is not arranged in a way to make you feel comfortable. Therefore, it’s important to keep your office organised in order to be able to focus on the important things and actually get things done. There are several things you can do to make your … Read more

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Hazards in the Office

Posted under Expert Commentary, Office on January 7, 2014

Cable covers and protectorsYou don’t have to be rock climbing, skiing or playing rugby to have a injury serious enough to be hospitalized. There are plenty of hazards around the office that could cause health problems ranging from minor respiratory problems to serious traumas and chronic, terminal illnesses. The following hazards might force you to take a second look at your office from a new, safer angle.


The stale office air that we breathe can give rise … Read more

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Too early for Christmas?

Posted under Amusing, Office on November 1, 2013

christmas-partyLast week in the office, everybody was shocked, and actually a little bit horrified, to find our very first Christmas card of the year waiting for us on the door mat. Our first Christmas card arrived in October – late October, but it was October nonetheless!

Christmas is a time for festivity and good will, but when you are reminded by a Christmas card that the big day is only 53 days away (yes really!), … Read more

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How to Create A Better Office Environment

Posted under Health and safety, Office on August 19, 2013

Create a better office environmentCreating a better office environment doesn’t necessarily mean that you should have an in-house gym or a designer interior. Ordering lunch or snacks for your employees and taking them on fun-trips is fine, as long as you are doing the basics right. How a person perceives the environment depends to a large extent upon his or her mental state. On the other hand, it is also a fact that improvements in surroundings do help people’s … Read more

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10 Essential Office Stationery Supplies

Posted under News, Office on August 14, 2013

Stationery suppliesEver since the evolution and introduction of technology into the office working environment, bosses and businesses have practically shouted from their corporate rooftops to espouse their ‘paperless office’ credentials. The reality is, of course, rather different.

Anyone who works in an office knows it’s impossible to function without some kind of daily interaction without note pads, Post-Its and diaries. And even though your beloved Microsoft Office, Word and Outlook can perform a multitude of functions … Read more

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Manual Handling – 6 FAQs

Posted under Health and safety, Office, Warehouse on August 14, 2013

manual-handlingManual handling relates to the moving of items either by lifting, carrying, pushing or pulling. Pulling something may not be the case when it comes to the injuries, you can cause an injury by lifting, carrying or pushing an item.

These injuries can be a result of, the amount of times you lift or carry an item, the distance you are carrying it, the height you are picking the item up from or putting it … Read more

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Safety in the workplace

Posted under Health and safety, Office, Warehouse on July 29, 2013

hard-hats-safetyThere are many health & safety rules and regulations that every workplace has to follow, but every workplace will need some tools to help them enforce these laws. Whether it’s to prevent an accident from happening or just following the health and safety regulations, this equipment will help you in your quest to make your workplace, a safer workplace.

Slips and trips

After the cleaner has been and mopped all the floors, or a member … Read more

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